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Chapter 41 – Three Beauties Competing In Dance

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3195 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1948 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Queen addressed everyone in the hall, “All of you, including the celebrities and guests from the surrounding female forces, are the pillars of my Female Queendom. In Yomi, the lives of women would be bitter and disadvantaged without your combined efforts. We must continue to support each other, helping everyone secure a place in this world full of evil desires. Today, it is particularly heartening to welcome the envoy of the mighty and renowned Rakshasa Dojo. Our Female Queendom and the Rakshasa Dojo have always engaged in trade transactions, and we should strive for even closer cooperation in the future.”

Her Majesty the Queen then turned toward the crowd, giving the Rakshasa Dojo’s envoy, Renka, a deliberate smile.

Renka promptly raised her cup and returned the Queen’s toast.

During the toast, Renka noticed Lily and subtly winked at her, as if she already knew about her entry into the palace. In Renka’s opinion, Lily should achieve outstanding results in the test.

However, Lily’s situation at this point was worlds apart from when she first arrived in the Female Queendom.

“Everyone,” the Queen began, “This is Lynne, whom Commander Chiya recently sent to the palace. Her dance is so graceful and moving that I haven’t seen anything like it in a thousand years. Today, I will be rewarding Lynne, but first, I’d like to thank my dear friend, Commander Chiya.”

“You flatter me. I’m delighted as long as Your Majesty likes it,” Commander Chiya responded.

Lynne’s ability to please the Queen was, of course, in line with Chiya’s calculations1. She and the Queen, Kaguya-hime, were celestial maidens who had fallen into Yomi together. There were no ulterior motives behind her actions. She only wanted Lynne to stay close to the Queen, preventing her from being influenced by other female forces. After all, the Queen had endured loneliness for a thousand years, so Chiya couldn’t help but worry.

The Queen smiled and nodded. Just as she was about to announce the reward, the Lady Grand Councilor interjected, “Your Majesty, Lynne’s dance is indeed exquisite, but isn’t Kurei Nadeshiko’s dance also moving? Today, with so many guests from afar, why not have the two of them compete publicly, and reward the winner? Isn’t that a wonderful suggestion?”

“Kurei Nadeshiko…” The Queen looked at the Grand Councilor, about to reply.

“Your Majesty, we from the Rakshasa Dojo have also selected a marvelous dancer for you from the vast Land of Yomi. Since we are going to compete, why not let our dancer perform alongside those two on the same stage as well? Wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if we all competed?” Chika, one of the guests from the faraway Rakshasa Dojo, proposed suddenly.

The Queen found the proposal appealing and, seeing no reason to decline, she nodded in agreement.

“Please invite the dancer, Kurei Nadeshiko,” the Lady Grand Councilor requested.

Shortly after, Kurei Nadeshiko made her entrance, clad in a black gauze kimono with a daring split that subtly revealed her skin. Her long black hair was styled traditionally, enhancing her vivid expressions. Despite her eyebrows being shaved and replaced with tattoos, her beauty was distinct, radiating a charm so potent that it seemed to alter the very atmosphere of Yomi around her.

Lily watched Kurei Nadeshiko with a mix of confusion and intrigue. Though Kurei was undoubtedly attractive, she didn’t quite match the striking beauty of Lily’s sisters. Nonetheless, Lily found herself unexpectedly enchanted by her.

Lily wasn’t alone in her feelings; upon Kurei Nadeshiko’s arrival, retainers, military generals, and guests alike were drawn to her. Even Renka displayed a hint of admiration. Chiya Kasumi, however, was the exception, her frown marking her disinterest. The Queen herself seemed to experience a rare moment of being overshadowed by Kurei’s mesmerizing presence, causing Lily to question her own perceptions.

“How can she radiate such intense charm? There must be more to this,” Lily thought suspiciously.

Then, Takiri Rie, heralded as the foremost beauty among the Hundred Maidens of the northern quarters, stepped onto the stage. While undoubtedly beautiful, her presence was somewhat overshadowed by Lily and Kurei Nadeshiko.

“Which of you three will grace us with the first performance?” the Queen inquired curiously.

“Given that the Rakshasa Dojo has traveled far to be here, perhaps their dancer should perform first,” Chiya suggested.

Consequently, Takiri Rie took the stage first, her dance both flawless and exquisite, drawing accolades from the audience.

“A dance worthy of the Rakshasa Dojo’s reputation,” a courtier remarked, admiring the flawless performance.

“Your Majesty, might we invite such a skilled dancer to remain at the palace?” another female courtier proposed.

“Huh?” The Queen appeared momentarily distracted, but upon recognizing the dancer as one sent from the Rakshasa Dojo—renowned not just for beauty but also for talent—she nodded, saying, “Oh, alright.”

Lily was perplexed by the Queen’s absent-mindedness. Throughout Takiri Rie’s performance, the Queen’s gaze had lingered on Lily, not on the dancer. This embarrassed Lily, especially since Takiri Rie, who had traveled a great distance to perform and was, in some respects, her senior, deserved the Queen’s attention for her dance.

Next, Kurei Nadeshiko took the stage. Her dance was flawless and mesmerizing. The assertive arch of her eyebrows resonated particularly with mature women, captivating their hearts.

“What is this sensation?” Lily mused as she noticed the dance exuding increasingly potent seductive vibes, causing a warmth to spread through her body the more she watched.

“This isn’t just any dance, nor is it a demonic technique—such would have been identified by the experts of the Female Queendom by now. She must possess some innate seductive power!”

Initially confident in her own performance, Lily now questioned whether she could truly outshine her rival, who seemed to wield a natural charm.

“Eh?” Caught in her anxieties, Lily felt the Queen’s eyes on her once more, making her cheeks flush with heat.

