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Chapter 80 – Nanako’s Samurai Heart

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1062 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 711 words

Saionji Nanako sat in her room watching Lily training in the yard through the gaps of the door.

She wasn’t trying to sneakily learn the Genji Swordstyle, but brewing a plan.

“That woman is such a training maniac!”

“Though I don’t want to admit it, she does have an innate talent for swordplay.”

“If things continue like this, it’ll be far harder to defeat her and regain my freedom. Sister Lily is stronger than me in so many ways… Wait, no! She’s not my sister!”

Nanako had many conflicts in her heart. She wasn’t willing to follow and serve as Lily’s slave. So, even though Lily didn’t restrict her freedom, Nanako didn’t want the others to know that she was interested in that slender but big-breasted sister. Of course, she didn’t want to enslave Lily either. As Nanako could recognize that she was neither as strong nor feminine as much as Lily, it would be too depressing to have Lily serve her.

“The more girly she is, the better she deserves to be served, is it?” It seemed Nanako had come up with a weird theory.

‘More importantly, how can I take back my freedom and advance one step further? I need to come up with a plan to make that big-breasted woman kneel before me and put a leather rein on her, so I can pull her around with my little hand and recover my lost pride!’

‘If my mother knows I’ve become that woman’s slave… I can’t imagine the result.’ It was indeed unimaginable because Nanako didn’t understand her mother at all. To Nanako, it seemed understanding her mother, Saionji Kotoka, was even more difficult than trying to understand anyone else. She didn’t know what her mother was thinking. However, if Nanako was asked what she didn’t like the most about her mother, it would be Kotoka’s breasts, which were as big as Lily’s!

‘No! Before mother knows of this, I must regain her pride and reputation!’

Actually, Nanako already had a scheme, but she hadn’t had the opportunity to execute it yet. Looking at Lily sweating as she trained with her sword, Nanako didn’t understand why that woman would often show interest in her own body and blush in shame. Looking at the flow of events, Nanako guessed she was about to take a bath?

Lily had said that she wanted her slaves to serve her while bathing, right? Why had she never brought that up again? At most, Lily had only asked Nanako to wash her feet. Then she would go bathe herself by evening. So, Nanako only had the chance to wash Lily’s feet once.

“Hmph! As long as you make me wash your body, I will seize the chance while you’re naked to force you to change the deal. Not only you will return my freedom to me but you also have to be my woman, ah no, my slave! Otherwise, I will harass you!”

“As a samurai, I must comply with the contract. Thus, this is the only method that will allow me to use my skills to force that woman to surrender!”

‘Ahahahahahaha!’ Nanako was so contented with her own scheme. She laughed loudly in her mind.

This was an example of forgetting past pains once the wound had healed. If Nanako wasn’t beaten regularly, she would climb up and turn the roof upside down within three days.

At this moment, Nanako had already escaped from the shock she suffered from that defeat. Lately, Lily was so busy that she didn’t mind her much. Nanako’s confidence had accumulated to the point that it was overflowing!

If Nanako didn’t release her accumulated confidence, she was afraid that she would do something strange to Lily.

Right at this moment, Lily was done with her training. Nanako hastily returned to her bed as Lily walked towards the room. She turned sideways while pretending to be asleep.

“Nanako?” Lily called her outside her door, “Are you sleeping?”
“What… No, not yet,” Nanako pretended to stretch her body, “Master, what do you want?”

“It’s, um… Nanako, can you… help me wash my body tonight?”

Her opportunity came!

Nanako sat up, and through the paper door, she saw Lily’s graceful figure under the moonlight. Her heart began to race!


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