Chapter 4-183: Ratio

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2313 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1342 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“How’s that possible?” Cornelia murmured in disbelief. Dragon Eaters were powerful—this was a very well-known fact. After all, they were the ones who left the deepest scars in the great world nine million years ago. Cornelia simply found it difficult to fathom they would be this powerful.

One Dragon Eater alone was able to make Cornelia feel powerless, despite the fact that she had just advanced into the Deity King realm. Just how many Deity Kings were there in this great world?

If this was an average Dragon Eater, then… How did the great world actually win the great war nine million years ago?!

“Impossible! You must be tricking me!” Cornelia shouted in denial. “Not even the legendary Deity Lord of the great world could take my attack at full strength head-on and get away unscatched!”

“Well, perhaps so.” The Dragon Eater nodded solemnly. “But I’m not playing any tricks on you. In fact, I never bothered to do such petty things.”

After saying that, the Dragon Eater suddenly hit her own palm with her fist. “Now that I think about it, I didn’t really get away unscathed. Hm yeah, not really.”

Cornelia’s eyes instantly lit up again. She knew it! It was impossible for the Dragon Eater to remain perfectly unharmed by her killing move. It just simply did not make any sense.

The Dragon Eater might appear perfectly unscatched on the surface, but she must have suffered severe internal injuries! She was probably just acting tough in her final moments!

The more Cornelia thought about it, the more confident she felt. To her surprise, the Dragon Eater suddenly got down on the ground with her butt high up in the air, as if she was searching for something.

Cornelia was puzzled… Could this be the new way of begging for mercy?

It was then her enemy got up again, looking excited as though she had finally discovered a dazzling diamond in a pile of sand. She held her right hand high, waving it at Cornelia as if she was looking for praise.

“See! I didn’t really get away unscatched…!” Pinched between the Dragon Eater’s thumb and forefinger was a strand of long, blond hair. It was so fine that it was barely visible to naked eyes. However, Cornelia could see it and it irritated her like a grain of sand in her eye.

Cornelia trembled in anger. At this point, it was obvious to her that she had been fooled again.


The wings on Cornelia’s back vibrated powerfully. The entire void resonated with them, producing some kind of extremely peculiar fluctuation.

However, before this fluctuation could erupt, an icy fingertip touched Cornelia on her forehead.

“You… How’s… that possible…?!” Cornelia was shocked out of her mind. Disbelief filled her voice, as if she found this more unbelievable than the fact that her powerful attack had only harmed a strand of the Dragon Eater’s hair.

The Dragon Eater had once again appeared right in front of her undetected. She gently tapped Cornelia’s forehead with a weird smile on her face and gave her a mocking look. Not only that, she even deliberately spoke to Cornelia using the tone of that gentle-looking woman, whom she saw in Lilith’s memories.

“Oh my, Cornelia~ Looks like playtime is over~”

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“SHUT UP!” Cornelia flew into a rage, ignoring the threatening finger on her forehead. Without hesitation, she clapped her hands and everything around them instantly slowed down.

“Zero Hour Feather Realm, Time Feathers.”

In the vast void, only Cornelia and the black feathers could move. As if time was frozen, everything else remained still like sculptures.

Not only that, a river of time emerged behind Cornelia. Part of the river water was irrigated by Cornelia so that it continuously poured on the Dragon Eater.

The faces of many powerful creatures gathered here turned horrified when they suddenly realized that the great world’s long river of time had been directly intercepted by someone else using their great supernatural power.

This might have been an extremely short period of time that only lasted for a few seconds, but stealing a few seconds from everyone in the great world totaled up to an extremely terrifying number.

“Ha…ha…” Cornelia’s chest heaved as she panted heavily. The move really took a toll on her, but it was extremely worth it.

Instead of forcibly stopping time through the power of law, she buffed up the Dragon Eater’s time by pouring in more time itself on her. This made it so that her one second was 10,000 seconds to the others.

It was freezing time in a disguise, but there was almost no move to counter it. After all, this could not even be considered an offensive attack.

Cornelia let out a soft sigh. Without wasting any time, she then summoned a black and white spear in the palm of her hand and pointed it right between the Dragon Eater’s brows.

Since stabbing her in the heart did not work before, she figured she should try it with a new spot. In any case, she should temporarily incapacitate the Dragon Eater first before blowing her up to smithereens!

Cornelia’s gaze grew firm as a series of attack plans took shape in her mind.

No matter what, she must obliterate the Dragon Eater this time!

If she failed again this time, Cornelia was not sure if she would find any more courage to attack next time. After all, the Dragon Eater had engraved fear into her heart.

Thinking up to this point, Cornelia poured all her remaining divine power into the spear. The spear emitted a powerful thunder-like aura. Before it even touched the Dragon Eater’s skin, it already drew blood.

Cornelia was already envisioning the large bloody rose blooming on the Dragon Eater with this attack.

However… A swaying black flame suddenly appeared between the Dragon Eater’s brows. In just an instant, it transformed into a hexagonal black crystal and blocked Cornelia’s spear. Light flashed and sparks flew everywhere.

The spear that was infused with every ounce of Cornelia’s strength was completely stopped. It could not even leave a scratch on the surface of that black crystal. The black crystal then turned back into a swaying black flame. The black flame rolled gently, and the spear was instantly devoured by it.

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Cornelia stared at her empty hand blankly. She was so dazed that she even forgot to run.

“H-How is that possible…?” she murmured.

“Ugh, I’m tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. Can’t you express your shock more creatively? Something like ‘milord is powerful like the lightning god, would you grant me the honor of licking your bare foot all over’? I think that would sound a lot better than your boring words,” the Dragon Eater rubbed her chin and said with a chuckle. For some reason, Cornelia’s move was completely ineffective against her.

“W-Why?” Cornelia slumped to the ground. Her brain still found it difficult to believe what was happening.

Being easily defeated was nothing compared to the despair of finding out that your trump card was completely useless to your enemy.

“That’s why I said… Someone like you who did not participate in that great war knows nothing.” The Dragon Eater crossed her arms and shook her head. “Did you know the ratio of that great war?”

“Ratio?” Cornelia was still in a daze.

“Right… It’s roughly… around this and this.” The Dragon Eater spread an arm out to indicate the number for the great world’s army and then spread another arm out to indicate the number in the Dragon Eater’s army.

“One to one?” A hint of clarity was restored on Cornelia’s face.

“Hahaha, naive little girl. Do you think your great world will still exist if the numbers were equal?”

The smile on the Dragon Eater’s face faded and she looked right into Cornelia’s eyes as she uttered every word slowly, “Fifty million deities in the great world fought against… five Dragon Eaters…”


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