Chapter 4-181: The Chosen One

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2190 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1389 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

No one knew how long had passed when the Dragon Eater opened her eyes again with a strange look on her face.

“How dare that b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ take my black flame to do that kind of thing. That’s just… That’s just… wasteful!”

The Dragon Eater pounded her thighs angrily. Her black flame was feared by countless deities and was known to be unrivaled in this great world. She was pissed to find out that Lilith had been using it to do weird s̲h̲i̲t̲.

However in the next moment, the Dragon Eater’s eyes turned to crescents. Regardless of the reason, the more Lilith used the black flame, the happier she was. If it were not for a certain limit, she would delightfully let Lilith use the black flame to her heart’s content.

Unfortunately, she was being watched. Since she was in a good mood, the insect that was transforming into a butterfly in front of her was no longer that much of an eye sore to her.

She had decided. She would only beat Cornelia to within an inch of her life instead of killing her.

From the look of it, Cornelia had reached the most critical stage of her advancement. The white light converged into silk and wrapped around Cornelia like a huge cocoon of light.

The light cocoon was overflowing with divine energy, causing countless tiny white flowers to bloom in the area around it. In the void, this place was like a garden in the air.

The light of the cocoon pulsated rhythmically. The sound of a heartbeat inside grew clearer and clearer.

The great world also seemed to be affected by the rhythm, as countless phenomena started appearing.

Light rained down from the sky.

At this moment, it was like the great world was exploding with activity. Countless light projection came out from their respective worlds, and looked up into the endless void.

Divine consciousness fluctuated as some began to communicate secretly amongst each other.

“I didn’t expect another Deity King would be added to our great world. Congratulations.”

“True, this is the third one in this millennium right? To think that three Deity Kings had appeared in such a short period of time. It seems like our great world is finally welcoming a new prosperous era.”

“That’s good news. That incident from nine million years ago did a huge damage to our great world. Perhaps this prosperous era could restore all the tribes in our great world to their prime.”

But there were also some who were wary. “A prosperous era often comes with disaster.”

“Remember how glorious we were nine million years ago, but in the end… Alas, I only hope that this is not that existence making a comeback. I do not wish to experience the great war a second time.”


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The Dragon Eater casually waved her hand. A layer of mist appeared, obstructing the vision of those whose gaze was here. She then drew a circle, a ring of black flame immediately spread out.

The burning black flame isolated an area of a thousand miles in diameter in the void.

That patch of area was about to be forcibly “restored” by the world’s restorative ability, the small circle of black flames immediately turned into a thin layer of black crystals which isolated the world’s restorative ability.

After doing all that, the Dragon Eater dusted her hands. “Alright, the stage has been set up. I’m just waiting for you, the player, to come on the stage.”

Finally, a crack appeared in the cocoon. Then, endless light shone through the crack.

The Dragon Eater squinted her eyes in response, but very quickly adjusted to the blinding light.

The crack expanded into the size of a door. A slender figure came out of the door of light, and walked on the flower field.

Cornelia stepped on the ground formed by black crystals, and stood less than ten meters from the Dragon Eater. The wings on her back had returned to their normal size and they were flapping gently.

Her wings were still pure black, creating a sharp contrast with her long and white silky hair.

The Dragon Eater looked at Cornelia, whose aura became more ethereal and profound after her advancement, and asked curiously, “Why didn’t you run?”

“Why should I?” Cornelia asked in return.

The Dragon Eater scratched her head with an odd look on her face. “You think you can beat me in your current state?”

Cornelia nodded. “Of course. I’m not the same person anymore.”

The expression on the Dragon Eater’s face turned even weirder. The probability of her running into this kind of silly and adorable newbie as soon as she came out here was a little low.

But… she did not mind it one bit. She only felt that her efforts in preparing the stage so meticulously was wasted.

In any case, even if Cornelia tried running after her advancement, she could probably catch up to her. It was just that she was not in her best condition right now. She still could not control this body as well as she liked. So, if Cornelia escaped to another world, it would be a problem for her.

After all, she had to stay low profile and hidden from some big shots for the time being.

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The Dragon Eater’s lips curled into a small smile and asked, “So, what do you want to do now?”

“Well…” Cornelia’s eyes reddened with murderous intent. Although she did not really understand what happened just now, her instincts told her that she might have lost something important.

Something really important.

And because of that, she could not contain the murderous intent welling up in her.

“Kill you to avenge my parents, of course!”

Upon hearing that, the Dragon Eater licked her red lips that looked like they were stained with blood. Cornelia’s courage was commendable, however…

“Cornelia, don’t…”

The Dragon Eater raised her eyebrow and snuffed out the male voice that sounded incredibly familiar to Cornelia.

She did not expect Cornelia to have a second obsession that was similar to the first in nature. How interesting, she thought to herself while stroking her chin.

If she was not mistaken, Cornelia was probably one of the “Chosen Ones”. She had received all the blessings in the world and was gifted.

These kinds of people generally would become powerful people if there were no unforeseen circumstances.

This had nothing to do with a person’s nature. If the Heavenly Way ordained it, even a monkey could become the commander of an army. However, whether they could become a good one all depended on themselves.

Natural talent determined the lower limit, but the Heavenly Way determined the upper limit.

Cornelia was a prime example. Even after sleeping for an entire nine million years, she managed to step foot into the realm of Deity King without any struggle with just a slight push from the blessings she received.

The deities who had been stuck at this stage for ages would surely be jealous if they found out about this.

However, the more fortunate Cornelia was, the more the Dragon Eater wanted to make a certain decision.

Right, beating her to within an inch of her life would do.

Cornelia could almost hear a certain voice that she was extremely familiar with. But when she tried hard to hear it, she could not hear anything.

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Was she hallucinating?

She quickly perished the thought. Given her current realm, how could that be possible?

She must have heard the vibrations in the void because she was temporarily unable to control her divine power.

Cornelia looked at the Dragon Eater who seemed to be thinking about something. “Why? Are you finally scared now? How do you feel about seeing the vermin in your eyes turning into a ferocious beast?” she snorted coldly.

The Dragon Eater shrugged. “First, your parents were certainly not killed by me, so there is nothing for you to avenge. Second, you should know best how it feels to see the vermin in your eyes turning into a ferocious beast. Third…”

The Dragon Eater stood up. With a wave of her hand, a wind that came from nowhere blew across the stage that Cornelia was not aware of.

“You really know nothing, huh?”


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