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Chapter 79 – Miscalculation

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3225 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1577 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily was troubled, she couldn’t act, yet she also couldn’t not act. Suddenly, a meter meter tall red haired blue demon strode out of the darkness. His big hand grabbed the sallow demon by the head, the grip almost crushing it!

This big blue demon was a peak-stage permanence expert.

“You worthless thing! Tired of living? You dare covet Lord Shuten’s women!?”
“Arghh, mercy, mercy…”

The huge blue demon grabbed the woman, and though he was drooling, he dared not mess around, he unwillingly put her down.

“Get lost!” He growled.

The sallow demon feebly fled.

He looked down at the two raccoon-transformed blue demons, “You two trash, you can’t even look after a mere woman?”

The two raccoons could only lower their heads.

“Work harder! If this woman is really stolen by other demons, then you two must die!”
“Yes, yes!”

The two raccoon turned blue demons hurriedly pushed the crying woman forward.

“Hold!” The blue demon suddenly roared

Lily, hidden in the darkness, placed her hand on her blade.

“Have I met you two before?”
“We, we’re newcomers.”
“You two wastes! Working in Mount Ooe is not as easy as it is outside, if you anger Lord Shuten then your heads will be removed! Be more careful! Now go!”

The raccoons noded and hastily left.

Lily let out a breath of relief.

“Shuten’s great hall is right ahead.” The woman whispered.

Within the darkness ahead, a huge stone gate appeared within the tunnel. The gate was open and was bracketed by two ancient demon god statues. Four peak-stage permanence blue demons and red demons stood guarding in two rows. Behind those guards was the great hall of Shuten Doji!

The group approached the gates and were stopped by the guards.


“……” The raccoons couldn’t say anything.

At this time, Lily cared not about the speechlessness of the raccoons, through the gap of the guards, she could see into the great hall. In the middle of that dark and towering great hall hung a slender woman with silver hair.

Behind that woman stood two scantily clad female slaves, and they suddenly began to whip the bound figure.

“Sister Uesugi!”

Lily’s eyes narrowed, she leapt forward, her hand grabbed onto her blade1!

Swish! Swish!

Two crimson blade lights flew past the guards so fast they could not react!

Slash! Slash!

Each blade sliced through four demons leaving behind horrifying wounds. Each demon let out screams as the spirit jades within their chests were sliced apart and their blood splattered the stone gates2.

Without hesitation, Lily rushed into the great hall. The thousands of demons and monsters squatting in the hall looked at the crimson clad girl in surprise.

“Lily!???” Uesugi immediately discovered Lily, her first reaction wasn’t joy but despair, “Lily, run! Hurry, Run!”

“Sister Uesugi!” Lily leapt up.

“Lily! Leave! Hurry, run!!! Leave me!!!” Tears ran down Uesugi’s eyes as she tugged desperately on the chains. “Get out of here immediately!!!”

But Lily didn’t listen, she leapt onto the wooden post where Uesugi was tied to and kicked the two female slaves off and slashed down upon the chains holding Uesugi.


Uesugi was shaken violently with the chains.

Lily was shocked, the chains didn’t break!


Lily noticed that there was only a faint blade mark on the chain and inscriptions glowing in eldritch energy.

“The chains are a treasure!??”

“Lily! This is Shuten’s trap! Run! Hurry, escape! Do you intend to make me die in despair!!!??” Uesugi shouted.

“No! I must save you! Otherwise I’ve lived in vain3!”

Lily leapt up and utilized the full power of her purple lunar force, coming down with a powerful full forced slash!



Lily felt like her wrists broke from the shock. The great hall echoed with a terrifying clash and the shockwave knocked out some of the weaker demons.

Yasutsuna came down with a poignant purple glow, slicing through the chain!

Lily was exhausted from the use of excess force, but as soon as she saw Uesugi falling she stepped onto a cherry blossom and launched herself off, catching Uesugi and landing safely in the middle of the great hall. At their feet was a huge circular engraving of a devil god.

“Sister Uesugi……”

Holding onto Uesugi, Lily discovered that sister Uesugi had moments of weakness and warm tenderness.

A warm tenderness she must protect4!

The demons and monsters in the room were all shocked by the sudden appearance of Lily. They let out roars as they charged towards Lily and Uesugi.

Lily held Yasutsuna tightly as her eyes glowed. She attacked!

“Kagura, protect…” Lily had not forgotten her promise, she would do her best to bring that woman out. She was just about to summon Kagura.

But suddenly, silence spread through the great hall…

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A strange applause came from the side and echoed throughout the hall.

“Beautifully done, Kagami Lily.”

From outside the great gate, that soul stirring voice came.

Lily’s bright eyes darkened and she couldn’t help but shiver.

A ten meter tall, flame haired Shuten Doji stood at the gate.

