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Destiny Unchain Online Official General Forums, Skill Points 51

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

This takes place between Volume 1 Chapter 13 and Interlude

0353: Nameless Adventurer
It’s been a week now. I guess the top guilds have already gone from the areas around Wyndham.
I thought it would happen sooner, but I guess this is what happens when there’s no beta tests before release and everyone learns to play from scratch

0354: Nameless Adventurer
There’s that, but the game world is just too damn big.
I’ve heard of so many people who got lost in forests and had to cry themselves dead to get out.

0355: Nameless Adventurer
Everyone is still figuring out how to build their characters too. Though there’s new weapon types being discovered all the time, and some combat junkies are desperate to figure out how to use them but can’t find anything.
The Area Master Registration System will launch in 3 weeks so ig most guilds will be searching for territories to claim soon though.

0356: Nameless Adventurer
Oh yeah. My guild is still struggling with getting potions and learning healing spells.
NPCs only sell a limited number of potions, and there’s so many scalpers that the prices are going wild

0357: Nameless Adventurer
You mean those guys who get up at 5am every day to buy up everything? Yeah they’re ruining everything. The NPCs are so lifelike that this feels like an isekai simulator, so I almost feel bad for them having to deal with that crowd every day.

0358: Nameless Adventurer
Talking about this is making me depressed, let’s switch topics.
Have there been any sightings of the potato girl they keep bringing up in the character creation thread?

0359: Nameless Adventurer

Who’s that tasty sounding girl?

0360: Nameless Adventurer
I haven’t heard of anyone seeing her since then… I really hope she didn’t quit the game because they annoyed her too much.

0361: Nameless Adventurer

It’s a really cute girl that was spotted in the Neutral Interaction Area.
Her main features were pure white hair and skin, and she was stuffing her cheeks with potato chips with a really happy face.
There’s a screenshot floating around, so you can look it up if you want.
I stan her tbh.

0362: Nameless Adventurer

I think the gossip threads mentioned there was some weirdo knight harassing her and trying to force her into his guild? Though that just tanked their reputation lmao
I know someone who was there. Apparently she’s some sort of vampire, and the idiot grabbed her while wearing a silver accessory. It probably hurt a lot… poor girl.

0363: Nameless Adventurer

Alright, move it to the gossip threads if you want to keep going with that.
She was really cute though. The way she looked around confused with fries hanging from mouth was the best.

0364: Nameless Adventurer
The way she was chewing in bliss before that was so cute too.
Girls eating happily always look cute.

0365: Nameless Adventurer

I checked it out.
Her white hair looks so fluffy underneath her hood, I wish I could rub my face against it. I bet she smells really nice too.

0366: Nameless Adventurer

Umm…yeah better don’t…
She looks like she’s still in middle school, and there’s lines you shouldn’t ever cross.
Though I get what you mean

0367: Nameless Adventurer
Speaking of which, they’ve been discussing this a lot in the character creation threads, but can you even pick white hair like that?

0368: Nameless Adventurer

You can’t. It’s not possible to pick a color that’s so close to a 255 255 255 in RGB.
Species with light hair like elves can try raising the luminance value to the max and get close, but even then it’s not the same.
The running theory is that she got a rare species no one else has gotten yet.




0758: Nameless Adventurer
Btw, does anyone know where that Schwarzwald place is? It showed up in a notification the other day.
I can’t find a place like that anywhere near the starting city.

0759: Nameless Adventurer
Ahh, you mean that time a boss that wasn’t a field boss of the Starting Hill area was defeated? The Strongest Monster or something like that.
I really want to know where that was too.

0760: Nameless Adventurer
Can we just forget about The Strongest Monster (lol) that defeated that boss no one saw before!
Everyone was so shocked when they found out there’s an announcement like that any time a major boss is defeated by players for the first time, and it had that name.

0761: Nameless Adventurer

Not to mention that the first boss of the Starting Hill was defeated an hour after that.
I also joined the raid group, and the announcement came during our initial briefing.
We were really excited to defeat a boss, but that really ruined the mood and it felt like someone’s mom died instead of being a celebration.
It felt…horrible…

0762: Nameless Adventurer
Wait y’all still haven’t visited Schwarzwald?
The Strongest Monsters (lol) is really easy to kill once you learn its patterns, and it gives some damn good loot. I’ve killed a bunch already, and it’s really easy with no competition.
I guess I’ll be able to milk this for a bit longer if y’all idiots can’t come here.

0763: Nameless Adventurer

Bruh, I bet your dog can speak too, yeah? That boss has only been defeated once.
You can see how many times all bosses have been defeated in the official journal, so you must be the idiot to not know that anyone can tell you’re lying just by looking there.

0764: Nameless Adventurer
Speaking of which, I was doing this quest when I heard a story about the first emperor and the place where his conquest began. It said it’s a place you can only reach by going through a black forest?
It might be a really long trip, but I’m curious so I might go check it out.
I’ll update here if I find anything.

0765: Nameless Adventurer

Schwarzwald means black forest in German after all, it might be related.
Have a safe trip!

0766: Nameless Adventurer

Remember to brush your teeth!

0767: Nameless Adventurer

Keep warm and don’t catch colds!

0768: Nameless Adventurer
Are all of y’all grannies or something?!
Did I accidentally log into geriatric internet?!



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