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Destiny Unchain Online Official General Forums, Skill Points 84

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

This is between V2 Chapter 17 and 18



0751: Black Forest Explorer
Hello again, everyone.
It’s me again, the guy who went to search for Schwarzwald all the way back when.

0752: Nameless Adventurer

You’re still alive? Welcome back
You were away for a while…

0753: Nameless Adventurer

You didn’t have to say that…

0754: Nameless Adventurer
I’ve been waiting, so let’s get into it.
Ignore the geriatric mercenaries and tell us what you found.

0755: Black Forest Explorer
Alright, I was just planning on checking in for a bit but I’ll tell you.
As far as results go, I haven’t found it yet.

0756: Nameless Adventurer

What, so you just made our hopes go up when you got nothing? ( ゜д゜) bleh

0757: Black Forest Explorer
…If that’s how you’ll treat me I’ll just leave again… I figured out how to obtain the Katana Skill so I thought I’d share that, but I see how it is…

0758: Nameless Adventurer


0759: Nameless Adventurer

Don’t leave, I want my Katanaaa!!

0760: Nameless Adventurer

Apologize! Apologize right nowww!!

0761: 756
I’m sorry!
I swear I didn’t mean it, forgive me!!

0762: Nameless Adventurer
He’s not replying… He didn’t really get angry and leave, did he?

(There was a constant cycle of blame and apologizing after this)




0811: Black Forest Explorer
I can’t believe all of you…
Anyway, let me tell you about the place where you get it.
You have to go west from the Starting Hill’s grasslands, and follow a long diverging path.
Mid-stop Station
And then go north to a canyon where a village of ogres is located.

0812: Nameless Adventurer

Are you some sort of god? Also…that’s so farrr!!

0813: Nameless Adventurer

Are you serious? If that’s really true how did you even get so far while traveling solo? That’s even further away than the top guilds went!!

0814: Black Forest Explorer
I just traveled safely and used stealth Skills to their best. Anyway, let me continue.
If you have a party member that’s friendly with ogres then they won’t attack you, and instead some named bosses will challenge you. If you win against three of them, then an NPC named Samurai General: Gi-Tel from the A-Ga Clan comes out and teaches you the Skill.
I didn’t fight them myself, but saw someone who did. The named bosses are really strong, so you should be prepared for a hard fight.

0815: Nameless Adventurer

Hmhmm…that sounds really hard, doesn’t it?
Getting there is a pain in the a̲s̲s̲ already, but having to fight 3 named bosses on top of that…

0816: Nameless Adventurer

I’m more surprised that you have a party member who managed to get through that.
Anyway, thanks for the information. I’ll round up some friends and try going there.

0817: Black Forest Explorer
Good luck to you.
By the way, the plateau just before there is filled with some goat monsters that wander around, and if you mess with them they’ll follow you all the way until the map changes, so be careful.

0818: Nameless Adventurer
Could it be…Shub…tin… nvm.

(The rest of the thread was filled with recruitment messages)


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