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Chapter 71: An Unexpected Visit 2

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 848 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Schenna’s head was going crazy when she learned that it had been a god’s mistake that made her be reincarnated like that in another world.
Kishana hugged Schenna to calm her down and they both sat down at a table and spoke to each other.

“You really behave more maturely, Kishana. All I was able to do was to react impulsively and out of anger.”
“No, it’s more like you acting that way made me behave more calmly. If I had been alone, I probably would’ve acted the same way as you.”
“…I see.”
“It will be hard for us, but we should probably hear all Petra-san has to say.”

For Schenna, after having so much pent up darkness and resignation in her heart, Kishana’s encouraging existence really supported her heart.
Petra was still bowing down to the ground without lifting her body a single bit.

“…You don’t have to bow like that. Instead, I’m sorry for snapping like that. I want to hear all you have to say, so come take a seat with us.”

Being called like that, Petra slowly lifted her body and moved to the chair at the table.

“You mentioned that you’re the one in charge of me and Kishana, but exactly what are you going to do with us then?”
“In short, I will support your lives. In most cases, a god never makes direct contact with the people in this realm, but this mistake was an exceptional exception. So after consulting with the higher gods, it was decided I was to come down here and support you two throughout your lives.”

“Then… Will Sareenea also get supported by a god like you?”
“Yes, one of my subordinates will be in charge of her. Sareenea is probably having a similar interaction as us right now.”

It was good that they were getting help like that, but maybe it had been less trouble for Petra if their past memories were erased instead? Such questions flooded Schenna’s mind, but apparently it was forbidden for a god to alter the memories of a soul that had already led a life in the living realm.

“I will help as much as I can as long as it doesn’t involve anything related to the realm up there. So please bear with me from now on!”
“…I understand the situation now, but what will happen with everyone who needs to reincarnate now, will that be fine up there while you’re busy here?”
“No need to worry about that! One of my fellow gods will be taking my place while I’m here. But to think you would worry about something like that, you really are a kind person!”

What Schenna was actually thinking about was that the realm of the gods seemed to operate under similarly corrupt hierarchies as the realm of the living.
So taking what Petra as a bad example, Schenna decided that she’d strive to make her restaurant a place with good working conditions.
At the same time as the rice cooker’s chime rang, Luthors and Grana returned from gathering Dark Cores.

“I’m sorry for being late. But I gathered a bunch more than last time.”
“We randomly found out something really fun while we were doing that but… Huh?”

As Luthors placed the extractor on the table, Grana began trying to report something to Schenna and Kishana, but he stopped to stare at Petra.

“Yo Petra, fancy meeting you down here. Did something happen?”
“Who…were you again?”

“Ah, guess you can’t tell if I look like this. I’m the Demon King who got banished for eating the big boss’ offerings.”
“Is that you, senior! I thought you were supposed to be banished for a million years, but you managed to wake up?”

“A human dissolved the seal. And somehow I ended up working here now.”
“Are the higher-ups aware of this?”
“I met with one a while ago. He didn’t seem to be against it.”

From their senseless conversation, it could be implied that Grana had been a bit above Petra in the past.
Schenna then informed Grana of what had happened with Petra, after which he shot a quiet stare at Petra.

“It’s a miracle that they got appeased with only that. Normally, they would’ve obliterated you.”
“Yes, I barely got out alive. So I’m trying to do my best to fulfill my duty here now.”
“I see… Schenna, Kishana, I won’t ask that you forgive my junior. It was the gods’ fault that you had to lead such a hard life, but I’ll do my best to make up for it as well.”

Saying that, Grana bowed his head, and Petra soon did the same.

“You two… No need to bow like that. To be honest, I’m still pretty shaken up, and it should be obvious that I’m pretty angry too, but other than that, I’m grateful I got to meet all of you.”

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As she expressed her feelings, Schenna also looked pridefully at everyone around her.
After all, no matter what would happen in the future, she could only move forward.


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