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Chapter 82 – Thousand Year Demon Fox

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3039 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1584 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Shuten Doji had always considered Fujiwara no Ayaka as a troublesome opponent. He had originally planned to use Lily to lure Ayaka into Mount Ooe, and then use this ancient formation he had spent hundreds of years on to deal with her.

At their realm, they would all compete fairly so it would be difficult to tell who would come out victorious in a fight between the two, but not in Shuten’s territory.

This ancient formation used to be the Shuten’s mountain guarding formation, but after being repaired and enhanced by ancient relics the mysteries and power of the formation far surpassed Shuten’s formation skills!

It was only an idea, but even if he couldn’t lure Fujiwara no Ayaka here, with this great formation and his presence in Mount Ooe, it was more than enough to deal with any other supreme existence!

But he had never thought, the one who had come would be Tamamo-no-Mae! He had no idea how deep the relationship between Lily and Tamamo-no-Mae was.

He was still quite wary of this thousand year demon fox, if Tamamo-no-Mae hadn’t insisted on taking away Lily, he would not have initiated the great formation. This formation was the result of hundreds of years of his hard labor and could only be used once!

The power of the formation, in fact he was not too clear about it.

The blood flowing around the ancient totem surged while the eyes of the demon god statues around the hall started giving off a bloody glow.

The blood and flesh of countless dead demons were sucked into the ancient demon god statues, and Mount Ooe started shaking as the power of the formation increased.

Tamamo’s expression had turned serious, “Lily, hide behind me and don’t move around!”

In Tamamo-no-Mae’s hand, a huge heavy mirror with gorgeous golden decorations appeared. The mirror surface was completely black.

Tamamo-no-Mae silently whispered an incantation and a ring of light circled and surrounded Lily and Rei. The circle was made out of ancient Jomon runes and radiated a powerful eldritch aura.

In the pitch black mirror, an orange red fox fire ignited!

The trembling of the ancient formation stopped, but Lily felt that this was the last calm before the storm.



Huge blood colored tentacles burst out of the ancient formation before smashing towards Tamamo-no-Mae with earth shattering momentum1.

“What!??” Lily’s face instantly paled, she instinctively felt mortal danger, this was an attack that could vaporize her if it brushed against her!

Even Shuten Doji’s attack paled against the power of these giant tentacles!

Scary! Too terrifying!

Lily felt that both she and sister Rei could die at any moment!

Tamamo threw the ancient heavy black crystal mirror up into the sky.

“Tai Mirror of Illusion!”

With those words, the foxfire within the ancient mirror erupted and formed a flame shield! Lily felt that those flames could melt a ninth-grade blade in an instant.

Those blood colored tentacles reacted by piercing through the roof of the great hall, leaving behind lines of cracks throughout the entire room before spearing at the shield from all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Surprisingly, the blood colored tentacles easily smashed through the flame shield and continued their path towards the three women.

Whoosh! Suddenly red was all Lily could see.

Tamamo-no-Mae had protected Lily and Rei with her nine big red tails.

Those red tentacles smashed against the huge furry tail creating earthshaking shockwaves but were unable to pierce through, however even more tentacles smashed towards Tamamo’s body.

She pulled out an ancient fan to defend but could only block a few tentacles, the rest smashed into her charming body with horrifying power!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom—!

Storm-like blows rained down, and even the hard ancient formation itself was being destroyed under the shockwaves, and Tamamo was in the eye of that storm.

After the earth shaking attacks, the power fueling the blood colored tentacles were exhausted, evaporating into black ashes shining with bright bloodstains.

The air was filled with ashes.

The ancient formation was destroyed after finishing this attack, the surrounding statues shattered as the powers supporting them disappeared.

As for Tamamo-no-Mae, she withdrew her large tails.

Lily raised her head, and saw how messy Tamamo had become. Her neatly coiled hair had been messed up, her fluffy ears seemed to be stained red and blood trickled down from her mouth.

“Lady Kimiko…Lady Kimiko!” Lily was heartbroken seeing that the mysterious, free spirited and independent Lady Kimiko had been harmed because of her.

Shuten Doji grinned at Tamamo sarcastically, “Ehehehe, as expected of a nine-tailed demon fox! Your strength is indeed incredible, but I never thought that for a thousand year old arch-demon, you would be so foolish!”

