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Destiny Unchain Online Official General Forums, Skill Points 96

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva


0117: Nameless Adventurer
Someone defeated Battering Ram…

0118: Nameless Adventurer
Keheheh…they’re just the weakest of us, area bosses…

0119: Nameless Adventurer
…Can someone tell me what’s going on? I just got here and am confused

0120: Nameless Adventurer
There was a notification saying that the first Battering Ram was defeated in the entire world
Battering Ram…is that some sort of pun with a goat monster?

0121: Nameless Adventurer
It’s the area boss of the Caurelum Low Plateau, you get there by moving through two areas north from Evergreen.
I heard someone spotted it not too long ago, but I guess it’s also been defeated now.

0122: Nameless Adventurer
Someone got the boss of the Caurelum High Plateau yesterday, so I guess they just moved to the lower area and got the next boss too. It didn’t even last a day.
It took a while for Evergreen’s bosses to be defeated, but now the rest are falling like flies.

0123: Nameless Adventurer
From what I heard they were both taken down by the same guild. I guess they’re going north from Evergreen and just defeating every boss they run into

0124: Nameless Adventurer


0125: Nameless Adventurer
Fr. They’re called Nord Glacier. I’ve only seen them from afar, but they’re no joke. It’s almost like they came straight out of the military. Their Guild Master is the most dangerous one though.
He was tanking all the hits, and he still took like 60% of the boss’ HP himself. It’s almost like he could do it solo.

0126: Nameless Adventurer
That guy? Isn’t he the edgelord with silver hair who walks around with two swords and wears black?
I’ve seen him come up in the PvP threads before, they kept hyping him up as the strongest player at the moment.

0126: Nameless Adventurer
Just hearing he has two swords makes him sound dangerous…
You really have to angle blades correctly so they cut in this game after all. I’ve seen guys who pulled off dual wielding maces, but everyone who tried it with swords gave up right away. I wonder how he got it to work…


0224: Nameless Adventurer
Everyone! Potato-chan has been spotted!
Found this in the PvP threads
(URL redacted)

0225: Nameless Adventurer
Seriously?! I hadn’t heard about her in ages so I really thought she had dipped, but I’m glad she’s still around

0226: Nameless Adventurer

Oh. My. God.
That’s so brutal though. How does she move like that? I can hardly follow her
But…the way she crushed his neck…that should’ve been me

0227: Nameless Adventurer
Being pressed between her thighs sounds like heaven no matter how you put it…

0228: Nameless Adventurer
I’m so jealous lmao
That guy who got his neck snapped definitely got a good look inside there


0506: Nameless Adventurer
I ran into our white beauty in the Neutral Interaction City. I wonder if those two that look like twins are her friends?
(URL redacted)

0507: Nameless Adventurer
At least she looks like she’s having fun, though her teary face was so hot too.
I guess she went shopping at some time, her new clothes are really cute. Whoever helped her choose them is a genius.

0508: Nameless Adventurer
It’s so cute how she could throw knives perfectly but then scoots around while pressing her skirt down so no one sees her panties.
I wonder what she’s trying to hide though, huehuehuehue

0509: Nameless Adventurer

Now that’s just plain gross

0510: Nameless Adventurer


0511: Nameless Adventurer
Her panties aside, that elf chick in the pictures looks cute too. And they’re holding hands too! It’s almost like they’re a cute couple

0512: Nameless Adventurer
Also I heard rumors that potato-chan is a vampire, I can only imagine what it feels to get my blood sucked by her

0513: Nameless Adventurer
YASSSS, the yuri gods have blessed us

0514: Nameless Adventurer
And not a single one of you horndogs has mentioned the elf guy with them, get your head out of the gutter already
We’ve been blessed doe

(They just kept praising yuri for a while after this)


0870: Nameless Adventurer
Guys, this is the general thread but you’ve turned it almost into a dedicated one to her. I guess it’s time to open a new thread.
Also be careful to not go too far with what you post.

0871: Nameless Adventurer
Sorry to bring it back, but you can actually see her on the official broadcast of Valhalant’s arena.
(URL redacted)

0872: Nameless Adventurer
Thx for the link.
That’s her second PvP match today, right? I guess it’s a busy day for our potato girl

0873: Nameless Adventurer
And isn’t she fighting the creepy knight? Is this some sort of retribution?
Though she doesn’t seem too mad at him, did they make up somehow?

0874: Nameless Adventurer
Check 05:28

0875: Nameless Adventurer
Good job!
It’s a black…g-string..?!

0876: Nameless Adventurer
WooooHoooo!! Yeahhhhhh babY!!

0877: Nameless Adventurer
That’s what happens when you fight by moving a lot and have to jump to reach an opponent’s neck, gotta be careful when landing.
Actually, it just keeps happening! It’s like she forgot she’s wearing a skirt when jumping or headscissoring people!
I appreciate it though!!!

0878: Nameless Adventurer
Headscissoring, I gotta remember that term lol
Still, it should’ve been me getting my neck cracked between her thighs

0879: Nameless Adventurer
I looked away for a second and the enemy guild is already down two members lol
The magic from her supports isn’t bad, but she’s definitely carrying that fight

0880: Nameless Adventurer

0881: Nameless Adventurer
Wait, what just happened?
Did the knight give up?

0882: Nameless Adventurer
No, giving up wouldn’t turn him into a pile of light, did he suicide?
Wait, what did the elf chick say for that to happen lmfao

0883: Nameless Adventurer
He looked like he was seeing the end of the world, I almost feel bad for him. Just what did she tell him lol
Also, potato-chan is comforting him now I think, I guess they did make up

0884: Nameless Adventurer
Anyway, isn’t she crazy strong though?
She kept the knight busy the entire time, and finished off the other two with critical hits. It’s like she won the entire fight on her own
Actually, the things she does with her thighs would also count as critical hits.
Is she like a headhunter?

0885: Nameless Adventurer
I wouldn’t count on it.
She wasn’t dealing a lot of damage to the knight, so maybe she just doesn’t have other options. It seems she’s covering for her lack of damage by finding ways to strike critical hits during a fight. idk if that’ll work on more skilled no-lifers…
I really want to see her succeed, but I feel like it might be a bit too hard

0886: Nameless Adventurer
Guys, guys, again, I get that you’re obsessed with potato-chan, but this is the general thread. Just go talk on the official live chat or the PvP commentating thread!

(There was nothing else that was interesting enough after this, so the conversation just died down)


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