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Chapter 80 – Tamamo no Mae and Shuten Doji (Second Part)

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count:3130 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1665 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Supporting each other, Lily and Rei endured the pain and stood up. They looked towards the entrance of Shuten’s great hall, they could both detect a vast and ancient eldritch aura. Even Shuten shivered for a moment at that overwhelming aura, but for Lily, it was a familiar aura.

The group of monsters in the hall couldn’t help but look out the gate, these monsters had always been brutal and tyrannical but they still felt fear, they wondered what sort of terrifying demon would be there.

What walked into view was an enchanting beautiful madam.

“Lady Kimiko!” Once Lily saw the beautiful madam walk in, it felt as if the ten thousand kilos weighing her heart down disappeared. Lady Kimiko had finally arrived, though…she had almost been too late.

Lily had contacted Lady Kimiko at the Honganji Temple, but Kimiko hadn’t shown up until now. It seems like reaching the heart of Shuten’s territory would take time even for Lady Kimiko, but at least, she had arrived!

Since Lady Kimiko had arrived, then she and Rei should both be safe!

“It’s been a while, little brother of the Sannouji Temple. When we met eight hundred years ago I thought you were handsome and innocent, ahahaha—” The alluring Tamamo-no-Mae swayed seductively as she walked forward. Facing Shuten Doji who could be thought of as a woman’s nightmare, Tamamo called out teasingly.

“Nine-Tailed demon fox, you look well but have you lost your mind? This is not your territory in Suno, have you got lost?” Seeing Tamamo-no-Mae’s sudden appearance, Shuten’s attitude became serious.

Tamamo suddenly appearing and revealing Shuten’s past really annoyed the aloof arch-demon. Eight hundred years ago, Shuten was only a young monk in one of Echigo’s mountain temples, but because he was too handsome, he was envied by the other monks and surrounding people. After accumulating intense resentment, he ended up distorting into a demon. Who knew this young monk would have such talent and achieve the realm of supreme arch-demon!

Of course, his practice method was cruel and outrageous, gaining power through the mutilation of women, that endless pain and terror were the sources of his power.

“Ehh? This is Mount Ooe? No wonder I had to walk so many days, I only received little Lily’s call and came here, but I must say, your mountain is full of prostitutes and female slaves, what should I think of this s̲l̲u̲t̲t̲y mountain?” Tamamo taunted.

“Ehehehe, Tamamo-no-Mae, since you know this is a s̲l̲u̲t̲t̲y mountain, a coquettish woman like you still dares barge in?” Shuten had no intentions towards Tamamo-no-Mae, this woman wasn’t someone he could afford.

Shuten was taking this seriously, now that Tamamo-no-Mae had arrived, the situation was no longer simple, Tamamo-no-Mae was not an easily dealt with woman. Shuten would prefer to face a siege by two Fujiwara no Ayakas rather than one Tamamo-no-Mae.

A thousand years ago, long before Shuten’s birth, Tamamo-no-Mae was already a world famous arch-demon with a ferocious reputation.

Tamamo twisted her hips and plump buttocks and walked provocatively towards Lily and Rei1, standing in front of them, she flicked out a fan, “So what? This old lady has lived for a thousand years, who knows who will suffer in the end.”

“Tamamo-no-Mae…what do you want?” Shuten asked.

“Nothing, I did say little Lily called me, of course I will be taking her away. Sorry, I came in a rush and didn’t bring you a gift. Next time, come to Heian-kyo, I’ll treat you to some good wine.” Tamamo-no-Mae covered her mouth with her fan.

“Tamamo-no-Mae…don’t make jokes in my territory, this is Mount Ooe, my Shuten Doji’s territory. If you take these two women away in front of me in my territory, where would I not become a joke?”

“Eh, you care about your reputation? Relax, no matter what happens, your reputation won’t get any worse2.”

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“Tamamo-no-Mae! Don’t think I’m still that novice eight hundred years ago! I still haven’t settled the scores of you sending an army into Tanba! You and I are both rulers, should we not unite to deal with the imperial court? Do you really intend to oppose me?” Shuten’s face turned ferocious, the brutal bloodthirst embedded in his bones showed itself, he had already tolerated enough from Tamamo-no-Mae.

“Who’s opposing you? I only intend to bring Lily away. Ah, right, that silver haired woman, she brought troops and killed several of my demon fox clan members, eh? She’s here? I will take her back and punish her, this is quite reasonable is it not?”

Rei thought back to when she was attempting to gain Shuten’s trust and led troops to destroy the Suno army, though she didn’t kill any demon foxes herself, several of her subordinates had killed several demon foxes.

This was indeed her wrong, there was nothing she could say.

“Tamamo-no-Mae! Don’t go too far! This Uesugi Rei pretended to surrender to assassinate me, and that Kagami Lily was even more outrageous. She killed a fiendish king, ten demon enforcers and several ten thousand of my troops and stole the treasure of the celestial maiden mine! You think I’ll spare her!??”

