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Chapter 81 – Lily’s Bath and Nanako’s Scheme

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2437 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1593 words

Her beautiful, graceful body glowed under the blue moonlight.

Lily was indeed a little tired tonight. The collar of her yukata opened, showing her shoulders. She breathed heavily as she had focused on practicing the Genji Swordstyle. She had almost drained her strength.

The transparent, hot sweat covered her neck, her shoulders, and her two plump breasts, as it rolled down. Her back was so wet that a small triangle area of her clothes became soaked. Also because of the sweat, the white fabric covering her rear end now stuck on her skin, outlining the two full halves of hers. They were shivering, releasing the heat of a young woman after intense exercise. 

Nanako pulled the door, trying to suppress her excitement as she was about to achieve her goal. She said, “Should I go prepare your bath right now, Master? Although your body odor is really thick now, Master, as Nanako is your slave, how could I be choosy? I have received the order.”

“Ah?” Hearing her words, Lily blushed. In her original world, that was what they called pheromones. But as they were all women, should they pay attention to something like this too? 

Lily didn’t want to see her body anymore since that feeling could very easily cause a disorder in her mind. 

Although it was a little embarrassing, Nanako’s eyes looking at her made her somewhat insecure. Anyway, sooner or later, she had to come to this step. She just needed to get used to it then. 

Actually, Lily once thought about asking Shiu to bathe her. But then, she recalled that she had asked Nanako to bathe her before. If she changed her mind now, it would affect the prestige of her mastership. 

“Then please come with me,” Nanako suddenly moved closer.

“Eh?” Lily was bewildered. She felt that something was amiss, but there was no clear distinction, so she reluctantly followed Nanako. 

Her heart began to race. 

She was supposed to enjoy her slaves serving her like a queen. But why, when it was between her and Nanako, it felt like Nanako was the one ordering her to go to the bathroom at the corner of the yard. Would she stripe her clothes under Nanako’s instruction too?

She thought that, although the story remained the same, the entire context changed with some of the details changed. The comfortable feeling would turn into an embarrassed and insecure one.

No, she couldn’t let such an atmosphere continue. She didn’t want to bring trouble onto herself. 

The two of them went to the corner in the North-West of the courtyard, where they had stacked pebbles to make a small area. A big smoothened rock stood by the side with an unadorned stone lantern. But what’s inside the lantern was a burning incense stick.

A channel was dug beside the rock to let water pass, and adjacent to the wall was a wooden pavilion with three sides surrounded by logs. This pavilion had a top but without a base. 

There was a big wooden barrel inside the pavilion, already filled with water. 

Since Lily was now a samurai, she also had maids of the inner institution serving her. They would come and help out with some housework after a busy day with Sakiko. When they finished their tasks, they would leave the place. 

Nanako looked at the wooden barrel, and said, “Master, take off your clothes.”

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“Err,” Lily was baffled, “Don’t, don’t say it out loud…”

“Eh? Master, of course, you have to take off your clothes to take a bath. Just put your clothes at the side before you get into the barrel. Isn’t it how it works?” Nanako anchored her hands at her waist as she looked at Lily.

Lily’s face turned red, and she said with a frown, “Alright, then help me take off my robe.”

‘Nanako is a girl anyway. It should be better to let her see the senior sister’s body than me.’

Lily was both proud and nervous. She lifted her head, closed her eyes and gently raised one arm as though she was a noble lady. 

Then, she felt a soft body coming closer to her. A pair of small hands pulled and took off her clothes, which wasn’t done elegantly. 

“Hmph…” It didn’t feel like someone had helped her take off her clothes. It felt more like she had been forced to strip off. Why was this little girl so rough? Sheesh, she hadn’t been trained yet! 

Lily wanted to tell her to stop several times, but still, she decided to be patient. 

“I need to become familiar with all of these. No matter what, it’s better than doing it myself. I must calm down…”

Lily closed her eyes. The soft and smooth fabric that covered her body rattled while sliding along her body. Then, Nanako took off the last piece of cloth on her body…

Nanako pushed Lily’s waist and buttocks towards the wooden barrel. 

