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Chapter 61 – What Are You Afraid Of?

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Life’s ups and downs are probably like this.

A moment ago, Lu Liangting had made preparations for his imminent death, opening the wooden door with the determination to die. But the next moment, although the door was open, the red-clothed ghost that had been smashing the door was now beaten half to death by another ghost.

Crucially, he had seen this newly arrived fierce ghost before, more than once.

A minute ago, he had even mentioned her to the two ghosts in his hands.

It was still the same familiar white long dress, paired with the same sickly white skin.

The same cold and proud little expression, the same devastatingly beautiful profile, the same bright red butterfly hairpin.

The only difference was that she changed from low twintails to a side ponytail?

Although it looked good, it felt a bit strange for a ghost to keep changing hairstyles.

Lu Liangting couldn’t help but subconsciously wonder, did she change her hairstyle herself?

Following this thought, he couldn’t help but imagine Bai Yu with the current cold and proud expression on her face, sitting in front of the mirror, looking at herself from left to right. She would let her hair down, holding the red butterfly hairpin in both hands, frowning and pondering for a long time, and finally deciding that a side ponytail suited her better.

After tying her hair, she looked at her “brand new” self in the mirror. On her pure and lovely but aloof little face, a shy smile involuntarily appeared, looking extremely beautiful. Then she realized something and hurriedly suppressed her smile, her pure black eyes flashing a trace of panic. She continued to pretend to be serious, but her face was still shyly flushed.

‘Will this, will this be cuter?’

‘No, why am I doing this? I don’t care about his opinion at all!’

Noticing that Bai Yu was still staring at him, Lu Liangting came back to his senses, but he only took half a step back.

Listening to the red-clothed old ghost’s howls and questions, and looking at his miserable appearance, he thought that the image just now seemed to have some discrepancy with the reality of the situation.

Lu Liangting didn’t know what was wrong with his mind. It was probably the aftereffect of being overly tense and then suddenly relaxing.

He shouldn’t be thinking about this now, but rather why she had appeared here. Wasn’t she a ghost of Sunshine Apartments?

If she wasn’t a ghost of Sunshine Apartments and could leave, then why did she happen to come here?

And happened to appear, saving him from danger once again.

Bai Yu flung the old director’s broken body away, knowing that he wanted to escape through the wall. The moment he hit the wall, blood threads sealed the ground and the wall behind the director.

Unable to pass through the wall, the old director fell to the ground.

The blood threads at his wounds writhed in large patches, and his injuries visibly healed. However, he was too severely injured, and it would take a long time for him to fully recover. During this time, Bai Yu could kill him hundreds of times.

The long blade in her hand disappeared. This thing was made of blood threads, the same material as the blood threads in the old director’s wounds.

Bai Yu didn’t know what these blood threads were called. In short, these blood threads were an important component of a ghost, especially powerful fierce ghosts.

Ordinary ghosts were mostly black mist formed from obsessions, while blood threads were an advanced form of that black mist.

“Huff, huff, hehehe, I knew you would come back.” The old director, lying on the ground, suddenly laughed instead of paying attention to Bai Yu.

Ghosts don’t feel pain, or in most cases, they don’t. He didn’t feel much pain now even after being beaten like this by Bai Yu.

The old director was probably in his sixties. His situation was somewhat similar to Bai Yu’s. He still retained the appearance of a living person, without a terrifying appearance. Aside from his pale skin and pure black eyes without whites, he could pass for a living person at first glance.

He had a large frame, and it was evident that he exercised regularly. He had a clean and neat crew cut, and his face was full of traces left by the years, but it could be seen that he was quite handsome when he was young.

It was just that the blood colored coat reeking of blood on him was chilling.

Through Bai Yu’s research, the color of a ghost’s clothes could indicate their approximate strength.

Ghosts without red clothes might not necessarily be weak, but ghosts in blood colored clothes were definitely not weak.

Just like the so-called “red clothed female ghost” in legends, those four words gave the impression that the other party had strong resentment.

“You still remember me?”

Shen Shuyun walked over and stood beside Bai Yu. She stared at the fallen old director, her eyes neither sad nor happy, but anyone with discerning eyes could see that she was suppressing her emotions.

“I can see your ugly soul, heh heh heh.” The old director rolled his eyes, a mocking smile on his face.

“How does it feel to be entangled by so many ghosts? Not very good, right? I’m even puzzled. How did you survive and even bring, hmm… such a monster to find me? She didn’t kill you first? Turn you into something like me? I really want to see the agonized expression on your face as a living person becoming like this.”

“Hey, girl in the white dress, how about a deal with me? You help me turn the guy next to you like me, and I can let you experience true bliss you’ve never felt before.”

“You died so young, tsk tsk tsk, what a pity. You haven’t even been intimate with a man, have you?”

“Don’t worry, we’re both ghosts. I can let you experience it.”

“After all, I was quite experienced when I was alive. I’ve helped many little girls your age.”

“Do you want to know what expression they had back then? At first, they would show a pained expression, their eyes filled with tears like a pitiful little beast. But I knew not to be deceived by their expressions at that point. I should have been even rougher.”

The old director didn’t say it directly, but everyone knew what he wanted to say.

Even Lu Liangting, who was standing to the side, couldn’t help but glare, cursing “scum”.

But Bai Yu just stood there, silent, without even changing her facial expression. After the old man, who had been chopped into a human swine, finished speaking, she said indifferently, “Don’t waste my time.”

Naturally, she was speaking to Shen Shuyun.

As for the old director, she could see that this old thing was afraid, so he deliberately provoked her, wanting her to kill him.

“Zhang Dahai, if I were you, I absolutely wouldn’t talk to her like that.” Shen Shuyun’s eyelids twitched. This old thing wanted to die, but he better not drag her down with him.

“I never thought I’d see you again. You know, I’ve always regretted it all these years. I should have let you die a more painful death back then.”

“I should have skinned you and pulled out your tendons, hanging you in front of those dogs you raised, letting them see you disemboweled.”

“But I didn’t come here for that today.”

“You only need to answer one question for me. Have you ever regretted it?”


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