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Chapter 4-182: How Commendable

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2223 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1280 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Hmph, still acting tough.”

Cornelia merely treated the Dragon Eater’s haughty words as the stubborn words of a dying person. To be honest, not even Cornelia herself knew how strong she currently was.

However, she knew how difficult it was for a deity to advance. Therefore, every step in her progression would come with significant improvements and she definitely made more than a step.

That was why Cornelia knew that she was very powerful now! She even had absolute confidence in killing the Dragon Eater!

“Die, Dragon Eater!” Cornelia lifted her hand and pushed out to her enemy.

The void behind the Dragon Eater instantly collapsed. A terrifying suction force bound her, making it extremely difficult for her to move.

Behind the collapsed void, the darkness twisted like a huge black python. It gave off the impression that one would be crushed to powder if they accidentally fell into it.

The Dragon Eater remained standing firmly on the black crystal, but the suction force was sucking her long hair in. Even the excess fabric of her long dress was being pulled back, making the shape of her chest even more visible. Although it was flat, one could still catch a glimpse of it.

The Dragon Eater remained motionless. It would seem like her movements were completely restricted.

Cornelia seized the opportunity and went up to the Dragon Eater. Light gathered in her hand, forming into a divine spear.

In the next moment, blood was spilled. Cornelia did not even move, but the spear had pierced the Dragon Eater’s heart. This time, Cornelia was no longer fooling around with her opponent and used a killing move.

The spear, filled with divine power, instantly exploded when it buried itself in the Dragon Eater’s heart. Terrifying divine power coursed into the Dragon Eater’s body, churning her heart and internal organs to mush.

“Cough, cough!” The Dragon Eater coughed up a mouthful of blood mixed with pieces of her crushed organs. Blood stained her white dress, like blooming red roses.

Cornelia let out a gleeful laugh, like she had just released all her pent up frustration. “How is it? Does it feel good?”

“Not bad.” The Dragon Eater smiled calmly, the pool in her eyes was as serene as an undisturbed lake. “But this isn’t enough to kill me.”

The Dragon Eater’s indifference once again angered Cornelia, causing the latter to laugh in anger. “Is that so? Then how about this?”

Cornelia grabbed her enemy’s throat. The Dragon Eater’s body was limp, most likely due to the injuries she had sustained. Because of this, Cornelia was able to easily lift her up by her neck.

The wings behind Cornelia’s back spread out, as she lifted the Dragon Eater off the black crystal ground.

Black feathers rained down then swirled madly around them, making both of them in the eye of the storm.

Cornelia parted her ruby red lips. “Zero Hour Feather Realm, Lethal Feathers.” Her icy voice resounded throughout the voice.

As though they had received the same instruction, the swirling feathers stopped in unison and turned their pointy tips right at the Dragon Eater.

The extremely soft-looking black feathers were now glinting coldly like they were made of steel. Divine power flowed through them, hardening them to the point that they could easily nail an ordinary deity to death.

“Tsk, what a crude skill. I see that you’re not only inexperienced thanks to spending a few million years sleeping, your imagination is also lacking.”

Although the Dragon Eater was being strangled by Cornelia, she still managed to speak. Not only that, she also completely defied the limitations of a living being. By right, she should not be able to move from being grabbed by her throat but she proved otherwise by effortlessly turning her head around to look at those black feathers while making judgemental remarks.

“Shut up.”

Cornelia got even more pissed off. How dare this vermin insult the skill that Cornelia was going to kill her with?

The sharp noises of bones breaking, plus the warm and wet sensation on her hand made Cornelia’s eyelids twitch. She was distracted momentarily, but soon pulled herself together.

She sneered coldly and increased the power of her grip. “You think it’s gonna be easy to sway me?”

The Dragon Eater clicked her tongue. Although almost unnoticeable, it was still picked up by Cornelia’s keen senses due to her current realm. Seeing through the Dragon Eater’s trick made Cornelia feel a lot more relieved.

However, the moment Cornelia let her guard down, the troubled look on the Dragon Eater’s face was replaced by a mocking smile.

“It’s time for you to die.” Cornelia issued her command.

The black feathers instantly flew toward the Dragon Eater, like a thousand soldiers had opened fire in unison.

They cut through the void, leaving dazzling black trails behind them.

The black feathers came from all directions, but strangely passed right through Cornelia’s body without harming her. However, vivid blood roses bloomed the moment they hit the Dragon Eater’s body.

The scent of blood filled the air and dyed the black crystal ground beneath them crimson. The Dragon Eater was quickly mutilated beyond recognition in that blistering attack, much like how a mortal would end up after being shot repeatedly.

A few moments later, Cornelia shook what remained of the Dragon Eater like a broken sack. “What’s wrong? Where did all that haughtiness go? Look at you now. You look nothing like that infamous Dragon Eater from nine million years ago.”

Of course Cornelia got no response from the Dragon Eater, who only had a head and half of her body left.

After confirming that the mutilated body was indeed lifeless, Cornelia tossed it away. She looked up and laughed loudly, with tears of joy streaming down from the corners of her eyes.

“Daddy, Mommy, did you see? Cornelia did it! Cornelia has avenged you!!!”

How could anyone not feel emotional after finally venting out the frustration and hatred that had been pent up for the past nine million years?

The most satisfying moments in life were no doubt when someone finally became rich, married the most perfect partner, kicked some a̲s̲s̲ or exacted their revenge.

And Cornelia actually achieved two of them at the same time. She could hardly put her current feelings into words. She could not even suppress her sobs at this point.

“Daddy, Mommy, did you see that?”
“Aww, how commendable. If I were your parents, I would be so proud of you that I would be in tears.”
“Well of course, I have always been…” The smile on Cornelia’s face instantly stiffened.

This voice…

Cornelia dropped her head like she was a marionette with her strings cut. Her beautiful eyes widened and her pupils shrank.

Her body started shaking uncontrollably. Her back felt cold, like she was standing in a ten-thousand-year snow plain.

The petite figure that she hated so much, appeared in her sight, completely unharmed.

On the black crystal ground, the Dragon Eater propped her head on one hand as she lay lazily on her side. Her blonde hair, the white dress, and the usual strange smile she wore looked no different from the first time Cornelia met her.

Even the blood that soaked the black crystal ground earlier had vanished without a trace. It was almost as if everything that happened just now was merely an illusion.

The Dragon Eater completely ignored Cornelia’s shocked gaze. She kept her eyes closed as she continued mumbling to herself, “How commendable. By then, probably not only your parents will weep in joy, everyone in the world will too…”


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