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Chapter 54 – I Don’t Like Men

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Bai Yu fell silent. To be honest, she also felt it was that guy who came in. Besides him, probably only those lunatics would come here in the middle of the night. But if it was really those lunatics, they definitely wouldn’t expose their flashlight beam.

Based on their usual way of doing things, they would definitely hide in some corner of the school, waiting for Zhao Mingyue to deliver herself to them, then grin hideously and kill Zhao Mingyue in the cruelest way possible.

Speaking of Lu Liangting, Bai Yu didn’t have a very good impression of him. It wasn’t entirely because this guy went crazy for her, but also because Lu Liangting was too “protagonist-like”, which was exactly the kind of character she detested.

Soft-hearted, self-righteous kindness would instead harm those around him. He talked too much, liked to say some empty words, and made promises he had no confidence in fulfilling, like a hypocritical villain.

It had to be said, this was very “protagonist-like”. Perhaps those around Lu Liangting would unconsciously be influenced by his halo and take him as the main character.

Instead, it was her own view of Lu Liangting that was biased.

Just as Bai Yu was thinking about this, Zhao Mingyue covered her nose and spoke, “Big Sister Yu, if it really is Lu Liangting, will you show yourself? He knows you, and he seems to… care about you a lot.”

This was putting it mildly. Based on Lu Liangting’s attitude, if she didn’t know Bai Yu was a ghost, she would have thought Lu Liangting had really fallen for her.

Speaking of which, if Bai Yu pulled another “beauty saving the hero” this time, it would be hard to say.

Who wouldn’t like such a capable, cute, and adorable fifteen-year-old ghost girl?

The only risk to bear was probably that when talking to other girls, she would eavesdrop from the shadows. If she got jealous, she might strangle you to death one night, so that you two could be “together forever”.

Cough cough, those were just jokes. She couldn’t say them in front of Bai Yu.

Otherwise, before Lu Liangting got strangled to death, she would be beaten to death first.

“Mingyue.” Bai Yu suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Mingyue.

“I’m here.”

“Your mind should be on the task now, don’t let your imagination run wild.” Bai Yu narrowed her eyes and stared at Zhao Mingyue. She knew what this girl was thinking without having to guess.

“I can tell you, I don’t like men. If Lu Liangting gets too close to me, I’ll twist his head off.”

Bai Yu’s eyes were fierce, her tone stern and ruthless. Her words sent chills down one’s spine.

Of course, this was for ordinary people.

Zhao Mingyue was different. At times, her little brain was indeed unique. For example, just now, what a normal person would have focused on was the latter half of the sentence. But she only heard Bai Yu say ‘I don’t like men’, selectively ignoring the rest.

“Um… If I say I wasn’t thinking anything, would you believe me?”

Walking out of Room 404, Zhao Mingyue stood by the railing and looked down.

She was on the fourth floor now and could see the general situation of the school. She had wanted to look for the light from earlier, but after scanning around, she found nothing. The school was still eerily silent.

“Not here, or was someone shining a flashlight from outside the school? I hope that person isn’t hiding.”

Zhao Mingyue muttered to herself, her voice not loud but also not deliberately lowered.

The task said not to make a sound. She had done so before, not making much noise on the way here. But just now in the dormitory, her voice wasn’t soft, yet even so, it didn’t attract any terrifying fierce ghosts.

She wondered if the prohibition against making noise only applied to certain specific locations, like the school building.

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhao Mingyue was about to turn around and leave when she suddenly heard a sound, her steps faltering slightly.

The sound came from the first floor, very clear, like something was sprinting up from the first floor. At the same time, a pungent stench assailed her nostrils, a smell even more intense than the stench in Room 404.

The foul stench rapidly approached, the footsteps growing louder, meaning that whatever was downstairs was approaching her position at an inhuman speed!

Zhao Mingyue’s pupils constricted. Without time to think, she darted back into Room 404, closing the door behind her and leaning against it.

When the door was open, the silvery moonlight outside could bring some illumination into the room, not to mention there was also a flashlight.

At this moment, Zhao Mingyue turned off the flashlight and covered her mouth and nose tightly with both hands. Looking at the pitch-black Room 404, she always felt there was something in the room watching her.

Even with the dormitory door closed, it couldn’t block out that stench, as if it was seeping through the walls.

The surroundings were deathly silent, making the footsteps of that thing on the fourth floor particularly clear.

The stench was so thick that it was impossible to discern the distance of that thing. Not that it mattered.

Zhao Mingyue was certain that thing was standing in the fourth floor corridor. It slowed its pace and lowered its voice, walking over step by step.

It would be a lie to say her heart wasn’t pounding. She had thought that making noise wouldn’t attract the fierce ghost, but that fierce ghost had already arrived downstairs.

In the fourth-floor corridor, a human-shaped figure was slowly walking over. It was at least two and a half meters tall, its body slender as if only bones. Because it was too tall, it could only walk with a hunch, making its movements look a bit lame.

It wore an old, tattered black school uniform, with no obvious damage, but somehow still giving off an ancient, dilapidated feeling.

Compared to the figure’s body, this uniform was extremely ill-fitting.

Craning its neck twice as long as an ordinary person’s, it arrived at the spot where Zhao Mingyue had been standing and talking earlier.

If Zhao Mingyue saw this monster’s face at this time, she would definitely recognize it. This thing was the ghostly visage she had seen in the memory.

At that time in the memory, when that unknown person lifted the blanket, they saw a disfigured face lying on the upper bunk, and then the scene disappeared.

Zhao Mingyue clearly understood that the distance between her and that thing couldn’t be more than two meters, with only a wooden door separating them.

In front of and behind the door, two different worlds.

Zhao Mingyue subconsciously held her breath, worried that this monster might directly push the door open and come in.

She really couldn’t understand. When she was on the first floor earlier, she had spoken and made quite a bit of noise. She had also talked in Room 404. This monster never came. But it appeared just now when she was muttering to herself.

Fortunately, she was close to the dormitory. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even have a place to hide.

From the moment the footsteps of that thing appeared to reaching the fourth floor, it definitely didn’t take more than ten seconds.

“Found you, No. 652.”

Outside the door, the monster hadn’t left yet, blood threads sealing off the fourth-floor stairwell.

Even Bai Yu herself didn’t expect this. She hadn’t gone looking for No. 652, yet this person had come out on her own.

“652, so it’s you…”


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