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Chapter 5-156: Medicine (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Gurgle, gurgle… The boiling steam taps against the kettle’s lid, a delicate hand gracefully lifts the kettle, elegantly pouring the scalding mountain spring water into a fine teacup, instantly filling the air with the fragrance of tea.

“I rarely make tea myself, so please forgive me if it’s not to your liking.”

Princess Estelle hands a cup of tea to Moore, who hurriedly receives it with both hands, overwhelmed with gratitude:

“No, no, no, having the honor to drink a cup of tea personally made by the princess is already a great honor for me.”

“So… you’re really leaving?” Princess Estelle looked at Moore in front of her, showing a hint of regret.

“The previous defeat wasn’t your fault; you don’t need to blame yourself.”

Moore smiled bitterly and shook his head, “I’m not blaming myself, but that battle made me realize a lot.”

“Regardless of win or lose, I won’t shortchange you of anything I promised.”

“It’s not about those…”

Moore sips the tea lightly. Although Princess Estelle’s tea-making technique is indeed quite rough, the inherent fragrance of the royal tribute tea still makes one feel refreshed.

Moore gently puts down the teacup and says:

“After that battle, I suddenly realized that I was too obsessed with things that aren’t that important.”

Princess Estelle raises her eyebrows in surprise, “Power, wealth, realm, and the status of nobility, these are just not that important to you?”


Moore nods, “It’s precisely because of these things that I almost neglected what truly matters.”

“…Your sister.”


Moore clenches his fist, his tall and imposing figure still shudders from the aftershock of the recent event, “And I almost lost her because of my nonsensical obsessions.”

“You’re a good brother; your sister won’t blame you,” Princess Estelle consoled.

“But I can’t forgive myself.”


Seeing the man in front of her filled with self-blame and regret, Princess Estelle knew anything she said would be futile, only able to sigh wistfully:

“Without your help, my path ahead will be much harder.”

Moore shakes his head: “Did the princess see the document for the second round just issued by the organizers?”

Princess Estelle nods: “Of course, I saw it as soon as it was available.”

Moore contemplates, “I wonder what the organizers were thinking, not expecting the second round to suddenly change to an individual match, and in such a battle royale format.”

“The first round’s team match is completely meaningless now.”

Moore inquires, “Does Princess Estelle have any information about this?”

“No, I also only learned about the change in the competition format when I saw the document.”

“I see…”

Moore strokes his chin, pondering for a moment, then says: “Maybe it’s a good thing, at least my departure has no impact on the princess now.”

“It’s not completely without impact.”

Princess Estelle sighs helplessly: “In the second round, there are twenty-four teams, over a hundred participants. In such a large-scale individual match, it’s likely to still start off as a team battle. Forming alliances to outnumber and quickly eliminate opponents will be the mainstream. Probably only when it comes down to ten or even fewer participants will it truly become an individual match.”


Moore laughs awkwardly, scratching his nose sheepishly, “But with Princess Estelle’s charm, surely many would be willing to fight for you.”

“Who knows.”

Princess Estelle responded nonchalantly, but her thoughts drifted to Luna and then to the terrifying little monster Moore had mentioned.

Would they be afraid of a mob attack?

Then she remembered her mother’s recent words.

Would she… remove obstacles for me?
Ha, should I be happy about this… or ashamed?
So annoying.

Noticing Princess Estelle’s distraction, Moore finished his cup of water in one gulp, stood up, and said, “It’s getting late, I shall take my leave.”


Princess Estelle suddenly stopped Moore , asking, “Have you thought about your path forward? I can still help with certain things.”

“No need.”

Moore smiled and declined, “I plan to take Myre to the borderlands, to seek refuge with Duke Emona, starting as a minor figure and step by step, earn the position and resources I want through my own strength.”

“Starting from scratch… It will be very difficult.”

“Will it?” Moore scratched his head shyly like a young boy, “I suppose even Duke Emona wouldn’t mistreat a former Saint realm powerhouse, right?”


Princess Estelle laughed gracefully, “I suppose not.”

Then, Princess Estelle took out a finely crafted wooden box.

“This is for you.”

Opening the wooden box, a refreshing medicinal fragrance quickly filled the room.

“This is…”

Moore looked at the rootless, leafless, yet still blooming pure white flower in the box, surprised: “The legendary Rootless Lotus that can regenerate flesh and bones?”


“I can’t accept this. It’s too valuable.”

Moore tried to give the box back but was firmly stopped by Princess Estelle.

“This is your reward from me; you must accept it.”

“But I…”

“Your sister lost a heart in the previous competition, right? This might be able to help her.”

Moore hesitated, but thinking of his sister who had been weakened and bedridden lately due to the loss of a heart, he bit his lip and ultimately accepted the heavy gift.

However, Moore also understood that debts of gratitude are always the hardest to repay, and from now on, his future would likely be forever tied to Princess Estelle’s ship.


That night, clouds driven by the breeze obscured the moon, casting a vast shadow over the world like a curtain. The insects lurking in the dark seemed to feel the heaviness of the darkness, ceasing their irritating chirps, plunging everything into silence.

Knock, knock, knock, the sound of knocking at the door.

“Who is it?”

Myre got out of bed, her eyes heavy with sleep, rubbing her eyes.

“It’s me.”

Moore’s voice came from outside, “It’s time for your medicine.”


Myre let out a reluctant groan but still wobbled her small feet in search of slippers, “Do I have to take medicine so late?”

Moore seemed to be in a good mood, his voice carrying a hint of unavoidable laughter, “Princess Estelle gifted us a valuable medicine. It’s good for your health.”

“But does it have to be so late?”

Myre complained, yet knowing this was indeed something her brother, who wasn’t great at taking care of others, would do, she groped her way to the door.

Losing a heart wasn’t fatal for her, but her body struggled to adapt to the change, and now she was so weak that standing was difficult.

Originally, Moore had arranged for a maid to attend to her, but at this late hour, the maid should have been asleep.


The door opened, and Moore stood there with a bowl of a dark, unidentifiable liquid.

“It stinks.”

Myre covered her nose, “What kind of medicine is this? It smells awful.”

“Good medicine tastes bitter. Drink it quickly.” Moore hurriedly handed over the medicine bowl, seeming somewhat impatient.


Myre reluctantly took the medicine bowl, about to hold her breath and gulp it down.

“Eh? Mr. Moore?”

A familiar voice sounded, and Myre instinctively turned her head.

It was the maid, holding a bowl of medicine that was clearly just prepared.

“That’s strange…”


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