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Chapter 89 – A Quiet Night On The Other Side

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3219 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1946 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Moonlight illuminated the pond in front of the small hut on the hillside. Lily and Rei were sitting on the deck near the house, dipping their small white feet into the water.

“Sister, I’m sorry. Just now…”
“You are such an honest girl. In fact, wouldn’t it have been the same if you had just told Kimiko that you already punished me?”
“It’s not the same.” Lily said with her head lowered.
“Forget it…”

Actually, there was nothing here that Kimiko wasn’t aware of, but Lily didn’t think of this. In her mind, since she agreed to Kimiko’s proposal, she naturally wouldn’t betray her trust.

“I wonder if Lady Kimiko’s injury is better or not.” Lily said worriedly.

Although Rei was also beaten by those slave female warriors for several days, they weren’t all that strong. Plus, she had taken the life recovery magatama and got better some time ago, so she was naturally healthy.

“I’m very grateful to Lady Kimiko in my heart. Although she asked you to punish me, it’s actually the same as forgiving me.”

“That was just a misunderstanding, after all. Besides, you don’t know the relationship between me and Lady Kimiko. Based on Sister Uesugi’s position at that time, you weren’t wrong either,” Lily stared at the sparkling night pond in a daze, “It’s just that, I wonder what Sister Uesugi plans to do in the future?”

Rei looked into the night sky, but was unable to find an answer even after a while, “I wonder what the situation is on the court’s side? Because of my desire for revenge, I essentially destroyed the alliance between the imperial court and Lady Kimiko, which resulted in their defeat. I’m afraid that the imperial court may not be willing to forgive me.”

“The imperial court… If Lady Ayaka wasn’t there, I wouldn’t even want to go back to Heian-kyō,” Lily sneered, “I went through life and death for the imperial court and killed so many demons, but the court turned their back on me and left me behind. They watched as I was attacked and surrounded by hordes of demons without coming to my aid. Such a court is probably far from the ideal dynasty Lady Ayaka visualized!”

“Lily, you and I are strong enough to break away from the imperial court and survive in this chaotic world. We don’t need to care about the imperial court. But, hearing what you said, I’m starting to worry about Fujiwara no Ayaka.”

“Eh? Why?”

“If she really retains control over the imperial court, how could she allow the court to abandon you in order to withdraw the army? Unless, her state of mind is different from what you think.”

“No, never! I believe in Lady Ayaka just like I believe in Sister Uesugi— until death!” Lily said resolutely.

“Hm, Lily, I trust your judgment. That’s why I said I’m worried. It seems that Ayaka may have lost her true power. Think about it. You are currently missing, and although she is the noble chief advisor, who else is subordinate to her in the court? Who else is supporting and advocating for her?”

“This…” It suddenly dawned on Lily, “But, Lady Ayaka is, after all, the court’s chief advisor, who has the support of the emperor. In addition, her strength is at the pinnacle of humanity. At least, no one would dare to threaten her directly… As for the imperial court…”

Lily shook her head, “Whether I have the ability or not, I don’t want to participate in such dirty and despicable things anymore. Currently, the condition of Lady Kimiko’s injury is unknown, so I can’t leave. If Lady Kimiko recovers from her injury in the future, I will go to Heian-kyō with her.”

It was impossible to say that she didn’t miss Ayaka, but Kimiko got seriously injured in order to save her, so how could she leave? Though, it seemed that she couldn’t be of much help at the moment.

Lily leaned helplessly on the pillar, “Although I may have the strength to assist Lady Ayaka in battle, I wouldn’t be of much help in the court even if I go back…”


Rei looked at Lily and nodded. She scooched over to Lily and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Sister Uesugi…”
“Hasn’t it been a long time since you last kissed?”
“Eh? This…” Rei’s question made Lily feel guilty.
“Oh?” Rei put an arm around Lily’s shoulders and whispered in her ear, “Your eyes seem a bit strange. Could it be that you and other women…”
“No, it’s nothing…”

Although Lily didn’t like to lie to her sisters, this kind of thing shouldn’t fall in the category of lying, right?

“No? Why do I feel that when you talk about Ayaka, your eyes look a little different? You must have been kissed by her, isn’t that right?”
“No, no…” Lily’s heart was beating rapidly.
“Liar. Lily, why are you doing these things behind my back?”
“I said I didn’t.”
“How can I believe you with your face all red like that? You must be reminiscing about it, right?”
“No, I really didn’t!”

Rei wasn’t deterred, however, and untied Lily’s sash with one hand before reaching into her yukata.

“No, don’t do that…” Lily resisted and grabbed her wrist.

“It’s true that your sister shouldn’t bully you all the time. It’s unfair to you. We are lovers, aren’t we? It’s not like you’re my slave.”

“Sister Uesugi, I don’t understand what you are talking about…” Lily’s eyes rippled like the water under her feet.

Rei’s breathing was also a little erratic, and her snow-white face flushed pink.

Sister Uesugi looks quite cute when she blushes… Lily suddenly had this feeling in her heart.

As if reading Lily’s thoughts, Rei grabbed Lily’s hand and pulled it towards her chest.


That gentle, unbelievably soft and smooth feeling seemed to engulf Lily’s hand.

