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Chapter 59 – Lu Liangting: My Life Is Over

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No. 652’s task was very important. Bai Yu wanted to know the changes in her after completing the task, so as to understand why the Scum Game arranged it this way.

She had never encountered such a situation before, and it happened to be in the final mission.

For No. 652, what would be the difference between completing the task and failing?

There were too many things she wanted to figure out, so today, even if she had to hold a knife to No. 652’s throat, she would make her complete the task.

Speaking of which, she really wasn’t worried about Zhao Mingyue. She had left a backup on Zhao Mingyue and couldn’t really let her go on an adventure without any safeguard.

Additionally, she was basically certain that the old director wasn’t at the youth center. The most likely place is the cafeteria.

This old ******* liked to eat people, and the aroma of meat wafting from the cafeteria was self-explanatory. Coincidentally, the ghosts of those he had eaten were also here, and these ghosts were generally not strong, so the old director was highly likely to be here, or in that classroom.

Of course, there was one thing she could confirm, Lu Liangting.

If the person who came is really Lu Liangting, then the old director was definitely in the cafeteria.

Lu Liangting is the protagonist. She believed in the main character’s attraction to the BOSS.

Passing through the weeds, Bai Yu glanced around.

She was also a ghost, and her perspective was different from that of the living. In her vision, the entire school was shrouded in a layer of thin blood mist. Under this blood mist, shadows flashed by, and the walls of the school buildings were more or less covered with thin blood threads.

And on the building with the blood-drenched word “Cafeteria” written at the entrance, hidden in the darkness, she saw the thickest red mist.

Even if the old director isn’t in the cafeteria, he definitely frequents it.


Bai Yu’s sense of smell wasn’t very keen, but the smell of meat in the cafeteria was like magic, completely ignoring her sense of smell and lingering at the tip of her nose.

“This is it. Let’s go.”

Bai Yu’s figure was illusory. In front of Shen Shuyun’s eyes, Bai Yu had already appeared in the cafeteria in a flash, instantly moving nearly ten meters in the blink of an eye.

“Tsk, what a terrifying guy.” Although she said this, Shen Shuyun still followed her in.

With such a teammate by her side, she felt much more at ease.

Entering the first floor of the cafeteria, Bai Yu looked at the empty hall. The smell of meat in the air was much stronger. She could even hear the bubbling sound of something boiling, like soup being simmered.

In addition, there was a dull banging sound coming from the second floor of the cafeteria.

Looking at the black mist that had yet to fully dissipate in the first-floor hall, there was no need to guess what had happened here.

When Zhao Mingyue was still in the dormitory building, she saw three ghosts heading towards the cafeteria, all attracted by the sound.

And these three ghosts must have engaged with the old director, resulting in a tragic death.

“Did Lu Liangting come with you?”



The one being chased upstairs was definitely Lu Liangting. Bai Yu felt a headache. Why did she encounter him every time, and every time it was this kind of situation?

She needed to go upstairs and take out the old director. When that brat saw it, he would definitely be moved again.

At the same time, Lu Liangting was currently hiding in a room in the back kitchen on the second floor of the cafeteria, desperately holding the door shut to prevent whatever was outside from entering.

It was quite unfortunate, really. He knew there was a task here and came to find Shen Shuyun’s whereabouts. When he arrived at the cafeteria, he found that the door wasn’t locked, so he simply pushed the door and entered.

When he went in, following the light of the flashlight, the cafeteria had long been emptied, and the interior was full of dust and cobwebs, looking like it had been abandoned for many years.

Yet the smell of meat lingered, wafting from an unknown source.

He searched the entire first floor but couldn’t find Shen Shuyun or the source of the smell, so he went to the second floor.

After reaching the second floor, he followed the smell to the back kitchen and, on a whim, opened that black wooden door.

There was indeed something in the back kitchen. It was a black shadow. When it saw him, it seemed startled and disappeared in a flash, leaving only the large iron pot bubbling on the stove.

In this environment, entering the back kitchen of the cafeteria and seeing a ghost cooking something in a large iron pot, it was impossible for Lu Liangting not to go and take a look.

Coming to the large pot, he shone the flashlight on it and saw what was being stewed inside.

He didn’t know what was being stewed, but it was a thick, dark brown paste with a hint of blood.

As soon as his hand grabbed the ladle on the large iron pot, the cold touch came. Suddenly, the smell of meat in the air disappeared, replaced by a nauseating stench, like the smell of a highly decomposed corpse.

But it was also at this time that something came up from downstairs, carrying a strong burnt smell.

Through the window of the cafeteria, he saw a burly old man in a blood-red coat walking up the stairs. At first glance, he thought he was a living person.

He saw this old man, and the old man also saw him.

This ghost could even speak, in a very fluent manner, with very normal logic and tone. Talking to him even gave a very comfortable feeling, as he controlled his tone and speed very well.

He didn’t say much, just asking him to open the door, claiming that several terrifying ghosts had arrived outside.

In the meantime, he didn’t open the door or communicate with the ghost, the ghost’s behavior became more and more out of control, going from knocking on the door to forcefully smashing it.

Strangely, what the ghost said was true. Three horrifying fierce ghosts did come upstairs from below, and they were not on the same side.

Then he saw the situation of ghost fighting ghost, with one side completely overwhelming the other.

After those three ghosts were taken down, the blood-clothed old man smashed the door with even greater force.

If it weren’t for the talisman Chen Yun gave him hat strengthened the wooden door, he wouldn’t have been able to hold it.

Unfortunately, the talisman’s effect was quickly fading.

Initially, Chen Yun’s talisman could kill the ghost on Li Nan’s back with a single strike, but against this ghost outside, even such a powerful item couldn’t last half an hour.

“My life is over.” Lu Liangting held a pen and a red hairpin in his hand.

These were his two helpers, but the problem was that even combined, they were no match for the one pounding outside!

If there was still a way out, it would be fine, but now he was trapped in the back kitchen, with the only exit being the wooden door behind him.

“I promised to help you two fulfill your wishes. I’m sorry, I broke my promise.”

“The outside world is far more terrifying than you and I imagined. I’ll create an opportunity to send you out. Once you’re out, run fast.”


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