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Chapter 56 – You’re Seriously Ill

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The girl’s eyes were filled with shock, wariness, and a hint of cruel ruthlessness. Her soul was far from as beautiful as her pure and lovely appearance. Within this shell resided a butcher with bloodstained hands.

The moment she saw Bai Yu, the girl moved swiftly, pulling out a butcher knife with a blood groove from her pocket.

Her stance wasn’t standard nor graceful, yet it gave off a feeling of a coiled venomous snake, ready to strike a fatal blow with the blade in her hand at any moment.

Bai Yu wasn’t afraid at all as she stepped inside.

They were all wearing a layer of skin, so Ghost Face couldn’t recognize her.

“How does it feel to be back here?” Bai Yu’s eyes narrowed beneath her bangs, appearing relaxed yet ready to act at any moment.

She wouldn’t think that just because these lunatics were wearing the skin of a beautiful girl, they only had greater strength while all their other abilities had completely vanished, so she could look down on them. Even if that were really the case, she still wouldn’t let her guard down. This was also a very important skill she had learned in the Scum Game—caution makes for a long-lasting ship.

“How did you find out?” Shen Shuyun tensed her body, slowly retreating behind the principal’s desk while facing Bai Yu.

“You don’t need to worry about that. You just need to know that your appearance here isn’t a coincidence, and I’ve taken on the task of helping you regain your memories, nothing more.”

Bai Yu stood at the door, her petite figure exerting no less pressure on Shen Shuyun than a red clothed ghost.

Her instincts told her that this “old friend” in the form of a fierce ghost could easily crush her to death. This pressure didn’t come from the difference between a human and a fierce ghost.

In other words, even before taking on this body, the other party’s strength could already overwhelm her.

If she wasn’t mistaken, this ghost was definitely among the top five, no, even the top three on the list.

“Help me regain my memories?” Shen Shuyun gripped the butcher knife in one hand, her brows slightly furrowed.

She didn’t know why she had returned, only that it was a good thing. At least, she could figure out some things she never had the chance to before.

She wanted to know if that scum had ever regretted his past actions.

“No need. You’re not even willing to reveal your identity, so how can I trust you? Let me guess who you are.”

“The Doctor? Nightmare? Or Dragon Girl?”

The Doctor ranked first on the killer list, Nightmare second, and Dragon Girl third.

“It can’t be Nightmare. That guy wouldn’t speak as calmly as you. She always makes those annoying giggles.”

Before she could finish, Bai Yu interrupted him, “Is identity that important? I’m just doing a task. Whether you live or die is related to the success or failure of my task. At least for now, I won’t kill you. But if you know my identity, then after the task is over, I’ll definitely slaughter you.”

Shen Shuyun’s expression changed slightly. That was indeed the case. If it was really as Bai Yu said, then not knowing her identity was better than knowing it.

When identities were unknown, everyone was the same. Just like how she could chat idly with other game participants in an alley.

But if they knew each other’s identities, then it would truly be a fight to the death.

“You have two choices. I can break your limbs, tear your tendons, and then help you regain your memories before you die. Or we can cooperate.”

Bai Yu couldn’t be bothered to waste words either. If it weren’t for Ghost Face still posing some threat, and needing to extract information from her mouth, she would have already broken this person’s arms and legs. Though after breaking them, how to bring her along would also be a problem.

If not for the task’s restrictions, chopping off her head and carrying it would be the most convenient and efficient way.

Ghost Face wasn’t one to dally either. After hesitating for less than two seconds, she nodded in agreement. “I have some things I want to find out here, and you need to complete your task. I don’t care who you are. Let’s cooperate for mutual benefit.”

She didn’t say what would happen after the matter was done, because that would be stupid.

Once everything was finished, was there even a need to think? The other party would kill her first.

Rather than being killed now, she might as well see how things develop and then find an opportunity to escape with Lu Liangting.

Yes, escape with Lu Liangting.

In her view, whether it was the Doctor or Dragon Girl, they would kill both her and Lu Liangting together.

As for why?

Didn’t you see Zhao Mingyue standing outside?

She was the female lead! That rabbit mask also said the other day that the capture targets weren’t limited to just Lu Liangting.

“Let me ask you something. Tell me truthfully, what are those ghosts in the school?”

“You mean those ghosts attracted by sound? Hehehehe, those are all ghosts even more resentful than me. What, did you fight them?” Shen Shuyun pulled out the principal’s chair and sat down, but her tense nerves still hadn’t relaxed.

“Killed one.”

“Killed, killed one?” Shen Shuyun’s expression turned strange, but thinking about it, it was normal.

Whether it was the Doctor, Dragon Girl, or those ranked fourth and fifth, their strength was all ridiculously high.

“Those ghosts aren’t from this school. I brought them, or rather, the past me brought them. Their identities aren’t students here, but the parents of the students here.”

“Parents?” Zhao Mingyue, standing beside Bai Yu, was puzzled upon hearing this word.

“Yes, I think you might not be very familiar with this place. Let me put it this way. The original owner of the position I’m in now was a complete pervert who liked to eat people and also enjoyed adopting other people’s children.”

“And this place used to be an orphanage, specializing in adopting children.”

“I think you understand now. That old ******* would scout for prey, infiltrate the family, kill the parents, and then adopt the orphaned children as the director of the orphanage.”

“And as it happens, I was one of those children.”

“You mean the old director? Wasn’t he a good person? Why would he?” Zhao Mingyue didn’t understand. She couldn’t comprehend how such a person could be a cannibal.

“Heh, why? How would I know why? That day, I dug open his chest and ripped out his heart, asking the same question as you. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell me the reason.”

Shen Shuyun spoke as if she were talking about the most ordinary thing, with an eerie calmness.

“Not only me, everyone was also asking the same thing. I remember that night, a total of one hundred and twenty ghosts surrounded me, asking the same question.”

“But I couldn’t give them an answer. I couldn’t exactly say I was going to kill that ******* along with his damn children.”

At this point, Shen Shuyun finally showed a different expression. She smiled, a very faint smile, yet she looked very happy.

“I didn’t expect to come back either, but this is exactly what I wanted.”

“When I was alive, I couldn’t ask, couldn’t see. Now that they’re dead and have become ghosts, they’ll surely speak, right?”


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