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Chapter 30 – Beautiful Shadow under the Candlelight

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2995 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1584 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“You… What is the meaning of this?” Lily’s appearance was disheveled, with sweat trickling down her delicate chin, illuminated by the dim light.

“Didn’t I explain? It’s paired training,” Momiji responded calmly.

“What part of this is paired training?!” Lily’s frustration was evident in her voice.

“This is an ancient method, Miss Kagami. You possess the celestial maiden physique, don’t you? Understanding the other side of that physique will greatly aid my practice,” Momiji explained, her tone tinged with a hint of mystery.

Lily couldn’t comprehend the nature of this training. If Momiji revealed the ancient secret method, perhaps she could make sense of it. However, begging for it was out of the question.

“In our second battle, if I hadn’t reacted quickly, you could have seriously injured me. Why do you despise me so much? Look at me… Don’t I treasure you?” Momiji’s mouth was near Lily’s ear, her warm breath causing Lily to shiver.

“You call this treasuring me? It feels more like revenge,” Lily retorted bitterly.

“What a coincidence… Don’t you think you deserve punishment?” Momiji gripped the hanging rope and gave it a slight shake, sending vibrations through Lily’s body.

Lily’s expression turned bitter. She could already anticipate what Momiji had in store for her.

“Are you trembling? Frightened, perhaps? Ehehe, sometimes you can be quite lovable,” Momiji taunted.

“Shut up…” Lily muttered, her voice laced with frustration.

Momiji retrieved a fan and gently fanned Lily’s flushed face. Then, abruptly, she closed the fan and began lightly tapping it against Lily’s face.

“What exactly do you want?” Lily demanded, her patience wearing thin.

“Hmm? Look at yourself. Do you really need to ask? How about you tell me, Miss Kagami. What do you think I’m going to do? Why don’t you enlighten me?” Momiji teased.

“Shut up… I have nothing to say,” Lily replied curtly.

“Miss Kagami, you truly are fascinating1,” Momiji remarked.

Momiji’s hand slowly crept toward Lily’s short skirt, pinching it lightly and lifting it. Meanwhile, her other hand, holding the paper fan, moved behind Lily.

“Punishing the most beautiful woman in the world, someone far more powerful than me… and she won’t resist. This feeling… is truly exquisite!” Momiji exclaimed.

With a resounding smack, the paper fan struck down heavily.

Lily clenched her teeth. Although the pain wasn’t unbearable without her spirit armor, the humiliation was unbearable.

In her mind, Lily cursed, “I don’t understand. This can’t truly harm me. What’s the purpose of punishing me in this manner? This perverted woman!”

She remained silent, refusing to utter a sound.


Lily couldn’t determine how many times the fan had struck, but her once-white rear was now adorned with several red marks.

With her head drooping, her wet and disheveled hair hung in mid-air.

“Are you… satisfied like this?” Lily’s eyes reflected her resistance.

“Ahahaha… Miss Kagami wants to know if I’m satisfied? Ahaha, are you not satisfied?” Momiji laughed.

“What kind of joke… Who would find satisfaction in such humiliation?” Lily retorted.

Momiji circled behind Lily, as if observing something intently. “Hmm? Is that truly the case?”

“Shut up… I… I don’t understand what you’re saying!”

“Hmm, never mind. I’ll leave you with a shred of dignity. The way you reluctantly deny is quite adorable. Let’s conclude the first stage for now. Do you need some rest before the second stage?”

“Second stage?” Lily involuntarily jerked. “You… Don’t push it too far! I can kill you anytime! You perverted woman!”

“Ehehehe, that’s right, you can. But as long as you haven’t made up your mind to kill, any resistance will be met with punishment. Moreover, the moment you kill me, I guarantee that your sister Uesugi’s life will also be extinguished. Would you like to give it a try, hmm?”

Smack! Another spank landed.

“…Enough… Don’t hit me… anymore… The second stage! The second stage! I’m not afraid of you!”

“Ahahaha, that’s more like it. I like your spirit. Perhaps it’s because you believe your strength surpasses mine, that your determination is stronger than when we first met. However, in my eyes, the more you resist, the cuter you become~~”

“I can’t comprehend your way of thinking… Whatever, just tell me about the second stage… Hurry up and finish it…”

“That’s more like it.”

Momiji lowered Lily and untied the rope.

“Ah…” Lily let out a relieved breath as she was set down. The tension and shame had nearly rendered her unable to stand without relying on her spirit power.

“Hmm? Miss Kagami seems weaker and more feeble than the rumors suggest.”


