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Chapter 31 – Shuten Doji’s Whereabouts

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3238 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1639 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Momiji rose to her feet, moving around Lily in the flickering light.

“Don’t understand? Ahaha, I had expected Miss Kagami to be exceptionally intelligent, but it seems you’re not as sharp as I thought. I do all of this for the sake of survival!”


Momiji sat back down and locked eyes with Lily. “To survive in this dark world where no one knows what tomorrow holds…”

“You’re a throned saint realm demon. Shouldn’t you have confidence in your ability to protect yourself?”

“A throned saint is nothing compared to the real powerhouses! Throughout history, countless big dipper powerhouses have fallen, let alone throned ones. If I can only live by hiding in some unknown corner, constantly fleeing and living in fear of being hunted every day… is that any different from being dead?” Lily could sense the desolation in Momiji’s eyes.

“…so, you make deals with various powers in the world, relying on overlords to fulfill your ambitions?”

“Ehehe, Kagami Lily, the chances of your side prevailing over Minamoto no Yoritomo are extremely slim. The people of today can’t even fathom the methods and terror of that man! But there’s always a chance, isn’t there? Originally, I was playing mediator between Shuten Doji and the Imperial Court. Regardless of the outcome, I could benefit from the situation. But now, the circumstances have changed. Shuten Doji has formed an alliance with Minamoto no Yoritomo, expanding their power while also gathering enemies. I can’t risk putting all my treasures in one place.”

Momiji’s fingers traced down Lily’s lips and chin before grasping her large, soft chest.

“Stop.” Lily swatted her hand away.

Lily understood the implication, but the actions didn’t match the words.

Momiji acted as if it didn’t matter, reminiscing about the feeling of grasping something too large for her hand… And Lily despised how Momiji acted.

“Miss Kagami, I haven’t finished crafting my plans, but just when I was worried, you appeared. I believe that if I can share some information with you and offer some assistance, it can serve as a way out for me.”

“Hmph, aren’t you afraid I’ll expose your actions to Shuten Doji?”

“Ahahaha, Miss Kagami, the reason I’ve survived this long is because I can clearly discern the bottom line of every powerhouse. You won’t tell him, will you?”

“…that’s not certain.”

“Hehehe.” Momiji laughed, irritating Lily.

“Fine, I understand why someone like you, who lives on the edge, would have such ideas. But why not just tell me straight? Why play these games and engage in…meaningless acts?” Lily’s face flushed with the memories.

“Ehhh…Miss Kagami, you still don’t understand? This and that are two different things. I merely wanted to use those acts to…observe and experience you more. Teasing Miss Kagami brings me great joy, don’t you understand? It’s also your fault for dressing like that and coming here in such tempting attire. Aren’t you asking to be teased? Isn’t that what you secretly desire? Wearing seductive clothing, if no one is seduced, teases you, or molests you…don’t you feel…lonely?”

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“That’s enough! You should know why I dressed like that! If you used this method on other powerhouses, you would have probably died a thousand times over! You…I’ll keep my promise and spare your life! But whether you find a way out or not will depend on your performance!”

“Ahahaha, Miss Kagami, you look like a queen now, but why did you look so cute and pitiful just a moment ago? I still prefer the previous you…oh, right, Miss Kagami, it’s probably inappropriate for us to continue this conversation here.” Momiji acted as if she had just remembered something.


“His Highness Shuten Doji should have brought a few friends from Iyo Island to Suno…” Momiji said, pressing a finger to her lips and rolling her eyes1.

“What!?” Lily exclaimed, leaping to her feet.

Clang! Yasutsuna rested against Momiji’s throat.

“What did you say!?”

“Ahahahaha, Miss Kagami, don’t be so angry. If you leave now, you should make it in time. Remember your promises. Shuten Doji’s promises may not be believable, but I trust in yours. I’ve staked my life on it2!”


Lily wanted nothing more than to kill this woman! She had planned and schemed, but she never anticipated Shuten’s attack on Suno. Kimiko was still unconscious, and Ayaka hadn’t recovered. How would they defend themselves against Shuten’s wicked claws?

“Momiji, you wretched creature!”

Fury surged within Lily’s chest as she extended her left hand. Whoosh! Pulses of purple lunar force emanated from her hand, transforming into bright purple threads that swiftly bound Momiji. The Thousand Sakura Linger, imbued with lunar power, possessed the ability to entangle even big dipper arch-demons. Momiji was powerless to resist.

Lily knew she had to depart immediately, but she couldn’t let this woman escape punishment for provoking her anger. With a wave of her hand, the threads lifted Momiji into the air, spinning her around while tightly binding her. Waves of seductive intent flowed through the threads.

“Ah…haa…to think that Miss Kagami is so mighty when angered…you, you are indeed my heart’s…” Momiji’s words trailed off.

