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Chapter 55 – Old Friend

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The Scum Game had tasked her with helping No. 652 regain her memories, but Bai Yu could only confirm that No. 652 was one of the game participants. She didn’t know who exactly it was, but regardless, they were all her “old friends”. As long as they weren’t among the most troublesome ones, it would be fine.

When she saw the face of that monster at the door, a familiar figure surfaced in Bai Yu’s mind.

This fellow’s nickname was “Ghost Face”, though some preferred to call her “Beast Face”, not because of her abilities, but because of her disfigured, terrifying face, her most obvious feature.

In the Scum Game, no one wanted to reveal their name to others, and they didn’t know each other’s codes either. But as time passed and they experienced many worlds, everyone had more or less come into contact with each other. So based on the other party’s prominent features, they would come up with nicknames, which spread over time.

As for Ghost Face, Bai Yu hadn’t had much contact with her. She only knew that her ability was related to fire and poison, and she was also a ruthless killer.

Of course, those who could survive until now to participate in this task were definitely not easy to deal with.

As for why Ghost Face had become like this, she would find out soon.

In the fourth floor corridor, Ghost Face was about to leave. She didn’t find Zhao Mingyue’s figure here, and there was another sound coming from the cafeteria, so she was going there to catch that little thing.

Just as she turned around, her gaze captured a short figure.

“Hiss… I’ve found you…” Ghost Face’s voice was hoarse and obscure. Her voice was very soft, but it could reach Bai Yu’s ears as she stood at the stairwell. This feeling was like someone whispering in your ear.

Ghost Face stood in the corridor. Her two and a half meter height and skeletal, slender body, with a neck twice as long as an ordinary person’s, resulted in an extremely twisted and frightening posture. Imagine encountering such a monster face to face in a silent corridor after midnight.

But Bai Yu was calm and composed. She walked towards Ghost Face step by step, her right hand opening, blood threads surging and condensing in her palm into a blood-red long sword.

The long sword was shaped like a Tang dao, with a straight and sharp blade, 1.2 meters in length. However, because it was condensed from blood threads, the entire sword was red, and one could see wisps of blood threads surging on the back of the blade.

In Sunshine Apartments, she had almost never used the longsword, always fighting with her fists. One reason was that it wasn’t necessary, and the other was the fear of exposing her identity too early.

“Ghost Face, have you found your memories here?”

The blade pointed diagonally to the ground as Bai Yu spoke softly.

The slender monster had already raised its greasy hands. Hearing Bai Yu’s words, its movements paused slightly, hesitating for about a second. The ghost claws shrouded in black mist suddenly swiped down.

Bai Yu sidestepped, her expression unchanged, as those ghostly claws grazed past her body, the materialized black resentment blowing her bangs aside.

Her pure black eyes without any white faintly glowed red. Bai Yu took a step forward. As the ghost claw beside her body swept horizontally, she raised the long sword in her hand, flipped it upward, and with a slash, the slender monster’s arm was severed.

“Not Ghost Face, no, it should be her, just not her main body…”

The slender monster’s other hand also reached out. Bai Yu casually swung her sword and cut off the monster’s palm. In the spreading black mist, her sword flashed briefly, and the monster’s legs were severed, its body falling forward uncontrollably.


Vertically piercing through the monster’s body, the blade exploded at this moment. The blood threads that formed the blade devoured the monster’s resentful body completely.

This slender monster was only at the level of an ordinary ghost, at most a second-rate one, far inferior to the female ghost Xiao Lian in Sunshine Apartments.

With this level of strength, it definitely couldn’t be the final BOSS of a task location. Bai Yu had a bold guess in her mind. She stood by the railing and looked in the direction of the cafeteria. Sure enough, she saw four or five tall or short things rushing over.

“If we don’t find that person’s main body, these resentments can never be completely cleared.”

“No wonder Mingyue’s words didn’t lure them out earlier. It’s because No. 652 herself hadn’t arrived, so these resentments hadn’t awakened yet.”

Bai Yu had a bit of a clue now, but there was one thing she couldn’t figure out.

What she had just killed wasn’t as simple as a clone. She could devour ghosts to strengthen herself, which was why Bai Yu was certain that thing just now was a ghost, not a part of No. 652’s power that had split off.

So the question was, these ghosts obviously couldn’t be the resentment from No. 652’s death.

Then what exactly were they, and why did they bear her face?

To know the relationship between these ghosts and No. 652, she probably had to find No. 652 herself.

Bai Yu vanished from her spot, entering Zhao Mingyue’s shadow.

Zhao Mingyue was still hiding behind the door, completely unaware of what had happened outside, until she heard Bai Yu’s voice in her heart.

“That thing has been dealt with.”

“Dealt with!?”

Zhao Mingyue blinked and opened the door to take a look outside. Sure enough, there was nothing.

“What happened outside just now?”

“Just an old friend.”

“You have friends here too?”

“Yes, and now we need to find her. Once we do, most of this will be resolved.” Bai Yu thought for a moment and still told Zhao Mingyue about this matter, concealing some information such as the task and the Scum Game. As for Ghost Face, it was just as she said, an old friend.

Zhao Mingyue stood in the corridor outside and didn’t hurry to leave.

She listened to Bai Yu’s explanation and fell silent for a while.

“Big Sister Yu, I think if your friend is the culprit and has come back for some reason, it’ll be simple to find her. We just need to go to the principal’s office. There’s a high probability she’ll be there.”

“Also, could those ghosts you mentioned be brought by your friend, just like the two of us?”

Zhao Mingyue’s words made Bai Yu’s eyes light up, feeling like everything suddenly made sense.

This task was clearly unusual. These ghosts might not have originated from within the school, but could have been brought in from outside.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Mingyue nodded and tried her best not to make a sound. To protect her safety, Bai Yu didn’t bother hiding in her shadow anymore, manifesting to accompany Zhao Mingyue.

It was proven that as long as they didn’t make a sound, there would indeed be much less trouble.

Perhaps it was because of the monster’s return, but the little ghosts in the school had all quieted down.

Bai Yu and Zhao Mingyue followed the concrete path and successfully reached the school building behind the dormitory.

The principal’s office was on the third floor of the school building. As soon as Bai Yu arrived, she saw the broken chains on the ground and the half open principal’s office door ajar.

“You stay outside.”

Bai Yu stepped forward and pulled open the door of the principal’s office.

Inside the principal’s office, a very pretty and cute girl suddenly turned her head.

“Ghost Face, have you found your memories?”


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