Momiji moved to the wooden platform and sat down, patting her legs. “Come here, my dear. Sit on sister’s lap.”

“…You want me to engage in paired training with you? I’ve cooperated, but don’t use such repulsive nicknames!” What kind of paired training was this? It was clear that Momiji was taking advantage of her. What was this woman thinking?

Feeling helpless, Lily could only walk forward and sit on Momiji’s legs. This situation was truly…

Turning sideways, Lily was about to settle down.

“That’s not right. Not that way. Turn around and sit, facing me!”

“……” Following Momiji’s instructions, Lily turned around and sat, facing her.

Sitting in such close proximity, they were practically breathing each other’s breaths.

“Mmm, this feeling is quite pleasant. It’s as if Miss Kagami and I are lovers,” Momiji remarked.

“Don’t waste time. If we’re going to engage in paired training, then let’s get on with it,” Lily urged.

Momiji chuckled, “Very well, then let’s begin the spirit power exchange.”

Though Lily felt cautious, she wasn’t afraid. She knew she was much stronger than Momiji. If Momiji tried anything untoward, Lily’s denser, purer, and significantly larger amount of spirit power would instantly respond and counter.

“Miss Kagami, open your arms and embrace my neck,” Momiji instructed, encircling her arms around Lily’s slender waist.

“What kind of spirit energy exchange is this… I don’t want to!” Lily protested.

“Don’t want to? Have you forgotten your two promises?” Momiji reminded her.

“……” Lily could only comply.

Sitting on Momiji’s leg and embracing her… Naturally, pulses of spirit energy exchange manifested.

“This woman… what kind of seductive intent is she employing in this training…” Gradually, Lily eased into the spirit energy exchange. “Mm? What is this feeling?”

Fragments of memory entered Lily’s consciousness. It was a phenomenon that occurred when two women exchanged spirit energy, though it happened sporadically. For some reason, Lily’s memories couldn’t be detected by other women. Instead, Lily often found herself inundated with the memories of the other woman.

She saw a barefooted little girl walking on snowy terrain, stumbling and turning purple from the cold…

At a tender age, she had been abducted and sold to a hostess establishment, enduring brutal training…

As she matured, she grew into a slender, graceful woman, skilled in dance and zither playing, proficient in every endeavor. She possessed both beauty and intelligence. The local nobility set their sights on her, but she refused to sell her body and instead offered only her skills. However, in a world where strength reigned supreme, she found herself powerless. In order to safeguard her chastity, she chose death over submission and leapt off a cliff.

Yet fate had a different plan. Miraculously, she survived with a single breath, carried away by a mountain river to distant forests. The overwhelming bitterness she felt allowed her survival, but she was transformed into a demon.

This marked only the beginning of her wretched and tormented existence…

In the demon realm, a realm bloodier than the human world, survival was an arduous task for a defenseless female demon. She did whatever it took, employing any means and discarding all morality and boundaries in order to stay alive…

Months turned into years, and gradually, the female demon grew stronger, learning the art of survival in a turbulent and ever-changing world. However, amidst her growth, she had forgotten the true essence of life. She merely clung to her original obsession: to survive and lead an existence that was convenient and secure.

These tragic memories struck a chord in Lily’s heart. Overwhelmed by sadness, tears welled up and streamed down her cheeks2

Warm droplets fell onto the hands that were about to lift Lily’s skirt.

Those hands froze.

Momiji gazed at Lily in astonishment. She knew that Lily wouldn’t cry due to the current situation, so why were tears streaming down her face?

“Tsk…” Momiji used one hand to push Lily onto her back.

“How boring!” For a moment, Momiji felt a lack of interest in tormenting Lily.

Lily gradually regained her composure as the flood of memories receded. She wiped away her tears and gazed at Momiji in the dim candlelight.

Despite the woman’s tragic past, Lily couldn’t condone her actions. But how could she suggest that Momiji should maintain her morality and kindness and face death? Nor could she advocate for submitting to the noble families, becoming a prostitute, and clinging to the rich and powerful.

Who had the authority to judge the rights and wrongs of such complex circumstances?


Lily broke the silence.

“Why? You may argue that this is for your training, and I concede that it may offer some small benefits. However, when considering the risks involved, you are putting your life on the line. Are you truly willing to sacrifice your life for such insignificant progress or indulge in your perverse hobby? Shouldn’t you value your own life above all else? Momiji, I simply don’t understand you.”



  1. Robinxen: Yes, that is the word we will use here.
  2. Yuki: How !@#% much do you have to cry
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