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[Launch Day] Destiny Unchain Online Official General Forums, Skill Points 32 (beginning)

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

This takes place between V1 Chapter 4 and 5

0001: Nameless Adventurer:
Please ignore trolls.
Big blocks of ASCII art are banned as they clog up the threads for no reason.
Let’s all get along to keep the forum threads clean.
Whoever writes post >>950 please open a new thread. If it’s too much work, link to someone else to do it.



0120: Nameless Adventurer
Yet another game that doesn’t let you change your gender
You can’t even change your height, but somehow you can do whatever you want with your weight?
I’ve even seen some guys that are so thin they look like walking skeletons lmao

0121: Nameless Adventurer
No game will let you swap your gender anymore, give up. It’s been decades since they passed laws about that since it was having negative effects irl
You can change your height by 10cm up or down, which actually is pretty lenient compared to other VR games
You can’t touch up your appearance too much though, as it’s still based on how you look irl.
Though it’s still enough to turn someone ugly irl into a hot dude. Source: me

0122: Nameless Adventurer
Re: gender swapping. That research was really lacking though, and there was no concrete evidence that it was having the negative effects they claimed. Though they already banned it, so it is what it is
The guy who came up with that ban on gender swapping thanks to incomplete data is still getting flak for it though, they hate him like the plague in other threads

0123: Nameless Adventurer
Btw, is it me or are there really few stats in this game?
I really wanted to go an AGI build and go fast!! but I can’t see that stat anywhere

0124: Nameless Adventurer

it doesn’t exist

0125: Nameless Adventurer

I also noticed that while making my character, there’s no agility

0126: Nameless Adventurer

Hello, apparently movement speed is somehow tied to STR
There’s some unga bunga guys who put all their points to STR and then kept slamming into walls because they ran too fast

0127: Nameless Adventurer

Everyone knows it doesn’t exist lol
Just give up

0128: Nameless Adventurer

Wait what? That sounds kinda scary

0129: Nameless Adventurer
So basically STR also makes one’s legs stronger > higher speeds? But then it’s up to the player to control that speed?
I don’t like that

0130: Nameless Adventurer
There’s also no DEX. There’s also no aim-assist, so it’s all up to you to target properly

0131: Nameless Adventurer
Srsly? I heard this game was hard, but I didn’t think it’d be like that. I guess it’s meant for guys who always play VR games, or those who know how to fight irl too
And NTEC made it a PvP game on top of that? I thought it was best for developers to start with more mainstream games lol

0132: Nameless Adventurer

I mean, they’re all ex-staff from Arcs VR Technology… They’re like the granddaddys of VRMMOs…

0133: Nameless Adventurer
Oh right, I almost forgot. I guess they know what they’re doing so they just went all out instead of repeating what others do…

0134: Nameless Adventurer
But then they also made it hyper-realistic with the best graphics in the industry, and even recreated all five senses flawlessly.
They’re using the latest technology all around, so it’s a bit hard to pass on it just because it places such a strong requirement on player skill…

0135: Nameless Adventurer
I know what you mean… All games nowadays feel samey and cookie cutter, nothing feels exciting anymore. This feels like such a breath of fresh air but it’s so hard…



0545: Nameless Adventurer
Btw, do we know what rare species exist?
There’s 6 common ones players can choose, human, elf, dwarf, gnome, war beast, and dragonewt.
I know some players get to pick one or two more if they have the right aptitude for them though
The one I got was goblin, I wanna kms

0546: Nameless Adventurer

I feel you, I got orc… just why…

0547: Nameless Adventurer
Idk if it’s rare or not, but my sister got noble elf or smth like that
She told me it’s good for magic but idrc about that

0548: Nameless Adventurer


0549: Nameless Adventurer


0550: Nameless Adventurer

Woah buddy what’s with the sadistic implications?
Are you trying to get people into your kink?
Thanks for that

0551: Nameless Adventurer

A noble elf and can’t handle pain sounds literally like some hentai character
Also please introduce me to your sister

0552: Nameless Adventurer
This is an all-ages forum, you can’t be talking about hentai here.
Move on from that topic!

0553: Nameless Adventurer

0554: Nameless Adventurer

0555: Nameless Adventurer
Is there anything else to talk about tho?
I feel like everyone is playing rn, not many people browsing the forums

0556: Nameless Adventurer
I have something
Have you seen the rabbits that sometimes roam the starting area? I won’t go into details, just stay away from them
It was hell

0557: Nameless Adventurer

Wait wdym, can you explain?

0558: Headless Adventurer

They’re just really fast. I don’t think their stats are anything crazy though. I got to defeat them without much issue after I recovered from the initial shock
Though they keep trying to get off with my head now

0559: Nameless Adventurer


0560: Nameless Adventurer

Damn that sounds scary
Also I think you didn’t notice something important when sending that

0561: Nameless Adventurer

Headhunter Rabbit is here!!

0562: [Need] Headless Adventurer [Raise] 
So I just noticed… you die in this game if your neck is sliced. Or ig I died in this case
I play as a tank, and then the thing bit my neck and I died instantly
Three of my friends were all confused seeing that, and then they also were got
…Then they started attacking the nearby onlookers, causing a big mess
Now I’m just some Remain Light seeing what happens there. I’m already dead so I can watch without worrying, but the guys out there are so confused they don’t even know how to fight back. It’s kinda funny tbh

0563: Nameless Adventurer

Wait it’s something that’s happening rn then?! I thought it was just a past incident

0564: Nameless Adventurer

That sounds like hell
How’s that even happening…

0565: Nameless Adventurer

The Headhunter Rabbit is here..! ((((;゜д゜))))

0566: Nameless Adventurer
Wait…so basically if my head or neck gets hit then I can die even if I have a lot of HP left?

0567: Nameless Adventurer
Talking of heads, do you think the Headhunting Crimson Knight will come here?

0568: Nameless Adventurer
Idk, he didn’t say anything about that on social media, so who knows. But if the knight comes then I’ll definitely get my revenge this time

0569: Nameless Adventurer

I bet 10 dabloons you’ll die instead
I’m not going anywhere near a player like that in a game like this though
Also, his social media can be summed up as cries of “I lost to the Master again!” I’ve never seen him say he won

0570: Nameless Adventurer

Just what kind of monster is that Master?

0571: Nameless Adventurer

Master A*ia

0572: Nameless Adventurer

I haven’t heard that name in ages… even though that series came out back in my grandpa’s days

0573: Nameless Adventurer

Yeahh…no one can defeat him…

0574: Nameless Adventurer
Wait, who’s this Headhunting Crimson Knight?
This is my first time playing a game like this…

0575: Nameless Adventurer

He’s a pretty famous player. He’s a dude who plays a bunch of PvP games, and is almost undefeated
He’s called that because if you lower your guard just a little bit around him your head will go for a free ride away from your body. Other than that he’s not too different from other high level players though, so he’s not always the topic of conversation
There’s a lot of PvP clips of him though, so you can easily find them, and maybe learn something from him as well. I’d recommend starting with…



Editor’s Note: Headhunting Crimson Knight eh? Sounds a lot like somebody we all know and love ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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