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Chapter 26: Awakening

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3033 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1782 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Ayaka trudged along the corridor, feeling dejected, as she made her way back to her room. Dealing with Shimizu had proven to be quite challenging, especially with the way she had used the excuse of applying medicine to tease her.

“I won’t allow myself to be teased by such a petty woman,” Ayaka muttered to herself. But deep down, she couldn’t help but wonder what else she could do to expedite her recovery. Perhaps seeking help from Miss Uesugi would be a viable option? No, she is still under the influence of Shuten’s poison, I can’t burden her further.

“Lily, are you doing okay now? Have I become too weak? Have I lost my confidence along with my powers… my judgment?” Ayaka’s voice trailed off, filled with concern. “You must stay safe. Hurry back!”

Suddenly, a voice interrupted her thoughts. “Ah, what brings the lord chief advisor to my secluded corner?” In the dimly lit corridor, a slender and mature figure stood.

Ayaka was taken aback and could only stammer, “You… you…”


Meanwhile, in the misty and humid surroundings of Mount Ooe, despite it being midsummer, the days were getting shorter. The gray clouds shielded the intense heat, creating a slightly cooler atmosphere. Lily, dressed in a red short-sleeved kimono top1, a short skirt, and black stockings, moved silently through the mountains.

“I can’t afford to be discovered by Shuten. Everything will be in vain if that happens,” Lily thought to herself. She continued to progress cautiously, maintaining a short-range domain. With her realm active, as long as she avoided direct encounters with Shuten Doji himself, no monster on Mount Ooe would be able to sense her presence.

Lily skillfully bypassed suspicious demons and vagrants, maintaining a steady pace. However, in certain areas where demons and monsters were densely populated, she had to slow down and tread stealthily. Even though her domain concealed her, the high-speed movement would still attract attention.

Her mission: ambush Shuten Doji.

“It’s a shame I left my Sakura Parasol back in Suno,” Lily lamented. Having the parasol would have made infiltrating Mount Ooe much easier. However, there were still many human maids in the vicinity, constantly in Shuten Doji’s presence. If she had activated the Sakura Parasol’s concealment ability, her movement would be significantly hindered, and the maids would easily spot her.

Even if she had the Sakura Parasol with her, it wouldn’t guarantee a successful sneak attack on Shuten. So, how should she proceed with her infiltration now?

Lily carefully surveyed the surrounding area, inspecting the youkai and monsters through her domain. It seemed clear for now. Taking cover behind a tree, she lifted her skirt and knelt down to relieve herself2, all the while her mind remained focused on the task at hand.

Stealth was not her forte, but she had been entrusted with the mission of infiltrating the lair of a formidable archdemon. It was never meant to be an easy feat. What should she do? How could she accomplish this task successfully? These questions plagued her mind as she searched for a solution.


Back in Suno, Ayaka found herself gazing at the beautiful woman standing before her. With her stunning gray hair and an orange kimono.

“Ta, Tamamo-no-Mae? No, but…” Ayaka’s voice trailed off, surprised by the uncanny resemblance between the woman and Kimiko. However, there were no fox ears or tails to be seen. It was as if Tamamo-no-Mae had transformed into a human.

“Lord Chief Advisor, is my appearance that shocking? Ehehe, even I was taken aback by it,” the woman spoke with a playful smile.

“Kimiko, what happened to your wounds?” Ayaka expressed concern.

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“It’s a long story. Shall we talk in my room?” Kimiko suggested, leading the way as they walked and discussed the recent events. Ayaka shared the news of Lily’s journey to Mount Ooe.

“I see… Lily, that child, she returned to Mount Ooe. Unfortunately, I cannot assist her this time. I hope she takes care not to fall into Shuten’s traps,” Kimiko responded, her voice tinged with worry.

“Kimiko, how are your wounds?” Ayaka inquired once again.

“I woke up tonight to find a red parasol covering my body. It belongs to Lily, so I brought it back with me,” Kimiko explained, looking at her body and absentmindedly rubbing where her fox ears should have been. “Chief Advisor… Ah, never mind, I’ll just call you Ayaka. Why are you staring at me like that? I am a woman, just like you. I may not have a fox tail or ears, but that doesn’t change who I am.”

“……” Ayaka fell silent, processing the situation before her.

“Ahahaha, don’t worry about it. When I woke up, I was already like this. To be honest, I’ve always preferred my human form. It feels good, but… my eldritch energy is completely gone. My condition is even worse than yours. I’m afraid I won’t be able to match even a throned saint,” Kimiko admitted with a hint of sadness.

“Kimiko, let me help diagnose and treat you,” Ayaka offered.

“Very well. We can’t treat ourselves, no matter how skilled we are. Why don’t we treat each other? Although I may have lost my strength, my medical skills are still intact. I have various herbs and materials here, many of which you may have never seen before. If you need anything, I’ll gladly share some with you, huhu,” Kimiko proposed with a mischievous smile.

