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Chapter 62 – Look at Me!

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The old director’s original name was Zhang Dahai. He had killed many, many people, causing a huge public outcry back then. However, due to his identity, agile mind, and experience as a former police officer, his identity was never traced.

At that time, he was called the “Ghost Child” by the outside world because investigations revealed that most of his victims were from families with despicable parents. The vast majority of these families had parents who had done things that made people feel they were not just unqualified, but deserved a thousand cuts upon hearing about them.

For example, in one case, both parents were addicted to gambling and owed a huge debt. However, instead of waking up from this, they took a crooked path. They broke their child’s arms and legs and threw the child out on the streets to beg to pay off their debts.

This was why many believed Zhang Dahai was the “hitman” hired by those pitiful children.

Case after case, too many people died. Naturally, these children without caretakers were taken by Zhang Dahai to his orphanage through his business connections from his past and police relationships.

Initially, he did intend for these children to have a fresh start under his care.

But gradually, he changed. These children became his tools, used for killing, gathering intelligence, or venting his desires.

Shen Shuyun followed him for a while and discovered that Zhang Dahai didn’t change but only revealed his true nature.

This man’s mentality was extremely twisted. He felt that these children owed him a great debt for his immense grace and should do these things for him. He also had a pedophilic fetish due to his childhood and enjoyed harming children to satisfy himself.

So in fact, these children’s lives didn’t improve after coming to him. Instead, they entered another hell. What was even more terrifying was that after gathering together, these children underwent a collective and drastic change in mentality due to his influence.

In other words, after a big scumbag gathered a group of blank slate children, these children became little scumbags.

This was completely contrary to Zhang Dahai’s original intentions, but he himself was unaware of it.

To take him down, Shen Shuyun chose to use the ability she had since she was a child: communicating with ghosts.

She went to all the crime scenes and brought out every ghost there.

During this time, these ghosts hid within her, constantly whispering in her ear.

The vast majority of those killed were problematic themselves, except for some innocents later on.

Those killed in the early stages, not to say they were innocent, but they weren’t all good people. Being around such a large group of ghosts for a whole year, it was a miracle Shen Shuyun didn’t go insane.

In the end, she used these ghosts to kill Zhang Dahai and all the children he had adopted.

A total of one hundred and thirty-eight people.

The most tragic were the children she burned to death in the dormitory.

Killing these little scumbags was intentional, as they too needed to be redeemed.

And the reason for going to such great lengths to gather these ghosts together was related to these little scumbags.

From the conversation between Shen Shuyun and Zhang Dahai, Bai Yu understood everything. She didn’t want to comment on it, only knowing that Shen Shuyun was also a lunatic. If she guessed correctly, this woman had each ghost kill their own child.

And the reason she could enter the Scum Game became clear.

Killing so many children fit the requirements of the Scum Game very well.

“Without me, they would have turned out this way too.” Zhang Dahai remained lying in the same position. “At least I let them experience a whole new life, didn’t I?”

“What if I catch those brats outside and threw them in front of you? Could you still say that while looking at them?”

Shen Shuyun narrowed her eyes. Sure enough, when these words came out, Zhang Dahai fell silent.

He was most familiar with the situation of those little ghosts in the school. He just didn’t want to actively face it.

And just as he fell silent, Shen Shuyun suddenly changed her tone, “Never mind, since I could kill them once, I can kill them again. This time, I’ll let them be truly free.”


“What, having regrets? Don’t worry, I won’t let you see it. I’ll kill you before killing them.”

The butcher’s knife plunged into Zhang Dahai’s heart, but such an attack had no effect on him.

Bai Yu kicked Shen Shuyun away, and the blood threads on her body burst out, frantically devouring Zhang Dahai’s body.

This time, Zhang Dahai could feel the pain, and it wasn’t ordinary pain. It was the kind of heart-piercing pain that was unbearable.

For a while, pig-like howls echoed through the second floor of the cafeteria.

Soon, Zhang Dahai truly died, becoming a part of Bai Yu’s body.

Leaning against the wall, Shen Shuyun watched this scene and suddenly began to laugh wildly.

Bai Yu didn’t know what Shen Shuyun had learned from her “reminiscing” with Zhang Dahai, whether she had found the answers she sought in her heart.

But it seemed she found what she was looking for.

Bai Yu wondered, what was the significance of such a simple event for Shen Shuyun?

Was her way of regaining her memories really just by chatting and reminiscing with Zhang Dahai?

She wasn’t Shen Shuyun and couldn’t understand her thoughts.

She was just certain that the process of seeking answers didn’t necessarily have to be intense, as long as it was profound enough.

At this time, Lu Liangting was still standing behind the door. His gaze shifted from Shen Shuyun to Bai Yu, as if he understood something yet understood nothing at all.

Shen Shuyun came with him, and this place seemed to have deep meaning for Shen Shuyun. The girl in the white dress came to help Shen Shuyun, and the two seemed to know each other before.

For some reason, he suddenly felt a little empty inside.

Regardless of the outcome, all of this reflected one thing: the girl in the white dress didn’t appear because of him, Lu Liangting. Saving him was merely incidental.

But it didn’t matter. Even if it was a coincidence that she saved him, it was still saving him.

If it weren’t for her, he would have been dead for sure this time, in a much more dangerous situation than at Sunshine Apartments.

Lu Liangting took a deep breath and stepped forward, extending his hand to Bai Yu.

“Thank you so much this time. I wanted to thank you properly when I was at Sunshine Apartments, but I never had the chance. By the way, my name is Lu Liangting.”

Upon hearing this, Bai Yu only glanced at him before turning her head away, showing no intention of shaking his hand.

Lu Liangting’s hand paused in mid-air, feeling a little awkward for a moment. He had no choice but to retract his hand, scratching his head helplessly.

He didn’t know if it was his misconception, but he always felt that Bai Yu seemed to be full of wariness and hostility towards him, even though he didn’t do anything.


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