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Chapter 57 – Why Does It Smell Like Vinegar?

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To be precise, what Shen Shuyun needed wasn’t to find her memories. This place was her memory, so of course she didn’t need to find it. As long as she arrived here and saw the school gate, it was impossible for her not to have these memories.

What she truly wanted was just an answer.

It was quite laughable. If she saw someone else with this thought, she would definitely mock them for playing house like a child.

But it was simple. She just wanted to know if the old director had ever repented for his actions, nothing more.

Everyone involved was already dead.

Whether the other party repented or not, what did it matter?

His death was the greatest significance.

Like a child, killing someone and still wanting to know if they had repented for their actions was a joke in itself.

And because of this joke, Shen Shuyun hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for a very long time. Whenever she closed her eyes, the first thing that surfaced was this school.

“I was actually thinking that with my current strength, I definitely wouldn’t be a match for that old *******. Without the help of those ghosts, I’m nothing. But it seems I don’t need to worry about that anymore.”

Shen Shuyun’s eyes were playful. She had figured some things out.

Bai Yu’s appearance wasn’t a bad thing for her. At least she could gain an additional top-tier combat force on her side.

As for whether she would be killed after the task, that didn’t matter anymore.

She had no confidence in capturing Lu Liangting, and failure would also result in death.

“I never thought there would come a day when I would join forces with you monsters.”

“Stop wasting words. Explain the situation in more detail.”

Now that the main character was found, the first step was to understand the situation here clearly.

The difficulty of this task wasn’t low. Sunshine Apartments had a ghost as strong as Xiao Lian, so logically speaking, this task should also have a “BOSS” type character.

Initially, she thought the “culprit” who caused the tragedy, No. 652, would be the strongest, but this person was now standing right in front of her, so that could be ruled out.

“Let’s talk while we walk.” Shen Shuyun stood up from the principal’s seat and stepped towards the door.

Passing by Bai Yu, Shen Shuyun gave her a deep look.

In fact, she had already guessed Bai Yu’s identity, with at least seventy percent certainty, if not ninety percent.

If she wasn’t mistaken, it should be the “Doctor”.

She had once encountered him before, but nothing left a deep impression, except for those eyes, or rather, that gaze.

At that time, her strength was already not weak, having made a name for herself among all the participants.

But when facing that monster, with just a single glance, she couldn’t even muster any thoughts of resistance. It might sound a bit exaggerated, but that feeling was something she could never forget in this life.

It was a sensation of having a blade pressed against her throat, as if her head could be severed at any moment. In her eyes, “Doctor” standing there was like an unsheathed longsword, ready to strike at any time.

Thinking back on it later, it was quite normal.

After all, the Doctor’s previous nickname was Sword Demon.

She had killed too many people, only later being called the Doctor.

“Let’s cooperate.”

Walking out of the principal’s office, the previously silent Shen Shuyun suddenly spoke.

“I mean long-term cooperation.”

Turning around, with the campus hidden in darkness behind her, Shen Shuyun’s smile was like a blooming flower.

“You know, at most only two people can win in the end, the possibility of fighting alone until the end is minuscule. Your strength is great, but you’re also a targeted threat.”

“To them, you’re the biggest danger.”

“They’re looking for you. After finding you, they’ll form a small alliance that will last until after your death.”

“How long can you hide by her side?”

“You’re not confident you can hide for long either, right? You can’t possibly protect her forever.”

As she spoke, Shen Shuyun deliberately glanced at Zhao Mingyue behind Bai Yu.

It went without saying who she was referring to.

Zhao Mingyue frowned deeply. She had noticed Shen Shuyun’s gaze.

Before she could speak, Shen Shuyun suddenly took a step forward, coming within a meter of Bai Yu, completely opposite to how she had been on high alert in the principal’s office.

At that time, it was her first time seeing Bai Yu and her identity was immediately exposed, so it was hard to avoid feeling flustered.

“Let’s cooperate. I can tell you who the others are respectively.”

Cooperation, of course, required displaying one’s value.

Shen Shuyun was slightly taller than Bai Yu. She stared into Bai Yu’s eyes, becoming increasingly certain of her guess.

She had to admit, this feeling was indeed too thrilling. Her entire body was tense now.

But she felt the reward would outweigh the cost.

Cooperating with the Doctor was something she didn’t even dare to think about before.

“No need. Thank you for the offer.”

Bai Yu didn’t speak. Zhao Mingyue pulled her back first, shielding her from Shen Shuyun.

“No need? You’re deciding for her?” Shen Shuyun laughed.

“Yes, I’m deciding for her.”

“Is it your place to speak?”

Shen Shuyun’s smile didn’t diminish, even carrying a hint of mockery. If not for Bai Yu’s sake, she would have killed Zhao Mingyue right now.

This time, before Zhao Mingyue could retort, Bai Yu placed a hand on her shoulder, raised her leg, and kicked Shen Shuyun flying.

Her kick was clean and powerful, without any hesitation.

Shen Shuyun was sent flying several meters away, rolling a few times on the concrete ground before finally crashing into a pile of weeds.

“You want to kill her?”

Shen Shuyun supported herself on the ground with both hands, trying to get up, but at this moment, her head was stepped on by a short boot. She froze.

Her body trembled slightly as she strained to look up with her eyes, only able to see Bai Yu’s snow-white legs.

“Heh, hehehe, how could I? I was just joking with her. If I wanted to kill her, I wouldn’t have waited until now.”

“I should remind you about my task. There’s a reward for success, but no punishment for failure.” Bai Yu’s words were light as she lifted her foot.

Shen Shuyun crawled out of the weed pile, wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, and remained silent.

“Big Sister Yu…” Zhao Mingyue lowered her head.

Shen Shuyun was right. She shouldn’t have made decisions for Bai Yu.

Normally, she definitely wouldn’t do this. But just now, for some reason, she just felt very uncomfortable.

Shaking her head slightly, Bai Yu vanished on the spot, entering Zhao Mingyue’s shadow.

The atmosphere began to feel a bit oppressive. Shen Shuyun silently walked towards the youth center, with Zhao Mingyue following behind her.

She also had a task.

Unlike Bai Yu, she needed to capture and kill all the hidden little ghosts.

Before that, she wanted to find the old director even more.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t confirm his location now, so she could only rely on luck.

It didn’t matter if she couldn’t find him for the time being. Clearing out the little ghosts was fine too.


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