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Chapter 60 – Am I Seeing Things?

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Lu Liangting had no idea what else he could do. It wasn’t that he was willing to give up, but he really had no other options. He was trapped with no way out, and even worse, the ghost at the door wasn’t an ordinary ghost. If he dared to open the door, he would definitely die.

Ghosts aren’t human. If it were a human, he could still try to fight back.

But that thing outside only needed a simple ghost wall, and he would be like a headless fly, crashing around the second floor of the cafeteria.

However, he hadn’t fallen into despair yet. Even in this desperate situation, he still maintained his basic composure.

Since he couldn’t get out, he would let the two ghosts who had helped him many times escape. This was the only thing he could do for them.

“Don’t struggle, don’t refuse. You two are different from me. Your lives were already miserable, and your dying wishes haven’t been fulfilled. It’s my fault for not being strong enough. I always need you to save me, but I can’t keep my promise.”

“I’m sorry again.”

Lu Liangting could feel the pen in his hand trembling slightly. Even the envelope he rarely used and usually kept as a last resort emitted a chilling aura.

Both ghosts wanted to come out, but he forcibly suppressed them.

Coming out now would be suicide. The ghost outside was too brutal and terrifying. It even had the habit of eating ghosts. The few ghosts that came before were dismembered and devoured by it.

“If you can get out, find another host. I can recommend a place called Sunshine Apartments. On the fourth floor lives a girl named Zhao Mingyue. She’s a good person. She will help you.”

“Oh right, there’s also a female ghost in Sunshine Apartments. I don’t know her name, only that she wears a white dress, is fifteen or sixteen years old, very pretty, with a red butterfly hairpin on her head. If you meet her, you can also ask her for help.”

“And the fifth floor, absolutely, absolutely do not go up there!”

As he said this, the wooden door behind him could no longer withstand the assault.

In fact, Lu Liangting knew that the guy outside was doing it on purpose. He could clearly pass through the wall to enter, but he insisted on smashing the door. It was also normal, many ghosts and monsters had the means to enhance their strength by devouring the fear of the living.

Constantly smashing the door gave a sense of oppression, which was better than directly passing through the wall.

However, this also indirectly indicated a problem. The ghost outside possessed remarkable intelligence.

The premise of scaring people through such means is that the ghost can think of it. But most ghosts are like single celled organisms, only repeating slaughter and death, acting on the obsessions and instincts from their lives.


A crisp sound came, the sound of the talisman shattering.

Lu Liangting’s heart tightened. He simply took a step back, his hand resting on the door handle.

With a slight push, the ghost outside could enter.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Liangting chose to accept the fate brought about by his arrogance.

He knew this place was dangerous, but he still came to find Shen Shuyun regardless. This was the price of his impulsiveness.

“Remember what I just said!” Lu Liangting gave one last mental instruction, his other hand resting on the handle of the butcher knife protruding from the zipper of his backpack.

This thing had been stained with a lot of blood and was more effective against ghosts than things like peach wood swords.

He was going to use this to buy as much time as possible.



“It’s definitely him.” Shen Shuyun stared intently at the burly. tall red-clothed old man at the door of the back kitchen on the second floor, feeling a bit dry-mouthed.

She licked her lips. “Doctor, don’t you want me to complete the task? Kill him, no, leave him half alive, and I can complete the task. After it’s done, I can tell you the true identity of a certain someone.”

The old director’s current strength was very powerful. She could hardly deal with ordinary fierce ghosts, let alone this red-clothed fierce ghost.

If she hadn’t changed her identity, she could naturally toy with the other party. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible now.

The good news was that there was a terrifying monster by her side.

She had guessed Bai Yu’s identity and said it out loud, not because she was seeking death, but because she wanted Bai Yu to unleash her true power and stop hiding.

As for whether Doctor would kill her afterward, who cares!

Countless blood threads surged in her palm, eventually forming a blood-red long sword.

The blade pointed diagonally to the ground. Bai Yu’s left hand condensed blood threads into two thick chains that coiled around. She took half a step forward, her figure ethereal and strange, disappearing and reappearing ten meters away the next moment, already approaching the old director who was smashing the door with a savage grin on his face.

Her left hand slammed the wall, the conical tips of the chains wrapped around her arm piercing into the wall. The two thick chains were like a flood dragon leaping into the sea. Half a meter away, they emerged again, their bodies drawing a semicircle forward and then plunging into the wall again. In less than half a second, they stabbed beside the old director.

Only then did the old director notice Shen Shuyun and Bai Yu’s figures. His face greatly changed because a chain with a sharp tip was sweeping towards his feet from the wall beside him.

Faced with this situation, his first reaction was naturally to leap up to avoid his feet being entangled.

But the moment he jumped, Bai Yu’s figure became ethereal, instantly appearing in front of the old director.


The long blade in her hand was raised diagonally, tearing through the air with a terrifying wail. The old director only saw a flash of the blade pass beneath him, and his legs lost all sensation.

Having just jumped up, the old director couldn’t even dodge. He could only desperately twist his body.

But that deadly long sword was simply unavoidable, its speed too fast for his eyes to capture. With just a few flashes of blood lines, he also lost sensation in his hands.


A deep, bone-exposing cut appeared on his throat. His chest could only be described as chilling. At this time, if he lowered his head to look, he could even see the situation behind him through the sword wound on his chest. His eyelids twitched, finding it hard to believe that a sword could cause such damage.

All these injuries were inflicted in the short time he was in the air. And when he landed, the blade was already waiting for him.

Originally tall and burly, he now resembled a violently dismantled toy.

To be honest, the old director was stunned.

He had only made one wrong decision, which was simply to jump.

How much time could there be from jumping up to landing?

When the chains swept towards him, he could either retreat or jump, a split-second decision.

At this moment, the wooden door beside them creaked open. A blade that hadn’t yet struck paused in place.

Four eyes met.

Lu Liangting stared blankly at Bai Yu, and Bai Yu also turned her head to look at him.


Lu Liangting’s throat rolled. He naturally saw the old director still hanging on the blade from the corner of his eye.


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