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Chapter 63 – Uesugi Rei Offers Wine

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2063 characters
Translator: Aoi English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1365 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The demonic flames flickered within the spacious cave region as the demons in it looked at the samurai woman who had accrued incredible merit with great interest.

“You defeated the Suno troops, won over the vagrants and made the Kuki Pirates submit to you… I fear I would’ve long taken over the entire world by now if all my subordinates were as capable as you are, Uesugi Rei.” Shuten Doji chuckled with a complicated look on his face. Although Rei was really capable, she also possessed an ethereal beauty which made him want to make her his, filling him with contradictory feelings.

He was in no hurry to make Rei his, though, since she was already under his control. He planned to use her a bit longer and make her accomplish a few tasks for him first. Although she was not that strong, he believed that she was a better strategist than any of the archdemons under him.

“I designate you as one of the new Ten Demon Enforcers1, Ms. Uesugi,” Shuten said with a wave of his hand, and two powerful demons came forward with a chest filled with magatama, rare herbs of Tanba, metal materials, a box of elixirs concocted with ill-intentions, perfumes, as well as a sexy undergarment treasure, placing it before Rei.

“Thank you for the treasures, Lord Shuten, but I have no way of carrying them with me nor a place to store them.” Rei picked up a bag of magatama from the chest and hung it at her waist.

“Heh. I will reward you with a storage treasure next time, then. As for having a place to store them, I’ve already arranged a cave room for you. You can live there while you’re in Mt. Ooe.” Shuten waved his hand again, and a thirty meter tall, gigantic red demon which looked just like the statue of a massive demon, walked out of the shadows.

“Carry this chest to Ms. Uesugi’s cave dwelling,” said the red demon while exhaling an acidic breath.

“Yes, lord.” The blue demons behind him nodded and went forward to lift the chest filled with Rei’s rewards.

“Wait a second,” Rei took off the longsword and cape on her back and placed it in the chest before saying, “Take these as well.”

The demonic flames illuminated the golden-embroidered black, low-cut top Rei had worn underneath the cape now that she had removed it.

Shuten’s eyes lit up the moment he saw this.

“Lord Shuten.” Rei stepped forward and kneeled before him as she said, “I’m grateful that you’ve shown so much trust in me. I also have something to present to you.”

“Oh? What is it?” Shuten felt pleased that an ice queen like Rei had brought him a present.

Rei took out a bamboo container from her waist. Although it looked like an ordinary bamboo container, it exuded an unusually icy aura from it.

Shuten immediately noticed that the bamboo this container was made of was not from this world.

Rei lifted the bamboo container with one hand and said, “I obtained this container coincidentally when I made the Kuki Pirates submit to me. Captain Kuki told me that it contains sacred wine that was left behind by a proud celestial a few years ago. It’s pure luck that a pirate like him who sails the seas had obtained it since it would be hard to find wine as delicious as it matter how much you look.”

“Oh?!” Shuten’s eyes lit up the moment he heard that it was sacred wine from Takamagahara, and he stood up instinctively. He loved two things the most in this world, one was wine and the other was women. Although it was easy for him to obtain women, it was really hard to find delicious wine in this world.

“Hahaha! You’re so considerate, Ms. Uesugi! It looks like you know I love wine more than I do treasures…” Shuten looked at Rei wickedly.

A blue demon, who was one of Shuten’s attendants, stepped forward to receive the bamboo container from Rei in the next moment, but she moved it away from him and said, “I wish to present this sacred wine to you in person, Lord Shuten.”

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Shuten felt jubilant when he heard this, “There’s nothing happier than having a beautiful woman like you serve me wine, Ms. Uesugi!”

Rei remained unmoved, though.


“I also wish to speak to you alone, Lord Shuten.” Rei’s bountiful boobs heaved gently as she remained kneeling2 in front of Shuten, and her slender thighs underneath her skirt exuded a hale aura3 which was comparable to a celestial maiden.

Shuten’s gaze turned lascivious as he waved his hand and said, “All of you can leave.”

The skimpily dressed maids, as well as the demons lurking around, either left the room or returned into the darkness via the passages on the cave walls.

Rei looked at the gigantic red demon.

Shuten said, “You can also leave, Uryumaru.”

The gigantic red demon stared at Rei with its golden glowing eyes that made people’s hairs rise on end and retreated into the depths of the rift in the cave, disappearing into the depths of the ground.

Only Rei and Shuten were left in the cave room now.

“Are you willing to serve me the sacred wine now, Ms. Uesugi?” Shuten’s body was three meters tall now. He usually maintained such a size as maintaining an overly humongous body was just a waste of strength.

Rei had an icy look on her face right now, and even though she looked quite sexy at the moment, it was impossible to guess what was going on in her mind.

Rei climbed the steps while holding the bamboo container in one of her hands.

The sounds of Rei climbing the frosty steps leading to Shuten’s throne sounded like the beating of a heart and echoed through the silent, spacious cave room.

Rei continued climbing calmly without rushing and finally reached close to the towering archdemon sitting on the throne.

Shuten Doji was one of three peerless archdemons in this world. The terrifying aura oozing from him invaded Rei’s body now that she was so close to him and even though there was no wind in the cave room, her hair fluttered back just from the pressure released from him.

Even someone as proud as Rei felt her soul quiver in front of such overwhelming strength. She still remained calm, though, and picked up the massive wine bowl before handing it over to Shuten. Although her actions seemed rude, they were also proof of the innate pride that women carried.

Shuten smiled contentedly when he saw this and accepted the wine bowl from her without a care.

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“Hahaha. I never thought I’d be able to have Ms. Uesugi serve wine to me alone so quickly.”

Rei held the bamboo container up and infused it with some spirit power using her slender fingers, making the runes on its wooden surface light up.

She then pulled out the cork and released the scent of the delicious wine from the heavens into the spacious cave.

Shuten’s eyes flashed with a demonic light from joy as even he had never smelled such an exotic wine until now. He had drunk several sorts of wine over the past centuries, but none of them could compare with the invaluable wine in front of him.

Shuten cherished wine as much as he did his life and had even exchanged three low-ranked spirit artifacts with the crafty Tamamo-no-Mae in exchange for a pot of exceptional wine. However, even that wine did not seem as delicious as the sacred wine before him right now.

Let alone, an ice queen with unmatched beauty was serving him this sacred wine alone right now. Shuten found this situation very delightful4.

Rei tipped the bamboo container over with graceful movements and filled Shuten’s bowl with golden wine, its glow and aroma overflowing from the bowl immediately, producing a chiming sound in the air.

The most incredible thing was that even though the bamboo container looked pretty small, it had actually filled more than half of the one meter wide bowl, leaving even Shuten surprised.



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  2. Robinxen: How are they moving then?!?!
  3. Robinxen: HOW?!?!
  4. Robinxen: I think most would.
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