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Chapter 58 – This Is Hope

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The two humans and one ghost each had their own concerns at the moment.

Shen Shuyun was thinking about her own task and how to find the old director, while Zhao Mingyue’s thoughts were more complicated, mainly because of what Shen Shuyun had just said.

She knew Bai Yu’s past was very mysterious, and she had never mentioned her past to her. However, in her view, this wasn’t important. She didn’t necessarily have to understand Bai Yu’s past, she just didn’t want to become a burden and liability for Bai Yu.

Bai Yu’s past wasn’t simple, and she was now attached to Zhao Mingyue’s body. If Zhao Mingyue was weak then no matter how strong Bai Yu was, she would be restrained.

So perhaps she also needed to make some small changes.

For example, completing some tasks on her own when Bai Yu left her.

Thinking of this, Zhao Mingyue became more determined.

Yes, that’s what she would do!

If she didn’t become stronger, today there could be a flirtatious ***** reaching out to Bai Yu, and tomorrow there would be even more little vixens coming to seduce her!

After all, who wouldn’t like such a cute little ghost girl like Bai Yu?

Even worse, some men might come.

An eternally young ghost who could only attach herself to you for life, understanding, and considerate, hiding in your shadow during the day to secretly protect you, and appearing at night to help you share your worries and solve your troubles. Who wouldn’t like that?

Bai Yu’s “old friends” from the past must all be familiar with her.

Not to mention her friends, even if it were herself, after learning about the situation, she would definitely be moved.

This sense of crisis rising in her heart made Zhao Mingyue determined.

Her deep, bright eyes seemed to contain a myriad of stars as she stared intently at Bai Yu’s figure from behind, secretly clenching her little fists to cheer herself on.

Bai Yu sensed something from the front and glanced back at Zhao Mingyue.

This girl’s outfit today was very ordinary, a light gray casual outfit with white sneakers, her hair casually tied up in a ponytail.

One could only say that her foundation was enviable, from her stunning face to her temperament, everything was impeccable.

But no matter how good-looking she was, it couldn’t conceal the fact that she was still just a high school girl.

Just now, Zhao Mingyue had almost clashed with No. 652, all because she was still too young.

Most of the time, she was very good, at least not like those other foolish, sweet manhua heroines. Her occasional little flaws made her seem more like a young student.

In many cases like hers, the more sensible they were, the more heartbreaking it was.

No longer thinking about Zhao Mingyue, Bai Yu looked up at the building not far away.

She was thinking, since this place was No. 652’s memory, would the other game participants also have similar situations? This task was obviously not a coincidence. If the other game participants would also have such an opportunity…

What about herself?

Would she also return to that monastery?

Would she also need to find her memories through the ghosts who died miserably there?

If those who died there would become ghosts forever lingering like at this school, would she be able to see her again…?

“Big Sister Yu.” On the way to the youth center, Zhao Mingyue suddenly pulled Bai Yu’s arm from behind.

“What’s wrong?”

“I still have a few tasks to complete. I, I want to try them myself!” Zhao Mingyue’s eyes were determined as she pointed at Shen Shuyun, “You go with her first. You two have things to do, right? I’ll wait for you here in half an hour.”

“No!” Bai Yu uttered, her voice soft but her tone decisive.

“Let me try. Everyone needs to grow. I think you were like this before too. Without hardship and danger, how can there be growth? I can’t let you protect me forever, and we don’t have much time left!”

Zhao Mingyue had learned these lines from a certain manhua. She definitely couldn’t have thought of them herself.

Based on her understanding of Bai Yu, these words would be the most effective, certainly more useful than whining and rolling around.

“You’re right.” Bai Yu spoke after two seconds of silence. Hearing this, Zhao Mingyue was delighted, but before she could speak, she heard Bai Yu add, “But in a sense, I can protect you for a lifetime.”

“Ah, this…”

Zhao Mingyue found it hard to imagine Bai Yu saying this with such a straight face, as it didn’t match her usual demeanor!

Her cheeks felt slightly hot, and her ears turned red. Zhao Mingyue felt that although this indeed didn’t fit Bai Yu’s image, these words really touched her.

“What you said isn’t wrong. Hardship and danger can make one grow. It’s just that you overlooked one thing. Hardship and danger can also make you a corpse before you grow.”

“Living under someone else’s wings isn’t entirely a bad thing.”

Saying this, Bai Yu turned around, her gaze returning to Shen Shuyun. She glanced at the direction of the cafeteria and then at the youth center not far away.

“If you really want to try it alone, you can. We’ll meet here again in twenty minutes.”

Bai Yu’s quick change of heart caught Zhao Mingyue off guard, forgetting all the words she had prepared.

“Um… Okay.”

Leaving Zhao Mingyue behind, Bai Yu said to Shen Shuyun, “Let’s go to the cafeteria.”

“Whatever you say.”

Walking along the path towards the cafeteria, Shen Shuyun’s face revealed a smile when they could no longer see Zhao Mingyue, You’re not worried about leaving her alone?”


“Hehehe, as long as you’re sure.”

The atmosphere fell into silence. Shen Shuyun couldn’t figure out what Bai Yu was up to, saying she would leave Zhao Mingyue behind to do her task alone.

“She’s just a child who hasn’t even grown up. I don’t understand why you’re so good to her. Even if you really want to use her to complete the mission, there’s no need to go this far.”

After a moment of silence, Shen Shuyun spoke again.

She could see that Bai Yu’s attitude towards Zhao Mingyue was off, not at all for the sake of the task.

Developing real feelings for a story character was very dangerous.

That’s how the Scum Game is. If it saw through your thoughts, then after the mission was over, it would open up one last task.

This task would be about the character you fell in love with.

Failure meant death, and no one knew what would happen if the task was successfully completed, as no one had ever succeeded.

“Stop talking nonsense. Go complete your task. If you can’t complete it, I’ll kill you.”

“Kill me? That’s my own task, right? Didn’t you say that failure has no punishment for you?” Shen Shuyun frowned.


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