This little girl was lacking in manners. It didn’t feel like she was treating her master but playing with her toys instead!

However, as Nanako had taken off all of her clothes, she couldn’t stop this. It was too late. As long as the girl didn’t do anything strange, she would just ignore her. Regardless of how subtle her behavior was, it was a fact that Nanako was still serving her. 

Lily didn’t resist Nanako pushing her. She closed her eyes as she climbed into the barrel to soak her body in water. With her exquisite intuition, it wasn’t a hard task. Although she thought the way she climbed into the barrel was refined enough, she always felt someone gazing at her.

But she wasn’t concerned about the gaze as it came from a girl. Nanako looked like a little girl despite the fact that she wasn’t young anymore. Perhaps, she was a little curious about the feminine figures of a mature woman. It wasn’t hard to understand. 

As Lily sat in the wooden barrel, she could feel the sakura petals scattered on the water surface. Lily closed her eyes while enjoying the waves and tender scent of the flower, it was quite a special feeling.

At this moment, Lily felt so relaxed. She never imagined that soaking in a bathtub with closed eyes would feel so relaxing… 

‘This is pure bliss.’

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In recent days, she had gone through an assassination attempt, a tense Samurai Conferring Ceremony, and even selflessly devoted herself to practice the swordstyle. Now, all her accumulated fatigue was washed away by the bobbing warm water… 

At this moment, Nanako’s heart was throbbing. Finally, this was what she had always been waiting for. And now, with the real thing in front of her, she seemed unable to endure much longer.

“Oops, the towel to wash that woman is dirty now. Oh, lucky me, there’s an extra towel there,” Nanako took the towel off her nose, which now had a streak of blood.

‘Well, I’m lucky that this woman’s a little dumb. She actually had her eyes closed!’ Nanako thought to herself.

Seeing that Lily had both arms placed beside her body as she sat in the water barrel with her bosom wide open, Nanako thought that her chance finally came. 

“Hmph, I will make you embarrassed this time! I will not only humiliate you but also make you recognize how weak you really are, that you do not deserve to be a master. Then, I will force you to cancel my life-time contract. Hm, guess I’ll start with this big bosom that always upsets people…”

Nanako sent spirit force to her small hands and reached out to rub Lily’s big and soft breasts with cleavage as deep as the ocean. 

However, right at this moment, Lily gently tilted to one side, leaning against the wall of the wooden barrel. Her splendid black hair softly fell to her side. 

“Why is this woman so defenseless? Good, watch me…”

When Lily closed her eyes, she looked even milder. Her faint breath came out through her nose and her breasts jiggled with a set motion.

“Er?” Nanako was stunned just as she was about to take action.

Whether she was exhausted due to the series of stimulating events these days or from the hardship of the training. Lily actually fell asleep while soaking in warm water with her birthday suit.1

And now, Nanako was hesitating. She was skeptical and feeling a little chaotic, “Are you kidding me? Is this big-breasted woman really an idiot? Can’t she feel my ill-intent towards her? She… fell asleep just like this? She wasn’t cautious at all! How could a careless woman like her want to be a samurai and go on an adventure? She would be bullied!”

“Does she… trust me a lot?”

“Tsk!” Nanako told herself, “Although this is a very good chance to subdue this woman, it’s not the way of the samurai to ambush a sleeping woman! Today… I will, well, just let her go then.” 

With that thought, Nanako blushed, her eyes somewhat slackened. She held a clean towel and pouted a little in discontent. However, her hands were carefully and meticulously doing the job of cleaning Lily’s body. 

“Next time, when she’s wide awake, I will show her, humph!” Nanako thought and rinsed the towel. She turned around and confirmed that Lily was still sleeping. She picked up Lily’s clothes and put them close to her face, then she breathed in. Her heart pounded frantically when she took in the scent. 

 “This is sister Lily’s smell…”2


  1. This means naked, in case you didn’t know.
  2. Robinxen: Pervert detected. I approve.

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