“Ehehehe, little Lily, you sure did a lot. Shuten Doji, are you still one of the foremost arch-demons? To let a little girl kill more than half of your forces, are all of your subordinates trash? You actually have the gall to bring this up?”

“What did you say!???” Shuten’s eldritch aura fluctuated with his fury.

“Don’t be angry, how about this, I’ll have little Lily apologize to you, so how about you let it go at that?” Tamamo’s voice was full of coquettishness and arrogance.

“Tamamo-no-Mae, you’re going too far!!!” Suddenly a golden halberd radiating unmatched power appeared in his hand as he stabbed towards Tamamo-no-Mae!

Boom!!! Tamamo didn’t move, but the nine long tails behind her expanded and turned into beautiful crystal clear crimson spirit tails. The nine twisted together and were like two big hands gripping Shuten’s halberd.

The collision of two supreme arch-demons created violent shockwaves that shook the mountain. Violent air waves raged, the mountain trembled and rocks scattered as eldritch flames flew. The viewing monsters were blown away and many were injured and killed as they smashed against the walls and floor.

Only Lily and Rei behind Tamamo-no-Mae were unaffected by the violent shockwave.

Lily tightly hugged Rei, all she could do was protect Rei from the collateral damage, this was not a battle she could participate in.

Shuten’s massive arm muscles bulged, the veins pulsated as he exerted his full force but Tamamo-no-Mae stood there looking relaxed and held him back without strain.

“Tamamo-no-Mae! This is my last warning! I don’t want to open hostilities against you, nothing good will happen if we end up fighting! Leave these two women here and I’ll count everything settled!” Shuten’s expression was demonic as he warned Tamamo-no-Mae.

“Do you know about the fox talisman? Though those of my clan are demons, our vows are kept at all costs!” Tamamo’s eyes flashed fiercely.

“You’re really going to put your life on the line for that woman? You’ll regret it!”

Tamamo raised her eyebrows in surprise, “As if! Ahahaha! You actually believe the words of a fox demon? Like I would care about a fox talisman given to a human, I don’t know how many youngsters I’ve tricked with this talisman3! The only reason I came to rescue Lily is because I’m willing! Ahahahahahaha!”

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Tamamo-no-Mae’s frivolous words made it hard for Shuten to tell what was the truth. He couldn’t tell what this woman was willing to put on the line for Lily, but the more it was like this the more important he could feel Lily was, he must obtain that woman! Perhaps Kagami Lily had other secrets beyond her natural attraction, otherwise how could she accomplish so many deeds that surpassed his expectations.

Perhaps, this woman could not be released! Perhaps, if he grasped that woman’s secrets, he could control the world! Towering ambition and killing intent suffused Shuten Doji!

“Tamamo-no-Mae! Don’t regret this!” Blood tears trailed down Shuten’s cheeks as bright bizarre inscriptions lit up on his body. Crimson blood filled with powerful aura trickled out of those inscriptions.

Shuten Doji had mutilated and devoured countless women, that terrifying accumulation of resentment was all gathered in his blood.

The sudden flaring of resentment shocked Lily, terrifying! What a terrifying resentment! Her blade, Yasutsuna, started shaking on the ground before suddenly flying back into her hand. Lily felt that she could hardly grip Yasutsuna, for an incredible killing intent was suddenly released from her blade.

At this moment, Tamamo-no-Mae and Shuten Doji were evenly matched, could it be that she had a chance?

Lily’s eyes emotionlessly observed Shuten Doji, covered in inscriptions and blood mist, and for a moment, killing intent filled her mind.

“Attack?” Lily’s heart pounded in her ears.


“No!” A chill suffused her soul, her instincts told her that if she foolishly attacked Shuten now, she would die.

Cannot attack!

Lily came to that conclusion and forcibly suppressed her killing intent.

“I can only believe in Lady Kimiko. Shuten Doji is not an existence I can challenge now, that would be nothing but suicide and killing sister Rinne! I cannot attack!”

Facing this incredible temptation, Lily made a decision. This time, she would not take risks.

Boom!!! The blood mist surrounding Shuten expanded explosively, dying the great hall red. The moment the mist touched monsters, they would start swelling. The weak monsters would end up dying violently while the stronger ones would withstand the baptism, their strengths increasing sharply and becoming an even more ferocious blood demon!

As the blood mist enveloped the totem in the great hall, the blood streaks covering the totem started steaming and emitting a suffocating blood smoke!

After using this secret technique, Shuten Doji’s face went pale white as he gave a wicked smirk, “I originally planned on using this to deal with Fujiwara no Ayaka…”


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  1. Robinxen: She breasted boobily as she titted.
  2. Robinxen: Daaang lady.
  3. Robinxen: I don’t know if I should be impressed or not.
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