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Chapter 90 – Final Edict

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2214 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1529 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Minamoto no Shenzu, dressed in black demonic armor, was on horseback at the gate of the chief advisor’s manor. Behind her was the black-armored Rokuhara Army.

This entire army under the jurisdiction of the Rokuhara was originally responsible for guarding the capital and the imperial palace. Now, Minamoto no Shenzu, who had been appointed as the new Rokuhara Tandai, naturally took over this army.

The safety of the so-called emperor and other members of royalty was completely in her hands.

Of course, Shenzu was just obeying Minamoto no Yoritomo’s orders.

With the identity of being the former Rokuhara Tandai’s personal disciple, Minamoto no Yoritomo’s confidant, and even rumored to be his illegitimate daughter, no one in the Rokuhara Army dared to defy her.

Additionally, the Rokuhara Army was extremely loyal to the former Rokuhara Tandai, and upon learning from Shenzu that his death was related to Kagami Lily and her superior, Fujiwara no Ayaka, they were dead set on avenging their old leader. This made them completely devoted to Shenzu.

In any case, the person who killed Rokuhara was indeed Lily. Regarding this point, Shenzu did not deceive them.

“Lady Rokuhara Tandai! The encirclement has been completed!” A black-armored warrior reported.

A black-clothed onmyoji also came forward to report, “Lady Rokuhara Tandai, although Seimei refused to take up his post, our new Chief of Onmyo, Lord Fujiwara no Shingo, has led all the upper level and higher onmyouji of the Bureau of Divination to set up a space-locking formation around the chief advisor’s manor. All movement spells and teleportation formations are currently restricted!”

“My Lady, can we have permission to charge into the chief advisor’s manor and capture Fujiwara no Ayaka alive?! As long as we capture Ayaka, Kagami Lily will have no choice but to surrender. Then, the old leader’s death will be avenged!” A gloomy, black-armored warrior on horseback with three golden snakes adorning his helmet said impatiently beside Shenzu.

Crackle! Shenzu swung her horse whip at the warrior’s head.

“Nonsense! Fujiwara no Ayaka is still the current chief advisor. We cannot act without the emperor’s edict! Besides, do you think she’s just like any random woman in the palace? Do you really think you can capture her just because you want to? Stand down!”

“Yes!” The black-armored warrior bowed his head and retreated.

That night, the imperial court dispatched nearly 20,000 troops and 3,000 onmyojis to surround the chief advisor’s manor.

Among them, besides the one thousand onmyojis from the Bureau of Divination, there were also two thousand onmyojis from the Fujiwara Clan. This move undoubtedly showed to everyone that the Fujiwara Clan had completely broken ties with Ayaka. It also meant that the forces surrounding Ayaka would not become enemies of the strongest and wealthiest business conglomerate in the world, the Fujiwara Clan.

The black-armored army was full of murderous intent as they surrounded the chief advisor’s manor completely.

The gate of the manor was briefly opened before closing again quickly.

At this time, there were less than 500 people inside the chief advisor’s manor. Apart from the servants, there were only 200 battle mikos and onmyojis with actual combat capabilities, in addition to the fat old man who guarded the Twelve Moon Phase Instrument as well as Hoshi Muraski.

“Lord Chief Advisor!” Hoshi Murasaki anxiously ran into the study. The fat old man was also present, kneeling at the entrance of the study while keeping watch.

“Tens of thousands of imperial troops led by the Rokuhara Army have completely surrounded the manor! My Lady, what is going on here?”

Ayaka, who was dressed in white, silently sat inside the room.

“Wait, Murasaki. I don’t know exactly what will happen. Maybe they want to use this to force me to abdicate.”

“My Lady…”

“It’s impossible for me to abdicate. If I abdicate, the new policy will be discarded, and even His Majesty the Emperor will be in danger of dethronement. Right now, only I can protect His Majesty. As long as I’m in power, they won’t dare to act arbitrarily against His Majesty.”

“Lord Chief Advisor, the new Rokuhara Tandai turned out to be the person who murdered Madam Yoruko, Uehara no Shenzu! Not only was she not severely punished, but she was also promoted and reappointed by Minamoto no Yoritomo. This matter was directly proclaimed by the emperor without any approval from the Lord Chief Advisor!” Hoshi Murasaki said anxiously, “This woman is now in control of the palace’s defense and I’m afraid the emperor will not be able to protect himself!”

