Chapter 70: An Unexpected Visit

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 753 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The two carried the rice cooker to the restaurant, then they began to cook rice while they waited for the ingredients to be delivered and for Grana and Luthors to return.

“Having a rice cooker really makes things easier.”
“But that will also increase our need for Dark Cores, so we’ll have to do something to lighten the burden on Luthors and Grana. They won’t get any rest if they have to both cook and gather them.”

At least Luthors felt comfortable brandishing a sword, but her hardships would still start piling up eventually.
Grana was simply unable to take weapons or use offensive magic, so all he could do was to be Luthors’ support if a fight broke out. He probably could still heal her wounds with his healing magic, but if it was something more critical he would probably be useless.

“Luthors might not like it, but we probably should try to find more people to gather them. Until then, I’ll have to go out with them.”
“I would like to help with that too…”
“That you feel that way is more than enough, thanks Kishana.”

Schenna did not want to involve any fighting in Kishana’s life.
As the manager of the restaurant, Schenna also had to watch over the physical state of everyone.
She also felt that it wouldn’t be long until they would have more appliances that used Dark Cores.

Luthors’ inhuman strength had been plenty to gather them until that moment, but they also had to think about the future.
The two of them heaved a sigh and began sorting the ingredients that had arrived.

“Excuse me. Are the two reincarnaters, Schenna-sama and Kishana-sama here?”

A female adventurer clad in armor was standing in the front door, asking for them with a reserved tone.
Hearing their names being called, the two turned to look at her, and then they noticed the incredible label she had used.

“We are they…but who are you?”

Schenna moved so she could cover Kishana as she carefully asked back to the woman.

“I’m glad. And I’m this person.”

The woman reached to her breast pocket for something and Schenna immediately fixed her posture in case of an incoming attack.
After a closer look, what she took out was a rectangular business card with something written on it.
The woman smiled awkwardly as she gave them the card, then began introducing herself.

“I’m Petra, the overseer of the reincarnated. I’m truly sorry for causing you so much trouble at this moment.”

After naming herself, Petra prostrated herself in front of them. Schenna and Kishana let her stand back up in confusion.
For the moment, they would let her sit at a table and explain her reason to be there.

“I’m the goddess in charge of ruling over the reincarnation of life forms. And the truth is that eighteen years ago when you were reincarnated here, I completely forgot to erase your memories from your past lives.”

She was talking as if she had locked a door while forgetting the key inside.

“That time eighteen years ago, there were many people who died and had to be reincarnated, and only recently I found out there were some that had been left with their memories intact. So I was dispatched from the realm of the gods to finish carrying out that task with you two here.”

“Wait… Then it was because of you that the memories of our past were kept?!”
“…That’s correct.”

Schenna raised her voice, and Petra held her body trying to seem smaller while admitting it.
Having found out that the woman in front of them was the one responsible for having swayed their lives left and right, Schenna and Kishana stared at her in shock.

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“I’m truly sorry!”

Petra knelt down and bowed in front of them again, but Schenna took hold of her collar.
Schenna was aware that doing that would not change anything.
But if she did not do it, she would not know what to do with all the pent up anger in her heart.
Kishana stepped in to stop Schenna from acting instinctively while her mind was so confused.

“Schenna…I get how you’re feeling, but try calming down a bit.”
“Kishana! You aren’t annoyed now?! The one person who screwed up our lives is in front of us!”
“I know it was really hard… But it’s also true that I met you because of that.”

Hearing Kishana’s words, Schenna loosened her grip and broke down crying.


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