Once Kurei Nadeshiko concluded her dance, it was Lily’s turn. Despite her previous doubts, the Queen’s attentive gaze helped Lily find a measure of her former confidence.

“Who cares about her innate charm? I may not have such a skill, nor do I aim to beguile deliberately. I’ll simply concentrate on giving my best performance,” Lily resolved.

Embracing this mindset, Lily began her dance—graceful, enchanting, and imbued with an ethereal nobility.

As she finished her performance, a fine sheen of sweat coated her body, a testament to her deep immersion in the dance.

The Lady Grand Councilor suggested, “Shall we proceed with the judging?”

With a graceful wave of her hand, three flowers—red, yellow, and black—materialized in front of each guest.

“Cast a yellow flower for Takiri Rie of the Rakshasa Dojo if you found her dance supreme; a black flower for Kurei Nadeshiko if hers captivated you the most; and a red flower for Lynne if you favor her performance. Does that sound fair?” proposed the Lady Grand Councilor.

The Queen gave her nod of approval, and the crowd echoed in agreement.

Lily, Rie, and Nadeshiko stood attentively in the center of the hall.

“Let us begin,” declared the Lady Grand Councilor, raising her arm and leading by example as she tossed her flower.

The black flower fluttered to the ground at Kurei Nadeshiko’s feet. Lily observed a trance-like urgency in many around her, eager to throw their black flowers as well.

Lily was swamped by a wave of shame. She recognized Kurei Nadeshiko’s innate charm, having never been bested in such contests herself. While it might not have mattered much elsewhere, here, she felt a strong desire not to be defeated.

Overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness, she bowed her head and closed her eyes, her chest heaving with heavy breaths.

“How humiliating…”

Soon, the hall erupted in loud cheers and claps of approval. Believing the voting had concluded, Lily opened her eyes, only to be stunned by the sight before her.

Scarlet flowers blanketed the floor around her feet. In contrast, only a sparse collection of black flowers lay at Nadeshiko’s feet, with a slightly larger number by Rie.

“Eh? This…” Although accustomed to being the center of attention, Lily hadn’t anticipated that despite Nadeshiko’s formidable charm, the crowd would overwhelmingly favor her today.

Lily was momentarily moved by the unexpected outcome.

“What? How can this be?” Disbelief surged through Nadeshiko as she gazed at Lily, standing amidst a veritable garden of red flowers. “I am of the Nightmare Enchantress Clan! They were clearly under the spell of my charm. Why then, would they choose her? What’s happening?”

Even the Lady Grand Councilor, known for her sharp features, wore a grim expression.

“Her Majesty and the Commander haven’t voted yet,” someone in the crowd observed.

“Your Majesty, please cast your flower,” the Grand Councilor urged, her tone implying that as long as the Queen favored Nadeshiko’s performance, no other opinions mattered.

The Queen surveyed the expectant gazes of the Grand Councilor and the Rakshasa Dojo’s delegates. After a moment’s hesitation, her hand settled on the yellow flower, casting her vote for Rie.

Rie herself seemed surprised by this choice. Aware of her own shortcomings compared to Lily and Nadeshiko, she suspected the vote was more a gesture of politeness than genuine preference.

In a swift follow-up, the Queen then chose the black flower, endorsing Nadeshiko. Both the Grand Councilor and Nadeshiko were visibly delighted.

Lily experienced a sudden emptiness in her heart, but this quickly shifted when the Queen stood and approached her. Selecting the red flower, the Queen gracefully descended the stage, approached Lily, and delicately lifted a strand of her hair with slender, jade-like fingers. In a breathtaking gesture before all, she inhaled the scent of Lily’s hair and then placed the crimson Higanbana flower atop Lily’s head.

The faces of the Lady Grand Councilor and Nadeshiko stiffened at this unexpected move.

The Queen then stood by Lily and softly turned towards Commander Chiya, asking, “Commander, would you care to cast your vote?”

Chiya Kasumi and Lily exchanged a brief glance, a mix of relief and disappointment flickering across Chiya’s face. She chuckled, “As a warrior, dance is not my forte, so I shall abstain from voting.”

“Oh? Commander Chiya, you chose such a remarkable dancer for us, gracing our Female Queendom with her heavenly skills. And yet, you say you lack an appreciation for dance? You must be too modest!”

The Queen chuckled and grasped Lily’s hand, guiding her past a stunned Nadeshiko and an impassive Rie. Together, they approached the throne-like platform.

“Come, Lynne, take a seat beside me. Today, you will serve as my wine pourer and attendant,” the Queen declared, her voice a mix of gentleness and command.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Lily responded, her cheeks flushed as she dutifully lifted the wine jug and filled the Queen’s cup.

This time, she was determined not to spill a single drop.

As the Queen and other dignitaries conversed about the Abyss of Parting Sorrow and other national matters, Lily, lacking expertise in such discussions, continued to pour wine and stayed quietly to the side.

Suddenly, Lily felt a hand on her leg. Amidst bursts of laughter, the Queen discreetly reached under the table to stroke Lily’s thighs2. Though meant as a favor, the gesture left Lily feeling uneasy.

“The wine has run out. Lynne will fetch more,” Lily announced, seizing the opportunity to leave as she noticed the empty jug. She headed to the rear of the hall for more wine.

As Lily exited the hall and entered the shadowy corridor, a voice unexpectedly called out from behind her.

“Well done, Kagami Lily,” Renka’s voice emerged from the shadows, as she stood just behind Lily in the dimly lit corridor.



  1. Robinxen: Well, you’re very lucky Chiya because Lynne almost completely failed except for the intervention of plot armour!
  2. Robinxen: Queen is team thighs! Unity!
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