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Chapter 63 – She Has Me in Her Heart!

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Lu Liangting had always felt that Bai Yu was extraordinary. She was the kindest ghost he had ever seen. But in his impression, such kind ghosts were always the ones being bullied.

This was also normal because the kinder a ghost was, the shallower their obsessions. How could a ghost without obsession become powerful? They were bound to be bullied. On the contrary, the more powerful the ghost, the deeper the obsession, supported by immense resentment, so how could they be weak?

So he didn’t understand why it was like this. Such a kind ghost possessed such powerful combat power.

So powerful that it was ridiculous.

The guy blocking the door outside, he knew, easily took down those few ghosts. This kind of strength was top-notch among all ghosts.

And when the girl in the white dress appeared, how long had it been? She almost killed this ghost in a few moments.

At most two more strikes, and that ghost would have died.

But that wasn’t even the key point. The key was, how much time had passed in between?

From the moment the red-clothed ghost stopped knocking on the door to when he opened the door, it couldn’t have been more than three seconds, right?

To beat a red-clothed ghost to such a state in three seconds was simply unheard of.

However, even with such powerful strength, she didn’t go out and harm others. Instead, she helped people everywhere. Just take himself as an example, this was at least the fifth time she had saved him from the clutches of death.

Then there was Shen Shuyun, who was clearly a good person, while the ghost on the ground was a scumbag.

Shen Shuyun didn’t have the strength to take revenge, so the girl in the white dress helped her take revenge.

Lu Liangting suddenly understood why she always had a cold face. This was probably a kind of self-protection.

Only by making herself look strong and unapproachable would others not provoke her.

And for her to possess such power yet die at the age of fifteen, it was truly difficult to imagine what she had gone through in her life.

Just thinking about it made his heart ache. Such a kind and gentle girl, yet she had to disguise herself like this.

Could it be that she also wanted to make friends but was afraid?

Lu Liangting felt that he had contacted many people in similar situations and should be able to see some of it.

He chose to trust his intuition.

Forcing it wouldn’t work. Only time could slowly make her let down her guard.

Of course, the premise was that he had the opportunity to keep in touch with her.

Thinking of this, Lu Liangting spoke again, “I, I really don’t mean you any harm. I just want to be friends with you because I think you are a very, very gentle person. But if you don’t want to now, that’s fine.”

“Just please believe that I’m not a bad person.”

As soon as these words came out, before Bai Yu could say anything, Shen Shuyun, who was leaning against the wall and had laughed herself tired, looked over.

She looked at Lu Liangting with eyes full of emotion.

One could only say that a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger. The protagonist always has this personality.

If he knew that the so-called gentle girl in front of him had actually killed a four-digit number of people, what would he think?

Bai Yu had killed more than a thousand game participants, but the most she had killed were actually the NPCs in the story.

But everyone knew that those NPCs were living people too, so it was no wonder Bai Yu was called Doctor.

One should know that her former title sounded much more vicious than her current one.

But there were people fiercer than him, like Zhao Mingyue.

Zhao Mingyue didn’t directly say such things. She directly made decisions for Doctor, and Doctor acquiesced.

I wonder if Zhao Mingyue has been eaten by the brats at the youth center.



Meanwhile, Youth Center.

Zhao Mingyue held her solid magic stafff with both hands, standing inside the dance studio of the youth center.

The side quest 【Red Dance Shoes】 was located here.

Looking at this dance studio, Zhao Mingyue frowned tightly. Why would a school converted from an orphanage and relying on donations from kind-hearted people have such a dance studio?

The dance studio was on the third floor, with an area of about one hundred square meters.

“Where exactly are the shoes?”

The weak flashlight beam swept across the room, revealing only stacked chairs covered in thick layers of dust.

The innermost wall was a mirror, also covered in thick dust. Plus, due to the lighting, she could only see a blurry figure of herself in the mirror when standing very close.

She needed to find the red dance shoes here and put them on.

But after searching the entire room, she couldn’t find a trace of any shoes.

Coming to the front of the mirror, Zhao Mingyue shone her flashlight on it. She didn’t know if it was her imagination, but she felt that the person in the mirror was not her. The face was hazy, and the figure didn’t quite match, a complete stranger.


A shadow flashed by in the mirror. Zhao Mingyue turned around abruptly, but there was nothing behind her.

“An illusion? No, there’s something!”

Zhao Mingyue turned back, and the “her” in the mirror had become a ghost in a school uniform, her face rotten and crawling with maggots.

The ghost grinned viciously and suddenly pounced from the mirror.

Zhao Mingyue was not flustered at all. She fiercely smashed the solid magic staff in her hand towards the ghost’s face.

Zhao Mingyue didn’t know if this thing could cause damage to ghosts. She counterattacked instinctively.

She had started regretting coming here because she realized she had no effective means of harming ghosts.

However, as soon as this magic staff smashed down, a large amount of blood threads actually surged from the tip.

The blood threads exploded when they came into contact with this female ghost, who couldn’t even let out a miserable cry before turning into a puff of black smoke.

Zhao Mingyue stared blankly, blinking in disbelief as she looked at the magic staff in her hand.

She knew very well what this blood thread was.

Thinking back to how decisively Bai Yu left, she suddenly understood and felt a warmth in her heart.

“It turns out she cares about me so much.”

“Hehe, with Big Sister Yu’s treasure, I don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

Muttering to herself, she smashed the mirror in front of her.

The next moment, she froze.

There was a twisted mummy behind the mirror, and the red shoes she was looking for were on the feet of this mummy.

“Burying a corpse behind the mirror, wouldn’t the girls practicing here face a corpse every day…”

Zhao Mingyue fell silent, beginning to realize that the principal of this school might not be as good as she had thought.

“It’s okay, as long as I don’t encounter living people, just ghosts, it’s fine!”

At the same time, someone outside the youth center raised their head and looked at the light on the third floor.


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