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Chapter 5-157: Medicine (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Seeing the suddenly appearing maid, Myre’s pupils dilated in shock.

Her brother was the type to plan his time very strictly. If he said he wouldn’t be back tonight, it meant he had something very important that would take a long time.

He couldn’t possibly return halfway.

In a daze, the scene before Myre’s eyes flickered. When she looked at the medicine bowl in her hands again, it was not a medicinal soup but blood water soaking a rotten heart.


Myre felt nauseous and began to dry heave, her hands trembling involuntarily, wanting to throw away the medicine bowl. However, a strong hand helped Myre steady the bowl.

Moore wore an unfamiliar smile on his face, gently bringing the medicine bowl to Myre’s lips:

“No, you can’t do that. This is your own heart, how can you abandon it?”

Myre was filled with endless fear. She wanted to resist, but found that the other party had sealed her magic in an instant, allowing only the iron grip to pinch her jaw, about to pour the foul-smelling blood into her mouth.

“Miss Myre!”

At the critical moment, Moore’s hired maid rushed over with a speed no ordinary person could achieve, managing to forcefully push away the fake Moore.

“Come with me!”

The maid took Myre’s hand and ran downstairs.

“Hey, hey, as a patient, how can you not take your medicine?”

Fake Moore tilted his neck in an angle no normal person could, producing a cracking sound of bones rubbing, then steadied himself, watching the escaping duo with a demon-like green glow in his eyes.

Fake Moore picked up the medicine bowl again, following closely behind them.

Despite his stiff joints like a puppet and a ludicrous walking posture, his speed wasn’t slow at all. The two running at full speed couldn’t widen the distance; in fact, the gap was closing.

“I’m… sorry… for being a burden.”

Myre gasped for air, her remaining heart beating at its fastest ever, yet still unable to supply her body with enough blood. It was more accurate to say she was being dragged along by the maid than running.

“It’s okay. Protecting you is the duty given to me by Mr. Moore, and I will fulfill it.”

The maid showed a determined look, then suddenly hugged Myre around the waist and lifted her.

“Excuse me.”

The maid apologized softly, then holding Myre, she lightly stepped on the railing and leapt down.

Myre saw the surroundings change rapidly, a warm, invisible force protecting her, making the experience of weightlessness much more bearable, even the wind noise by her ears lessened.

“Loya Omde, a peak rank nine warrior, was also a contestant in this competition but was eliminated in the first round. To earn the travel expenses back home, I accepted your brother’s employment to take care of and protect you,” the maid whispered into Myre’s ear.

“Mm.” Myre felt considerably more at ease.


The two landed safely.

Loya, indeed one of the contestants, managed to land as lightly as a cat while holding someone from the fifth floor, Myre in her arms feeling no extra vibration.

“Do we need to seek help?” Myre clutched at Loya’s clothes, asking softly.

“Shh, something’s not right.”

Loya signaled Myre to be silent, continuously scanning their surroundings, her expression extremely tense.

The inn Moore had chosen in Jeorgetown City wasn’t small, especially since the neighboring districts were inhabited by people of not insignificant status, and the public order was exceptionally good. Hardly anyone dared to cause trouble here.

Logically, if Loya made even a slight commotion, the law enforcement team would definitely arrive within five minutes. No matter what kind of demon or monster the enemy was, facing the absolute force of the royal law enforcement, they couldn’t stir up any trouble.

However, Loya dared not make any excess noise, observing her surroundings with bated breath.

“It’s too quiet.”

Loya murmured to herself, “During the Great Celestial Rite, almost all inns in Jeorgetown City are full. Even now, at night, it shouldn’t be this silent.”

Myre also realized suddenly, scanning those windows glowing with bright, warm light. Those lights, like moths to a flame for someone fleeing in the dark, now seemed to Myre like gaping maws ready to devour.

“Why not come in and sit? The lights are on, it’s warm.”

A chilling voice came from behind. Loya and Myre turned around with difficulty, the sight of those eerie green eyes sending chills down their spines.

Somehow, the fake Moore had already caught up to them, smiling at them with an unbearably creepy grin, his hand holding a bowl of medicine emitting an even more nauseating stench.

“Damn it, run!”

Loya, holding Myre, knew they couldn’t stand a chance against whatever was behind them, so they chose to flee.

Following the route in her memory, Loya headed towards the inn’s exit.

Passing by those brightly lit rooms, Myre couldn’t help but glance inside. Through the translucent paper windows illuminated by the light, she saw a face glowing green, staring intently at her.

“Come in… have a seat.”


Myre was startled, quickly turning her face away.

“I know why this is happening now.” Loya had an epiphany: “It’s a domain, an illusion-based domain. We must be inside someone’s domain. That’s why this place looks like an inn, but it’s actually completely something else.”

Loya suddenly stopped, her tone bitter, “If that’s the case, then heading for the exit is pointless because the exit surely isn’t an exit anymore.”

Despair… began to spread in their hearts.

If only brother was here.

Myre couldn’t help thinking that. Although her brother’s realm had fallen, his insight as a Saint remained. Perhaps, he might have already found the domain’s weakness.

But more likely, he would just be trapped with them because her brother had said more than once that what made Saints overwhelmingly powerful against those below the Saint realm was their complete domain, which was too perfect for anyone beneath the Saint realm.

Wait, perfect?

Myre suddenly looked around, a sense of incongruity that had been present all along now strikingly apparent.

A flash of insight, Myre hurriedly said, “Based on the existing terrain, this isn’t a complete domain, just an imperfect domain!”

“What?” A spark flashed in Loya’s eyes, “Are you sure?”

“I am sure!”

“If it’s just an imperfect domain, there must be a weakness,” Loya spoke softly, “And the enemy only dared to use such sneaky methods, which means he also can’t afford to cause too much trouble here.”


The two exchanged a glance, unable to hide the joy of finding a lifeline in a desperate situation.


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