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Chapter 80 – Tamamo no Mae and Shuten Doji (First Part)

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2190 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1161 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“That, that woman…”

Within the fog, the blue demons could see this enchanting woman. Behind her waved several big furry tails, but no matter how they tried, they couldn’t count the number.

“Fox demon?”

There was not a single fox demon clan in Mount Ooe.

The two blue demons brandished their weapons, “Halt! This is Mount Ooe, Lord Shuten Doji’s territory!”

The woman continued walking, as if the two blue demons didn’t exist.

“Hey, I say, do you not hear us? Fox demon! This is Lord Shuten Doji’s territory!” The two warned the enchanting woman, pointing their weapons at her.

The woman tilted her head and smiled sweetly, her laugh seemed to charm the world.

“Ahahahaha…Shuten’s territory, I am just here to see an old friend.

The smile stunned the two blue demons, and they involuntarily nodded.

The two blue demons backed down, “So you’re here to see an old friend.”

“Please enter.”

Just like that, the demon fox walked into Mount Ooe. Not long after, the two blue demons recovered their senses.

“I say, what did we just do? Did we just let that woman enter…?”
“What woman? You’ve gone crazy thinking about women!”


Within the Great Hall of Shuten Doji!

Shuten had smashed a palm strike at Lily.

This was nothing more than a casual strike, but the palm pressure was like an invisible mountain smashing towards her.

Lily swung out fiercely, her cursed blade cutting through the mountain, but the remnant palm winds smashed straight into her.

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Both Lily and Rei were sent flying back, far faster than Lily’s fastest speed, and slammed heavily into the demon crowded against the wall. Craters were left in the wall and several demons were smashed into ground meat!


Lily let out a coquettish cry as she was sent flying1, she had grabbed onto Rei. The latter had also let out a cry. The two fell from the crater in the wall onto the stone floor.

Lily’s hair was scattered and messy, her body uncontrollably trembled and she felt as if she had just been smashed by a ten thousand meter tall mountain. She felt as if her body was about to fall apart and was unable to stand up.

Lily had a huge reserve of spirit power, but that single strike had cost her half of reserves to defend again! If she hadn’t used her body to shield Rei, then the aftershock would have probably killed Rei.

“Cough…” Rei also couldn’t stand up, the two women remained on the ground hugging each other. Rei had a helpless expression, “Sorry… I can’t protect you this time… it seems that we don’t even have the qualifications to fight Shuten to the death.”

Both Lily and Rei’s blades had been knocked out of their hands and were resting on the stone floor.

Samurai could be killed, but their blades could never leave their hands! But that palm wind was too terrifying, it was not something they could resist.

Lily had never thought about fighting Shuten, but she was still unpleasantly surprised. Even though her purple lunar force had been exhausted, she still had the power of a peak-stage throned monarch. To think the difference between her and Shuten was still so large!

It was like a baby fighting a giant, they had no capability of resistance.

With her hands and feet numb from the violent impact, let alone resisting to the end, even standing up was hard…

Shuten waved his hand and a giant eye opened up on the gourd behind him. The eye blinked as blood spots appeared on it and gold liquor flowed out of the gourd opening turning into ropes and flowing around Rei and Lily’s armpits, waist and thighs, tying them up and hanging them from the air.

“Nn…” Lily grimaced, the wine ropes seemed to be liquid, but they wrapped tightly around her and seemed to possess the ability to affect female souls. Lily however had powerful soul defenses and was unaffected, but her clear consciousness made the pain even more severe.

“Ahahahahahaha, in the end, you still landed in my hands. What an enjoyable ending!” Shuten laughed joyously, sending the wine ropes flying and binding Lily and Rei to the middle of the totem.

Right there, the two beautiful female samurai were captured! The demon and monsters in the room let out a deafening roar, a roar filled with tyranny and lust!

Shuten looked at the two women and let out a perverted smirk. He directed the ropes to bring Lily to him and he looked her up and down. Seeing those torn clothes, the beautiful figure, he couldn’t help but exclaim. “So beautiful…Kagami Lily, known as the most beautiful woman in the world, how beautiful will you be without clothes?”

“Stop…” Rei cried out tied against the totem, “Whatever you want, do it to me, don’t touch my sister!”

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“Sister, there’s no use talking to this pervert! Shuten Doji, if you want to see me embarrassed, then I must say, you’ll only be disappointed!” Lily’s eyes were still strong, and her heart would not give up. She was still constantly trying to think of a way to reverse the situation, she wasn’t willing to fail!

She wasn’t allowed to fail! If she failed, then she, sister Rei and sister Rinner were all finished2! Was there a way? What else could she do? All her secret cards, her hidden moves, she had all used them!

“Ehehehe, you won’t be embarrassed? This isn’t like you Kagami Lily.” Shuten waved a sharp claw in front of her face, “Is this because… you’re wearing too much?”

Shuten’s fingernails were sharper than swords, that fingernail hooked onto Lily’s lapel before sliding down, easily cutting through!

“B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!” Her eyes narrowed and an incredible will to resist surged up!

Slash! Blood flew from Shuten’s long finger as a small blade wound appeared on the supreme arch-demon, Shuten Doji’s finger.

Lily’s hair flew, and her mouth gripped the hilt of Crescent Moon. Her eyes radiated an unbendable will and the blood of a supreme arch-demon dripped from her blade!

“What?” Shuten looked on in shock, his finger was dripping blood. “B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲… I, Shuten, have ravaged countless women, but have never been wounded by a woman! Kagami Lily, a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ like you dares to harm this noble body?!!”

Shuten’s eldritch energy flared high up into the skies, the muscles and blood vessels on this arm bulged, turning into a huge demon claw, before clawing through the air leaving vacuum-like tears behind and slashing towards Lily!

“Lily! No—!” From behind, Rei let out a scream.

Knowing that nothing could be done, Lily closed her eyes.


Flames appeared out of nowhere, burning through the wine ropes and disappearing before burning Lily’s body. The middle part of the wine ropes were evaporated, leaving the remaining parts to turn into droplets of wine. Lily felt her body sink as she fell onto the ground with Rei.


  1. Robinxen: How do you sound sexy while in pain?!
  2. Yuki: That’s right… you should have thought about that before stupidly invading Mount Ooe. That’s why you think with logic and not emotion.
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