“Is that so…? It seems that Minamoto no Yoritomo is finally going to act,” Ayaka said, “Because of this, the imperial power is our last reliance. If the emperor and I protect each other, Minamoto no Yoritomo won’t dare to forcely make his move.”

Just then, a battle miko came running outside the door, “Lady Chief Advisor, the imperial edict from His Majesty the Emperor has arrived.”

“Oh?” Ayaka’s eyes brightened and she stood up, “See? As long as I have His Majesty’s edict in my hand, what’s the use of a mere Rokuhara Army surrounding my manor? I will arrest that Shenzu with my own hands for conspiracy to rebel!”

After a while, the main gate of the chief advisor’s manor swung wide open, and dozens of battle mikos armed with naginatas, wooden wands, and katanas lined up in front of the gate.

Ayaka soon came out as well, followed by the old man in black and Hoshi Marasuki.

The black-armored Rokuhara Army opened up space for several messengers in court uniform to get off their sedan chairs and stand on a wooden platform to announce the emperor’s edict.

The one in the lead holding the imperial edict was none other than the Minor Counselor, Minamoto no Hirohikari.

“Criminal minister Ayaka, the emperor’s edict is here. Aren’t you going to kneel and receive it?” Minamoto no Hirohikari looked at Ayaka triumphantly.

Ayaka frowned slightly when she heard the words ‘criminal minister’. Hoshi Marasuki wanted to go forward to argue, but she stopped her.

She maintained a polite posture and solemnly went forward to kneel down.

Looking at Ayaka who was kneeling in front of him, Minamoto no Hirohikari couldn’t help but sneer. He opened the imperial edict and read:

“Fujiwara no Ayaka, since taking up the position of chief advisor, has performed no meritorious deeds, behaves inappropriately, relies on her power to act tyrannically, despises the court and the Shogun, repeatedly tried to manipulate and threaten me, and uses the new policy as an excuse to act arbitrarily. She has violated the laws of heaven and sheltered the mirror girl, causing a disaster from heaven. She has conspired with evil forces and acted willfully in the Heian Dynasty. She even allowed her subordinate, the mirror girl, Lily, to ally with the demon foxes and scourge the capital, killing and injuring the loyal and virtuous descendants of the Genji Clan, disregarding the weakness of the state, causing hardships and losses to the people, and launching a war against Shuten Doji to remove obstacles for the demon foxes and achieve an exceptional alliance, resulting in our attempt to fix the chaos in the world to end in great defeat!

Fujiwara no Ayaka bears unshirkable responsibility for the current disorder in the heavenly way and the crisis in the country, and is the mastermind behind many crimes. She is hereby immediately dismissed from the position of chief advisor and demoted to the status of commoner, and will be sent over to the Bureau of Justice for investigation according to the law. If there is any resistance, it will be considered treason!

— Emperor Go-Toba”

“…” After hearing the edict, Ayaka did not speak for a long time. Her body trembled involuntarily and she was completely stunned.

Even Hoshi Murasaki and the old man in black were shocked.

His Majesty the Emperor had always been Ayaka’s biggest defender and source of reliance. Why did he suddenly issue such an edict?!

“Impossible!” Hoshi Murasaki shouted, “You dare to falsely transmit the imperial edict?!”
“How audacious!” Minamoto no Hirohikari said, “Take down this woman who dares to speak such outrageous words!”
“Who dares do anything!” Ayaka said in a low voice, “The imperial edict…can I have a look?”
“Hmph, do you really think that I, Minamoto no Hirohikari, am an idiot who would falsely pass on the imperial edict?” Minamoto no Hirohikari walked down and handed the imperial edict to Ayaka, “Take a look for yourself, former Lord Chief Advisor.”

Ayaka took the imperial edict with delicate, trembling hands, and opened it. Her eyes blurred as she looked at it.

Pa-ta! The imperial edict unexpectedly slipped from Ayaka’s hand. She felt like the world was going dark and her body fell unsteadily to one side. Hoshi Murasaki hurried to support her.

“Lord Chief Advisor!”

Ayaka trembled all over. When she opened her eyes, she felt that the world was spinning. She was in such a disorientated state that she had to circulate her spiritual energy to calm her emotions…

However, she had repeatedly confirmed with her eyes and spiritual sense that the imperial edict was indeed genuine.


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