“Kagami Lily, to think you’re capable of such sly tricks, luring me out of Mount Ooe and infiltrating while I’m gone, as expected of the woman I want. For thousands of years, I have never met a woman as unique as you! Ehehe…no matter what tricks you play, you can’t escape the root cause, do you know what that is?” Shuten Doji chortled as he walked towards Lily and Uesugi.

“What to do…late by just a step!” Lily cursed in her heart, at this point she was still desperately seeking out a path, but there was nothing she could think of.

Shuten didn’t wait for Lily to respond, “That’s because of your inferiority as a woman! You’re too irresolute, too kind! And in the end, you delivered yourself to me5!”

“Lily…” Uesugi trembled behind Lily, “You should not have come here, you should not…why didn’t you listen to my warning!”
“Sister Uesugi, if I was captured by Shuten, would you abandon me?”
“That is my reason6.”

Lily supported Uesugi with one hand, her other pointed Yasutsuna at Shuten, her voice chilling cold. “Since you’re here there’s nothing more to say. Come!”

“Sword come!” Uesugi suddenly pushed away Lily’s support and summoned her sword. Her sword was an ancient nameless blade, but still responded to her call, flying into her hand from the other side of the hall.

Shuten did not stop his slow approach. To him, whether these two women held swords or not, made no difference.

Shuten eyed Lily’s blade with interest, “Kagami Lily, to think you were capable enough of defeating three of my fiendish kings. Incredible. I only ask, Ibaraki Doji, where is he?”

“I killed him.” Lily replied casually, the situation had already reached this desperate point, there was no point in hiding it.

“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!!!” It seemed like the relationship between Shuten and Ibaraki wasn’t limited to that of lord and retainer. Shuten’s rage sparked at Lily’s admittance but suddenly calmed as he smiled. “Hehe…you are really a hateful woman aren’t you? To resist and retaliate at all costs? Even trying to deceive me. With your powers and Ibaraki’s life saving methods, you aren’t capable of killing him! He isn’t a man who would fall that easily, don’t dream about tricking me!”

Lily and Uesugi both raised their guard and faced Shuten without answering.

This was a battle doomed to fail even before the start.

Lily had never considered fighting Shuten, because she was all too clear, she could not win! She didn’t think she had the slightest of hope.

Shuten didn’t rush to make a move, “I will give you two beauties one last chance. You two are destined to be mine but I prefer obedient women, if you swear to obey me as my female slaves, I can lighten some of Kagami Lily’s punishment. You almost eradicated my ten demon enforcers, killed one fiendish king and wounded three! You will know my anger! Even as a slave, there will be a world of difference in treatment! My methods are superior to that of Yomis, women, once you taste it you will definitely regret it! Bow down earlier and save yourself some pain!”

“Shuten Doji, you don’t understand a bit about women! You’re only capable of using violence and witchery to humiliate women! You want me to bow down to you? Then wait till you die, I’ll pour a bowl of wine at your grave!”

“Kagami Lily! The more tough your mouth is, the better your expression will be when you surrender and beg for mercy! I will let the world see you being conquered by me! I will have you suffer ten thousand times the humiliation! The world will cast you aside as a cowardly w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!”

“Dream on!” Lily took the initiative and swung a blade coated in crimson aura and Uesugi followed with a blade coated in ice.

But Shuten waved his hand, bringing forward an eldritch cloud smelling of alcohol, easily dispersing the two aura blades!

“Kagami Lily!” Shuten smashed out a palm strike towards Lily!


At this time, at the cave entrance of Mount Ooe.

“Ah? Another woman came? This time I’m not hallucinating!” A blue demon said.

“Brother, you…you aren’t hallucinating.” The other axe holding blue demon responded.

In the gloomy twilight, in the vast fog, an orange kimono wearing beauty, walked towards them holding a lantern7.



  1. Yuki: Are you joking? What happened to Shuten will detect you the moment you make a move?
  2. Yuki: Lily stupidly lost her mind… she’s probably going to be caught by Shuten…
  3. Yuki: No, you will live in vain only if you get captured here and become Shuten’s prisoner. Your precious sister Rinne will never awaken, the rest of your sisters will die, and you will live on in torment as a toy.
  4. Yuki: Before protecting anything make sure you protect yourself idiot…
  5. Yuki: You know… this is the problem I have with Lily. She acts too much based on emotion. Rationally, she should have placed Rinne as her top priority, and cut off her connection to Uesugi.
  6. Robinxen: I mean, it’s a totally fair argument.
  7. Yuki: Da da da da…… the arrival of plot armor!
    Silva: Is it Tamamo no Mae I wonder, Lily did try to call her earlier but it didn’t work due to the distance…. If it’s her, it’d make sense…
    Robinxen: I mean it has to be, I’m just upset that my trope call last chapter with her hiding among the illusions wasn’t accurate.
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