Kimiko had left a portion of her treasures in Suno, but her storage jade still contained a vast accumulation of treasures and materials from thousands of years. It surpassed the national treasury of the emperor himself. Aside from the Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting she had left for Lily, she carried the rest of her treasury with her. This marked the difference between her and Ayaka, whose treasures had been confiscated by the Imperial Court.


Ayaka and Kimiko proceeded with diagnosing each other’s conditions and formulating treatment plans, drawing upon their long-standing association that had existed since Ayaka’s ascent in Heian-kyo. These two women, who had once competed for Lily’s kiss, found themselves united once again in the face of a shared calamity.

“Kimiko, Lady Shizuka’s medical skills are truly remarkable. When you transformed into your original form, your life force was incredibly potent. You won’t be in immediate danger for the next eight to ten years, but as for healing… I don’t have any methods. Perhaps the Celestial Pure Water that Lady Shizuka mentioned could help, but I’ve never heard of it before,” Ayaka explained, expressing her frustration.

“Celestial Pure Water…” Kimiko nodded in understanding. “The name suggests it’s related to celestial maidens, but even I have no knowledge of it.”

“If you don’t know, who else would?” Ayaka sighed, feeling at a loss.

“Shizuka Gozen might hold the key. She’s the only one who seems to have some clue about it,” Kimiko suggested.

“Lady Shizuka… She helped rescue me from that execution ground. I wanted to express my gratitude, but I have no idea where she went,” Ayaka replied, reflecting on their encounter.

“Ayaka, I’m afraid resolving my condition won’t be easy anytime soon. However, your wounds are less severe,” Kimiko assessed the situation. “Let me take charge of your treatment. With the rare medications I possess, you should be able to recover completely within three months.”

“Three months?!” Ayaka’s eyes widened with joy. It was a much faster timeline than she had anticipated.

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Another advantage was no longer having to endure Shimizu’s treatments. Ayaka and Kimiko conversed throughout the night, putting aside their previous animosity. They now stood united against their common enemy, who had plotted against both of them.

Little did they know that the threat they were concerned about, Minamoto no Yoritomo, would remain inactive. Instead, a small yet formidable group with terrifying strength quietly approached Suno.

After bidding Kimiko goodnight, Ayaka returned to her room and lay down, her hair cascading on the floor. With Kimiko’s assistance, she no longer had to seek help from others.

However, as darkness enveloped the room, an unsettling feeling crept over Ayaka. Just as she was about to sleep, she abruptly got up and lit all the candles. Absently, she caressed her wrist, a reminder of the uncomfortable restraints Shimizu had employed during the massage. Strangely, there lingered a peculiar sensation in her heart.

“Lily…” The thought of Lily being the one to apply the salves, even if it meant being bound against her will for treatment, flickered through Ayaka’s mind.

“No! No! No!” She immediately shook her head vigorously, slapping her own cheeks to dispel such nonsensical ideas. The actions of Shimizu, or even Lily, in subjecting her to such treatment were not acceptable.

But a peculiar notion persisted, whispering in Ayaka’s thoughts. “Perhaps…it wouldn’t hurt to explore different roles occasionally…”

“Is this Shimizu’s doing…? A ploy to diminish my strength in Lily’s eyes? Does she truly understand Lily’s preferences for dominant figures? If I falter, does that mean I’ve lost to Shimizu?”

“Ha! That woman is so shallow, so childish! What kind of situation are we in? Is this the time for such distractions?” Ayaka scolded herself, her face pressed weakly against the cold floor.

“But… wasn’t I also pondering these thoughts?” Ayaka admitted to herself. Despite being in her late twenties, she felt like an old woman in Lily’s eyes. She had lost her position as the Lord Chief Advisor, had to be rescued by Lily, and her strength couldn’t match Lily’s anymore.

“Is there anything I can do to make her see me differently?” Ayaka pondered, her voice filled with uncertainty. “I don’t want to lose. Why have I become so weak? It was just one insignificant failure…”

Ayaka discreetly clasped her hands behind her back, allowing her imagination to run wild. She envisioned a mesmerizing crimson-clad figure binding her hands delicately with a starry ribbon, followed by a dainty white foot stepping upon her body. The thought shook her to the core.

“Heavens!” Ayaka burst out of her room, flinging open the door to face the night sky. “What was I thinking? What am I thinking?”

The chilly wind helped calm her trembling nerves. She realized that her resolve had been shaken by her recent failures, Lily’s rapid growth, and their paired training. Unexpected changes were happening, and Ayaka couldn’t understand herself.

“What’s wrong with me…” Ayaka let out a bitter laugh. “I am the exalted Fujiwara no Ayaka… Oh Lily, please… hurry back.” Her words trailed off softly, carrying a sense of longing and vulnerability.


At dawn, with the sky still dark, Lily once again set foot on the eerie terrain of Mount Ooe, the eldritch mountain.


  1. Yuki: How many people give a flying !#% about what she’s wearing…. Lily’s almost always wearing that red outfit.
  2. Yuki: !%!% The heck is this author?
    Silva: Just get used to it, by now you should know the author has a million fetishes and this novel is half a prom novel.
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