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Chapter 62 – The Awakened Airi

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3241 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1950 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily’s eyes flashed red when she saw the powerless back of Airi trying to break free from the demon ape’s grip on its shoulders and she jumped off the steps in the next moment.

“Lily…” Her movements were so fast that Ijuin did not even have time to react.

Lily flipped over as she descended from above and stomped the demons below her to death when she landed on the ground, the strong shockwaves produced from it causing the monsters nearby to stagger. She then stepped on the shoulders of the demons and chased after the demon ape.

The sounds of screams and explosions caused by spells prevented the demon ape from noticing Lily’s pursuit. Its eyes radiated a debauched light as it placed Airi on the trunk of a towering tree.

Airi had already lost her weapon and saw hot breath coming out of the nostrils on the demon ape’s terrifying face when she opened her eyes in a daze.

The demon ape grabbed Airi’s tattered armor with its powerful hands after that, but she gathered her spirit power to resist desperately.

Slap! Slap! The demon ape slapped Airi’s face twice, making her feel dizzy again and lose the will to resist.

Airi was just an Awakened level expert. Although her strength had been boosted up to the middle-stage Spirit Jade level because of the magatama that the Genji had given her after coming to Heian-kyo, as well as her sharp senses, she was completely powerless in front of the Permanence level demon ape.

The demon ape’s nostrils opened wide as it took a deep breath and ripped off Airi’s breastplate with a swoosh, exposing her perk, white bosom out. However, the dark, hairy, three meter tall monster got struck away by a mountainous power before it even had a chance to lay its eyes upon Airi’s bosom.

The demon ape flew tens of meters across the sky in an instant.

Lily waved Yasutsuna while standing on the tree’s trunk and launched a crimson sword beam towards the demon ape’s direction after that, killing the demon ape which was still in midair with a single blow.

Airi took a deep breath. For a moment, she felt that she was doomed. However, the opponent who she could not do anything against had been killed so easily by the red-dressed girl in front of her.

Airi’s armor had been ripped off as well, so her breasts were exposed outside at the moment, giving Lily a full look of her moderate sized breasts. However, Airi had not noticed this yet because she still had not recovered from the shock.

Lily checked the surroundings and tore a section of her minidress because she did not want the monsters to see Airi’s exposed breasts.

Lily then held Airi up and covered her bosom with the torn piece of cloth.

The monsters attacked Lily immediately when they noticed her, but she jumped off the tree with Airi on her shoulder at the same time and released a powerful sword beam with Yasutsuna, killing all the monsters in her way and cleaving the demon army apart like seawater.

Lily held Airi’s butt firmly with one hand1 and gripped her blade with her other hand as she passed through the demons and made towards the mountain cliff.

The numerous demons gathered again to seal off the path that Lily had opened up immediately, but the avatars of the archdemons like Michizane, Taira no Masakado, as well as Mita appeared around her in the next moment, each one of them exuding a terrifying aura that made the demons panic.

A few monsters even fled on spot in fright when they sensed the powerful auras of Lily’s summoned archdemons.

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Lily carried Airi back under the protection of the archdemon avatars and climbed the cliff up with the help of the rope that a cavalrywoman had dropped down, allowing her to pull them up.

“Put me down…” Airi said weakly as she felt really embarrassed having Lily hold her by her butt like this.

The archdemons around her dissipated a few moments later, revealing that they were just an illusion formed by six racoon dog demons.

The avatars of the racoon dog demons were not that powerful, but they could use all sorts of mystical formations. This showed how incredible Mita was, as Mita was the one who had taught these magical formations to the racoon dog demons.

Lily rose up to the steps with Airi on her shoulder, which in turn made Airi blush and lower her head in shame. “L-Let me down. Please. Everyone is looking at us…”

Lily just ignored her and carried her all the way into the main hall of the temple.

Only then did Lily place Airi down. Airi gripped the crimson cloth covering her chest with mixed emotions in her eyes and looked aside as she said, “Why are you looking at me like that? You must be feeling that I’m really useless, right?”

“Although I acted logical in front of you, I’m actually so weak. I…” Airi tried to get up, but Lily made her sit down again.

“What are you doing—Mkgh!”

Lily summoned a crystalline, green magatama in her fingers and slipped it inside Airi’s mouth out of the blue2.

“Mkgh… Ngh…” Although Airi knew what Lily was doing, she still tried to resist it instinctively as she did not want to appear so weak in front of her. However, Lily still invaded Airi’s lips with her fingers and injected some spirit power into the magatama.

“Ngh…” Airi’s skin flushed redder as the magatama’s pleasant lifeforce trickled deep into her throat and permeated throughout her entire body slowly. The demon ape had actually struck her on several places, so she had a lot of severe internal injuries and had no idea that she was in extreme danger until now.

Lily had cured all her injuries with the life-recovery magatama this time, though.

