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Chapter 25 – Medication · Continued

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3011 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1698 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Ayaka returned to her chamber, feeling a sense of helplessness. She removed her long robes and changed into a shrine maiden top and black pantyhose. Though the pantyhose accentuated her long legs and exuded a mature charm, it was disheartening for the esteemed Lord Chief Advisor to comply with the demands of a younger girl, wearing attire that she requested.

“Have I truly… done something wrong?” Ayaka pondered, gazing at the flickering candlelight. She had dedicated everything to the Imperial Court and the pursuit of the heavenly way… But were all her actions truly correct? Even though her motives were pure, as she was persecuted by traitors, she questioned the righteousness of her means and methods.

Ayaka shook her head. The present her had experienced ambush, unconsciousness, severe injuries, and even the threat of public execution. She no longer possessed the same vigor and spirit as before. She felt pain and injustice, yet she had no one to confide in. In front of Lily, she was unwilling to reveal her vulnerable side, and she was even more reluctant to disclose the secret that tormented her heart.

Though Ayaka had poured her all into her training, the Imperial Court, and the people, she was not oblivious to her own desires. How could she not know the yearning within her heart? While Shimizu was also a good woman, Ayaka found her personality challenging to handle. Shimizu took advantage of the situation to tease and humiliate her. Although they were trustworthy comrades in battle, their shared affection for the same woman created an underlying emotional hostility.

Ultimately, neither of them were ordinary young women. Their identities prevented this matter from being exposed. “Even if I must endure this humiliation, I will persevere. I must regain my strength as soon as possible to protect Suno and assist Lily,” Ayaka resolved firmly. She tidied her clothes and hair before making her way to Shimizu’s room.

“Miss Shimizu, here are the ointments, and this book contains instructions for their application and massage techniques. Please take a look,” Ayaka said as she sat down in front of Shimizu, placing the items on display one by one.

“Dragon’s Breath Balm, Epimedium Powder, Celestial Elixir Oil.” Fortunately, Suno was not an ordinary land, and Nariaki had procured these items for Ayaka, along with various spoils of victory handed over by Lily. There was no shortage of medicinal supplies.

Shimizu examined the book and nodded. “I understand.”

“Miss Shimizu, do you already grasp the process?” Ayaka asked, surprised.


Ayaka couldn’t help but sigh. Each of Lily’s sisters possessed unique talents, and Shimizu’s photographic memory was one of them.

“I understand that time is of the essence. Let us commence,” Shimizu declared, spreading a white mattress in the center of the room, surrounded by lit candles and the scent of incense.

“Sister Chief Advisor, please lie down on the mattress,” Shimizu instructed.
“Mm, I will rely on you, Miss Shimizu,” Ayaka responded, following her instructions and positioning herself on the mattress.

“According to the book, a massage is required to loosen the bones and muscles before the salves can have a greater effect,” Shimizu explained.
“Yes, that’s correct,” Ayaka affirmed.

Shimizu knelt beside Ayaka and skillfully began massaging her shoulders and back, employing the techniques she had learned from the book. The massage felt incredibly soothing, putting Ayaka in a state of relaxation.

“Sister Chief Advisor, what is your relationship with Lily?” Shimizu suddenly asked, continuing the massage.
“Huh? Well…” Ayaka hesitated to answer.

Shimizu’s hands pressed down on Ayaka’s waist, moving in an up and down motion. “Sister Chief Advisor, despite being older than us, your waist is so delicate.”

“……” Ayaka remained silent, unsure of how to respond.

“There are rumors circulating that you kissed Lily at the Yoshitsune Memorial. Is there any truth to those claims?” Shimizu inquired, deliberately applying pressure to Ayaka’s shoulder acupuncture point. In her relaxed state during the massage, Ayaka couldn’t activate her spirit armor, causing the squeeze to be quite painful.

“Yes, that did happen,” Ayaka admitted, starting to grasp Shimizu’s intent. Was she using the massage as an opportunity to provoke her?

However, Ayaka refused to reveal too much vulnerability. It wasn’t in her nature to succumb easily to such tactics.

“Very well, we’re finished. Please remove your top,” Shimizu abruptly requested.

“What?” Ayaka was taken aback.
“How can I apply the salves if you’re still wearing your top?” Shimizu questioned.
“Ah, yes, you’re right…” Ayaka sat up and took off her miko top, revealing her bra.

Shimizu let out a soft sigh and reached out to unhook Ayaka’s bra from behind. “Hey?! What are you doing?” Startled, Ayaka held onto her bra to prevent it from falling off.
“Sister Chief Advisor, you know better than I do. Even leaving this little piece of cloth on will interfere with the technique,” Shimizu stated, pulling slightly harder on the back of the bra.
“……” Ayaka couldn’t deny Shimizu’s words. Blushing, she loosened her grip, and Shimizu removed the bra.

Thankfully, Shimizu didn’t target Ayaka’s high-waisted pantyhose, as if hoping she would remain partially dressed like this.

