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Chapter 79 – Genji Swordstyle

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1748 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1188 words

At night the dojo was strangely quiet.

Most disciples didn’t stay in the dojo, those that did were junior disciples with long practice hours that had yet to reach samurai level. Those that had become samurais would often come and go to different places for assignments. As a result, it was only the instructors that would remain in the dojo.

Lily couldn’t wait anymore, after she had arranged her things she immediately took out the book of “Genji Swordstyle.” She walked out to the backyard, and sat under the thousand-year sakura, reading from the light of a garden stone lantern.

She was startled as soon as she started to read her book.

It turned out that the “Genji Swordstyle” wasn’t as magnificent as she imagined it to be. It wasn’t about peerless swordsmanship but ways to discharge the force.

Book One of [Genji Swordstyle] was the first stage of Genji Swordstyle. When she had mastered this part, she could raise her base power by fifty percent.

For example, if the strongest base power her arm could release was one hundred kan, then applying the method detailed in the first stage of the Swordstyle would allow her to reach one hundred and fifty kan!

Book Two of [Genji Swordstyle], namely the second stage of Genji Swordstyle, could double her base power.

Book Three, or third stage, when mastered, could increase her power up to one hundred and fifty percent, which was 2.5 times stronger!1

That would mean, with one hundred kan base strength, her base power could reach two hundred and fifty kan after she mastered three stages of Genji Swordstyle.

This was such an abnormal martial art! It didn’t mention anything about techniques or styles, it directly increased base strength!

In the book’s foreword, Yoshitsune mentioned that in a real fight you wouldn’t have a chance to use many complicated techniques within a short time. You could only improvise and use the most practical and reasonable strikes. You must be able to kill the enemy or disable him within one strike, depriving them of their fighting capacity.

It could be seen that Yoshitsunewas a pioneer who had concentrated on practical fights. He had used his experience to create the concept of the samurai’s foundation in the Heian period.

Of course, this was just the theory. To learn the essence of his experience, one must increase their base strength by changing the way their force was released, which in turn would benefit them in real battles. And, only the ones that bought “Genji Swordstyle” could learn such techniques.

The Genji Swordstyle had nine volumes in total. However, no matter how much anyone spent, one could only buy the first six books. The last three books were only imparted to the official and most excellent disciples of the Genji Dojo.

The Genji Clan also restricted the samurais from borrowing Genji Swordstyle to read and learn without buying the books. Each samurai who bought the series would be registered. Once they found someone who didn’t buy the Swordstyle but still used it anyway, they would be harshly punished.

None of the samurai families, even the famous ones, dared to challenge the Genji Clan’s iron law. The only family that could resist was the Taira, which had its own unique technique. The [Taira Swordstyle]. They had no need to learn the Genji Swordstyle.

Thus, Lily didn’t dare to let Nanako and the others read the [Genji Swordstyle] she had purchased. In the event it was discovered, they would directly punish the user, without tracing back to the original source. Genji’s way of resolving issues was also influenced by Yoshitsune, which was brief and practical.

Additionally, not only did the Genji Swordstyle improve penetration force, but it also improved the ability to channel the muscle’s forces. Thus, if the force was used to enhance the legs, the user could accelerate much faster. However, the speed couldn’t be increased proportionately to the strength.

If applied to the waist, stomach, or back, the user could enhance their ability to make a sudden shift in directions, or increase flexibility to dodge surprise attacks.

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Lily glanced down at her heaving breasts. Her current power level was already plenty strong, if she applied the Genji Swordstyle then that power could be more than doubled. Moreover, her swordplay would grow along with the boost of her base strength!

Aside from the methods to channel force, Genji Swordstyle naturally had all kinds of highly effective techniques, which were all based on speed and simplicity. After all, the method for channeling forces would only work when appropriate sword techniques were applied.

The swordstyle also mentioned some fundamental concepts of unique techniques, but Yoshitsune didn’t write his secret and unique techniques in the books. He clearly said that, “Even if you read all of my books, you cannot find these unique techniques. The real techniques are what suit you best.”

What Yoshitsune wrote were methods to create techniques using the concepts, thoughts, and one’s personal circumstances. He didn’t write about any specific techniques in the book.

However, Yoshitsune also reminded that one should at least master the third stage of his swordstyle before attempting to create their own technique. Otherwise, they would only be waving their hands and legs in vain. An unstable foundation could only serve to mess up their way with the sword.

When Lily finished reading, though she didn’t understand the content thoroughly, she did agree with Yoshitsune. She trusted him unconditionally and respected Yoshitsune as she constantly found herself nodding her head while reading.

The first book had rich contents but it didn’t have more than ten thousand words2. After Lily finished reading, she put the book inside the sash between her breasts and waist3. Then, she decided to practice for a while.

When she practiced the first strike, she had a feeling that with the guide of the swordstyle many things had changed. She could perceive them more easily and accurately.

Perhaps she was really a genius with the sword. She had gained so much in almost an instant, and could feel deeply the marvel of the Genji Swordstyle.

However, even so, Lily had practiced late into midnight and she found that her progress in harnessing the forces was extremely slow. Currently, out of the hundred times she wielded her sword, the best result was only increasing her base power by not more than one percent! It turned out the Genji Swordstyle was much more difficult than she had imagined!

Although she was a genius, it was still really hard to put it into practice.

After everything, Lily could only barely increase her power by one percent. The effect was trivial. However, it was really late at night, and she had practiced until she was damp with sweat. As she breathed out, a faint white mist could be seen exhaling from her mouth.

‘I will call it a night for now. Tomorrow, I still have to go to Lady Sakiko’s place to learn about the tea ceremony. I need to wash up and rest,’ thought Lily as she rubbed her rosy cheeks that trickled with sweat.



  1. Silva: Hm… ok… so with each stage, her power increases by 0.5 times?

    Robinxen: If it was cumulative then there’d be serious balance issues. God would need to release a patch.

  2. Robinxen: So it’s basically a school essay on swordsmanship?
  3. Silva: This was originally translated as: her gridle between her breasts

    A girdle between her breasts? That’s confusing af, though I know what it means. I imagined Lily stuffing the book in between her breasts xD

    Robinxen: I prefer that interpretation. I mean this is basically an anime in word form right? Anime girls keep stuff in their breasts all the time, and we know Lily has the rack for it.

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