The demon army’s attack ended soon after and the demons retreated from the temple, but that did not change the fact that the Honganji Temple was still surrounded by them.

Airi sat in the corner of the temple while holding the crimson cloth covering her chest.

“J-Just what is going on in your mind, woman? You act kind to everyone, so why are you so forceful with me… Is it because you loathe me?” Airi lowered her head as she asked this, her semi-nude side profile looking pale and weak under the moonlight.

“I’m sorry…” Lily said with a blushing face, “You had internal injuries just now, Ms. Airi, and might’ve been in danger if I had wasted any more time to treat you…”

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“That’s why you shoved it into my mouth, huh?” Airi looked at Lily with reproach and said, “Why do you always act so impulsively for the sake of others?”

“I’m sorry…”
“What’s the point in saying sorry when you’ve done it already?”

A moment of silence reigned in the temple hall.

Airi said in a sobbing voice suddenly, “Hic… Although I’ve fought several battles under Ms. Uesugi’s leadership and long found the resolve to die in battle… I still felt afraid when I imagined the scene of the demon ape violating me when it caught me… I’m really useless… If it weren’t for your help, I would’ve been… Thank you.” Airi said with a lowered head.

“Ms. Airi…”

“I should be the one apologizing to you, Lily. I always thought that you were a conceited woman but facing true danger has finally made me realize that I’m the one who is conceited, not you.”

Lily stepped forward and held Airi’s hand silently. This little amount of warmth was all that she could provide her in this helpless, dark world.

“You and I are both just trying to do our best for the people we care about, Airi. Although we do it differently, it still doesn’t change our feelings, right?”

“Lily…” Airi turned her tear-marked face towards Lily and said, “That demon ape was really terrifying, you know… My strength and pride were utterly useless in front of its tyrannical power…”

Airi collapsed towards Lily’s bosom suddenly, and her face buried itself in its soft warmth with a blank look under her spectacles.

“Let me lean on you for a while. Please.”

Although Lily did not like letting girls lean on her bosom like this, she did not reject Airi since she knew that a woman’s bosom was considered sacred and carried a special meaning.

Lily made an exception this time because she could not find it in herself to reject the request of a woman who had almost lost both her chastity and life just moments ago, let alone a request from someone as staunch and intellectual as Airi.

Airi seemed to have a terrifying thought all of a sudden and got up while shuddering.


“What’s wrong, Airi?”

“Ms. Uesugi… She’s…!” Airi’s pupils shrunk in fear when she imagined Uesugi Rei running into the same danger as her, and she could not get rid of this hair-raising thought no matter how hard she tried.

“What is it, Airi? Tell me what’s the matter with Sister Uesugi.” It seemed that Airi really knew something about Rei, so Lily held her hand tighter.

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A towering mountain existed deep within Tanba’s mountain range, and even a single look from it was enough to make people shiver in fear. This mountain was none other than Shuten Doji’s lair, Mt. Ooe.

Uesugi Rei’s silver hair fluttered in the wind as she rode Nioh across the steep cliffs and made towards Mt. Ooe.

A set of ancient, demon god statues stood beside the towering cave walls of Shuten Doji’s lair, the purple flames within the cave illuminating the hideous expressions of these statues.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The sounds produced by Uesugi Rei’s high-heeled wooden sandals echoed through the demon lair as she stepped across the puddled water on its damp floor.

Rei walked through the cave illuminated by demonic flames and headed towards the depth of the demon lair.

A spacious area appeared in front of her soon after.

This area had demons lined up on both sides of the walls. The holes in the walls, as well as the rocks were no exception as well, and multiple eyes looked at her from the darkness faintly illuminated by the demonic flames.

The region was mixed with the scent of strange herbs, demons, wine, as well as pheromones of the maids. It was also steeped with the scent of blood and vengeful spirits.

Even Rei frowned when she smelled this odor.

A towering staircase made of one hundred steps existed in the center of the region and led directly to a massive throne.

Shuten Doji was enjoying the service of indecently dressed women while drinking wine from the large bowl in his hand on this throne right now.

Although the girls who served him were afraid, they still wore charming, gleeful expressions on her faces. The fluctuations emitted by their souls because of the fear felt like despairing cries for help when they reached the silver-haired blade maiden heading towards the throne.

Rei maintained a calm look on her face, though, and looked at Shuten Doji with a clear gaze, the demonic flames making her eyes glow.

“Lord Shuten.” Rei’s unfathomably icy voice resounded through the dark demon lair.

“Ms. Uesugi!” Shuten Doji got up the moment he saw Rei and his eyes flashed with a demonic light that was enough to charm most women in this world. “It’s quite incredible that you’ve accrued so much merit in just a few days after joining my forces!”


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  1. Robinxen: Gotta get in those squeezes while you can don’t you Lily?
  2. Robinxen: Author I surrender.
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