Lily’s breathing obviously quickened, and perhaps because she was always the one being one-sidedly bullied, she found this kind of mutual interaction much sweeter.

The two girls gradually familiarized themselves with each other’s important parts and they seemed to be able to feel each other’s reactions and changes…

At this time, Lily began to fall into a trance again as the lips of the two slowly came closer.

Oh my god, what am I doing? I’m not being forced anymore, right? So, why are my hands rubbing Sister Uesugi’s… This, this is a sin. I am such a sinful girl, but…

“Ahum, ahum!” The sound of coughing echoed from the corridor, causing Lily to jolt aside like lightning.

Meanwhile, Rei, who still had her arm wrapped around Lily’s shoulders casually, deliberately and slowly drew back her hand from Lily’s chest.

Those slender fingers were covered with Lily’s youthful, orchid-like fragrance. Rei turned her enchanting, sapphire-blue eyes to look at the woman in an orange kimono standing in the corridor.

“Kim— Lady Kimiko!” Lily lowered her head and blushed.

“Oh my, here I am, seriously injured and lying alone in my room, yet Lil’ Lily didn’t even come to see me. Instead, you’re here having an affair with this dangerous bad woman. Lily, you really disappoint me.”

“Eh? When, when did I have an affair? I, I…”

“You put your hand into someone else’s chest, and you’re still saying that it’s not an affair? In the past, I always thought that you were innocent and that other women were the ones bullying you, but I didn’t expect Lil’ Lily to be so lustful as well.”

Kimiko gently lifted Lily’s head and stroked her ear with her hand. Lily’s ears were burning hot, and there wasn’t really anything she could say.

She got up suddenly and knelt down in front of Kimiko, “Lily knows she has made a mistake, so I ask Lady Kimiko to please punish me.”

Of course, Lily didn’t want to be punished since she wasn’t a m̲a̲s̲o̲c̲h̲i̲s̲t̲, but she deeply blamed herself for her loss of control just now. She wasn’t a saint, and with a great beauty like Uesugi Rei by her side, who could remain calm? However, Lily felt deeply apologetic towards her senior sister.

But, since things had come to this point, the only way to feel better was to receive punishment.

“I’d love to tie the hands of you two behind your backs and make you kneel on the floor before properly punishing you, but I’m afraid I don’t have the strength to do that right now… So, you little s̲l̲u̲t̲s̲ were taking advantage of my illness to have an affair, weren’t you?” Kimiko deliberately wiped her forehead and said.

“Lady Kimiko, please don’t talk about people like that…”

Rei also knelt down in front of Kimiko and said, “Lady Kimiko, I initiated everything; please don’t blame Lily. But, to be honest, Lily is my little sister so it’s not really an affair. If Lady Kimiko thinks it’s disrespectful to be doing these things under your roof, I admit my mistakes and am willing to be punished, but please punish me alone and don’t let my Sister Lily suffer.”

Rei seemed to repeatedly and deliberately emphasize the word ‘sister’.

“Your little sister?” A faint blue vein seemed to bulge from Kimiko’s forehead, “Lily, how many big sisters do you have? Tell me the truth.”

“Eh, this…” Lily really had nothing to say.

“Lady Kimiko, what do you mean by that?” Rei was also a little sensitive about this topic.

“Oh my, Miss Uesugi wouldn’t know about this, right? On the night of the Yoshitsune Memorial Ceremony, in front of tens of thousands of Heian subjects, Lil’ Lily was kissed by a big sister named Fujiwara no Ayaka. This is something that everyone in the capital knows about,” Kimiko said somewhat cunningly, “By the way, when she came here to train, I also helped her with a full-body massage.”

“No, it wasn’t my whole body. And that, that kiss was because…”

Rei suddenly got up and said with cold eyes, “It’s cool tonight. I think it’s probably a good time to practice my swordsmanship for a while.”

“Oh? Isn’t Miss Uesugi quite diligent?”

“Nowadays, I am the weakest woman here. Even if I hear such things, what right do I have to complain?”

Rei’s face looked a little ugly as she turned and left.

“Eh, Sister Uesugi… Lady Kimiko! You clearly know about that matter, so why did you have to bring it up, knowing my situation?”

“Situation? At that time, you were obviously very happy about it in your heart, right? Besides, seeing how familiar you are with Ayaka, do you dare to say that you were innocent before?” Kimiko spoke into Lily’s ear.

“Isn’t it all because of the various ways you all use to tempt and coerce me?!” Lily became agitated.

“Tch, isn’t that Lil’ Lily’s fault for being too charming?” Kimiko said, sitting down behind Lily and stroking her earlobe and hair with one hand, while rubbing her buttocks with the other.

“Lady Kimiko, you were admonishing Sister Uesugi just now, but what are you doing? Please don’t do that!” Lily puffed up her chest and said righteously.

“Stop acting all serious, you… However, your serious appearance makes people want to tease you even more, hehe.”

“Lady Kimiko!” Lily waved her hand and pushed away Kimiko’s hand that was on her buttocks, but unexpectedly, Kimiko’s body swayed and fell to the side.

“Lady Kimiko?!!” Lily became anxious all of a sudden.

Kimiko’s face was deathly pale and cold sweat continuously broke out on her forehead, “I really am useless when I’m injured; I can’t even tease you… Help me…go back to the house…”


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