“Shut up!” Lily used the sheath of her katana to flick up Momiji’s skirt, revealing her plump, tight rear and the white cloth band. Overwhelmed by anger, Lily pressed the point of her scabbard into the center of the white cloth, causing numerous wrinkles to form.

“Ah…ah…Miss Kagami, sof-softer…to think that you are so mighty…” Momiji coquettishly twisted her plump rear.


Lily raised her scabbard and delivered a forceful smack onto that rear3. Momiji nearly fainted from the pain.

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“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!” Lily sheathed her weapon and swiftly transformed into an afterimage as she rushed outside.

“Miss Kagami, leave my cave and go through the left corridor. It will lead to my courtyard outside the mountain. That’s the fastest way out… ahhh…Miss Kagami, I’m so impressed by you…” Momiji called out, her voice echoing in the cave.

“Shut up!” Lily refrained from cursing back, but she believed Momiji’s instructions. Following the short hundred-meter path, she hurriedly emerged from Mount Ooe into a small, barren, dilapidated courtyard outside.

Without uttering a word, she summoned a flying mount and swiftly flew in the direction of Suno. This area was filled with rugged and winding mountain roads, making flying the faster option. Once she reached the plains, she would switch to running.

Although Lily hastily departed, the Thousand Sakura Linger remained as a testament to her revenge for the teasing she endured. Momiji, a woman who enjoyed teasing Lily, surprisingly didn’t dislike being subjugated and punished by her when her anger was unleashed.

“I didn’t expect Miss Kagami’s anger to be so fierce… ehehe, it’s becoming more and more interesting. If your side emerges victorious in this great battle, then I will pledge my loyalty to you4… ehehehe.”

“Nnn… I must say, this thread… is really tight…”


In the serene village of Suno, nestled beneath the gentle and picturesque mountains, patches of fertile fields spread out. However, the sky was currently engulfed in pitch blackness, with large imposing dark clouds resembling splotches of ink.

Within the groves bordering the fields, numerous graves could be found. Suddenly, a thunderous boom echoed through the air as Shuten, standing at a towering ten meters tall, descended from the heavens. The forests quivered in fear, and the wild animals scattered, only to be crushed to paste by the terrifying eldritch energy emanating from Shuten.

The once peaceful forests now became shrouded in a mist of blood. Following Shuten were four formidable powerhouses, their auras surpassing that of a single-soul big dipper expert.

A one-meter-tall tengu with white hair and a red nose flew ahead of Shuten on a pair of black and white wings. He exclaimed, “Your Highness Shuten Doji, I never imagined this old man would live to witness the day when that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ Tamamo-no-Mae would face disgrace! How joyous, how joyous! If it weren’t for her actions all those years ago, I wouldn’t have been forced to flee to that dark, cold, and desolate Iyo Island! Tamamo-no-Mae, today, this old man can’t wait to see you humiliated and in pain! Ahahahahaha, cough! Cough!” The little white-haired old tengu laughed hoarsely, but soon lost control and began coughing.

“Hagewashi Tengu, according to our informants, Tamamo-no-Mae has lost all her skills but hasn’t died,” Shuten replied. “If that fox truly intends to obstruct us, then we can’t predict what methods she might employ. Personally, I don’t believe she possesses the power to kill me anymore, but she may be able to inflict serious injuries. Our goal isn’t to kill her; it’s too risky. We only need to pressure her into handing over those two women, Fujiwara no Ayaka and Kagami Lily. She can no longer defend herself, let alone protect them.”

“Your Highness, if we don’t kill that fox, can we successfully capture those two women? Rumors suggest that the fox shares a deep connection with Kagami Lily,” spoke a shabby, five-meter-tall old man wearing tattered clothes and rosary beads. This was Hojo Tokimasa, Hojo Masako’s father and an original follower of Minamoto no Yoritomo.

“Nine-tailed demon foxes are cunning, stubborn, and terrifying. If we directly target her, she will undoubtedly fight back with all her might. However, if she has to consider the lives of all the people in Suno and we provide her an escape route, she will hesitate and be compelled to surrender those two women5. It will be easier to deal with her under such circumstances when we truly intend to end her life. Tamamo-no-Mae may be invincible in this world, but her weakness lies in her love for her friends and clan members,” Shuten explained with a grin, revealing a mouthful of white teeth and a bewitching smile.


  1. Robinxen: Damn she literally distracted Lily while he was going to attack their base.
  2. Robinxen: I literally would chop her head off if it wasn’t for the annoying fact I’d be proving I’m no better than her in this situation. But then I’m proving her right and that would frustrate me just as much.
  3. Robinxen: “I must leave immediately, but first I must spank you.”
  4. Robinxen: Please don’t.
  5. Robinxen: Is this… an actually intelligent villain action for once?!?!
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