“Sister Chief Advisor, please clasp your hands behind your back,” Shimizu requested.
“Why?” Ayaka inquired.
“When applying the salves, it’s best not to move, as it may affect the technique. According to the book, the medicinal effect will have a strong impact on the body. Sister Chief Advisor, you are truly strong-willed. If your hands aren’t restrained, I won’t be able to hold you back if you inadvertently move. Of course, if you refuse, you can go back. I cannot take responsibility for an incorrect treatment,” Shimizu calmly explained with a smile.

“…Very well,” Ayaka reluctantly agreed. She couldn’t help but feel a bit foolish. After having her bra taken away, she found it difficult to argue with that woman. However, restoring her strength was the priority. They were all women, and even if she had to be restrained a bit, what did it matter?

With swift expertise, Shimizu tightly bound Ayaka’s hands together using a white cloth.

“I must admit, this woman has impressive skills in the art of binding,” Ayaka frowned, her position as the Lord Chief Advisor and her unrivaled power momentarily overshadowed by the fact that she was now restrained by a seemingly innocent girl with a peculiar laugh.

Observing Ayaka in her bound state, Shimizu’s eyes gleamed with satisfaction as she admired the sight of Ayaka’s back.

“What would happen if Lily were to return and find the Chief Advisor in such a state?” Shimizu provocatively questioned, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“What are you… silence! Stop speaking nonsense…” Ayaka’s face flushed crimson, heat radiating from her cheeks, and her eyebrows furrowed in frustration. She felt that Shimizu was intentionally pushing her to the limits of her patience.

Nevertheless, Ayaka knew she had to endure. Her primary focus was her recovery. She clenched her teeth and forced herself to maintain a bitter expression.

“Very well, now lie down and lift your hips,” Shimizu instructed, her hand pressing gently against Ayaka’s soft, pale shoulder. With her hands bound behind her back, Ayaka resembled a fragile candle in a gust of wind, collapsing the moment she was pushed. Ayaka turned her face sideways, curiosity and apprehension mingling as she wondered what Shimizu had in mind.

As Ayaka maintained her position, her ample bosom pressed against the mattress, causing it to flatten and distort slightly.

“Not bad, let’s see… the next step is…” Shimizu murmured with a contemplative tone, flipping through the pages of the book as if engrossed in her study. Ayaka couldn’t help but curse inwardly, “This woman… she claimed to remember everything just moments ago!”

“Mhm, I see,” Shimizu finally dipped her finger into the white, fragrance-free salve and began to apply it onto Ayaka’s back. The sensation was cool and refreshing, sending a slight shiver down Ayaka’s spine.

With each stroke of Shimizu’s palm, spreading the salve across Ayaka’s back, a searing warmth gradually enveloped her body. Ayaka begrudgingly admitted that Shimizu’s treatment skills were impressive; otherwise, she wouldn’t have endured the process for so long.

As Shimizu continued her skilled massage, Ayaka silently muttered to herself, “This woman, her technique is effective. I must endure this for the sake of my recovery and for Lily’s sake.” Her aura circulation quickened gradually under the alternating pressure of Shimizu’s gentle and firm touch.

Inevitably, Ayaka’s body couldn’t help but respond, even though Shimizu was a love rival. And then, suddenly, Shimizu pressed down on Ayaka’s waist, creating a sensation of soft warmth that spread through her body.

Shimizu leaned in, using her body weight to apply pressure to Ayaka’s waist and back. The touch was both comforting and unsettling, stirring up a mix of emotions within Ayaka’s conflicted heart.

“This woman!” Ayaka’s heart raced, her breaths becoming shallow. “Don’t… don’t go too far!”

Suddenly, Shimizu’s hand trailed along Ayaka’s armpit and pressed down on her breasts, applying the salve with deliberate strokes.

“Nnn…” Ayaka reluctantly released a series of soft sounds, unable to suppress her reactions.

“Miss Shimizu,” Ayaka managed to grit out, her voice strained. “The front… I can take care of the front myself. You don’t need to…”

“Huhuhu,” Shimizu’s smile was leisurely, filled with mischief. “That will not do. When helping someone, one must assist them fully to achieve the desired outcome.”


In the end, Ayaka’s upper body was completely coated in salve. She climbed up unsteadily, her hands instinctively covering her chest.

“Then, next time, according to the book, I shall apply the salve all over your body,” Shimizu suggested.

“That, uh…” Ayaka’s breath and words trembled, feeling deeply defeated. She had underestimated this woman’s vindictiveness. But she had come this far in her quest for recovery, and retreating now would only invite ridicule.

“Next time, Miss Shimizu, there’s no need to tie up my hands. It serves no purpose,” Ayaka pleaded, her voice filled with desperation.

“Really?” Shimizu leaned over and grabbed Ayaka’s wrist. “But there is a purpose. Next time, I’ll bind you completely to provide better treatment.”

“What did you say? Don’t pretend to be clueless!” Ayaka’s anger and helplessness were palpable.


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