“You could easily defend against my formation using your treasures and nine tails, but you actually used them to defend those two women, ahahaha! Are you really that fox leader renown for your cunning? Is there something wrong with your head? Or is that woman Lily really capable of seducing the world?”

“Lady Kimiko! You, are you ok? Are you ok?” Lily could feel that Tamamo had been injured, and it wasn’t a light injury. But she could do nothing, in fact she was still holding Tamamo back, this feeling of guilt was overwhelming.

Seeing that Tamamo didn’t respond, he thought that the injuries she had suffered were serious, “I say, Tamamo-no-Mae, you won’t be dying in my Mount Ooe will you!? Hand over those two women and I’ll let you go, otherwise—”

Brandishing his Kurokinsui, he stabbed the golden halberd towards Tamamo!

The halberd flew through the air towards Tamamo’s chest, but suddenly, her white hand stretched out.


The world shook! Shuten’s full forced stab had been stopped by a slender white hand holding onto the tip of his halberd. The shockwave tore away Tamamo’s long sleeves, exposing her white arms.

Blood! The blood of a thousand year old demon fox flew from her fingers and palm forming a beautiful silk pattern in the air.

But that halberd could not move forward an inch!

“What!???” Shuten was shocked, this was a full force stab with all of his eldritch and physical power!

Suddenly a group of powerful blood demons rushed towards Tamamo from all sides.

“Don’t think about harming Lady Kimiko!” Lily had recovered some power, she wanted to draw Yasutsuna and kill those blood demons.

But suddenly—

A monstrous aura flared from Tamamo, it was ancient, bloody, terrifying and capable of swallowing everything.

A huge phantom fox with terrifying fangs emerged from the towering aura. The demon fox’s head alone occupied most of the hall and the body seemed to be hidden by the wall far away. The demon fox’s eyes were like huge blood red stars soaked in killing intent. Instantly, Lily dared not move, this terrifying bloodthirst was going to swallow her up!

“Do not force me!!!” Tamamo’s visage instantly revealed the appearance of a demon fox, a ferociousness that seemed to have traveled through thousands of years and come from eternity!


The weakest of the blood demons were still permanence realm experts, but they still instantly exploded into blood mists!

“What…” At this moment, even Shuten Doji looked at the fox phantom in fear.

Tamamo lowered her head, trembling all over as if struggling to restrain the power within her, her voice was low as if in pain, “Do not force me, to use that power…”

Shuten pulled back hard, but discovered that he could not pull his halberd back from the hold Tamamo had on it.

Tamamo let go and Shuten staggered back.

The gourd behind him opened a ferocious eye as killing intent filled the area, it was a killing intent with some sarcasm and also a bit of fear.

Shuten carried with him many powerful treasures and had many other ancient trump cards and abilities. If he wanted to, he was capable of exploding with much greater strength… but in the face of that gigantic phantom fox, he retreated.

He continued to retreat, and only when he backed up to the shattered statues did he realize that though he could still fight, he was continuously retreating.

Shuten gripped his weapon, and readied all sorts of tricks and abilities, warily looking at the fox phantom, but he didn’t take action.


The fox phantom slowly turned into a flowing shadow and merged back with Tamamo along with the monstrous killing intent.

Lily looked on in shock, it was hard for her to imagine that such a charming woman like Lady Kimiko had such a terrifying ancient beast hidden within her.

“Let’s go.” Tamamo-no-Mae said with an unnaturally calm voice.

“Ah? Yes.” Lily held up Rei and followed Tamamo-no-Mae out the stone gate.

Tamamo walked past the ten meter tall Shuten Doji as if he didn’t exist and kept going, not even looking behind to see if Shuten would change his mind and attack.

Lily was still afraid of him, but she was much more afraid of that ferocious fox.

She lifted her head and looked Shuten in the eye.

Lily could see an indescribable emotion and instantly she understood, Shuten did not plan on letting her go, the next time she met Shuten, she would not be as lucky as today.

Next time?

Within her eyes emerged a realization that did not take into account the strength difference between her and this supreme arch-demon.

Turning leisurely, Lily followed Tamamo-no-Mae out of the great hall with Rei2.



  1. Robinxen: What did he call upon some eldritch being?!
  2. Robinxen: They really deus ex’d their way out.
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