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Chapter 53 – Midnight Cafeteria

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Everyone has a memory sealed deep within their heart, a memory that cannot see the light of day, mostly filled with despair and pain. But because it’s so profound, this memory is often unforgettable and will always find them again one day.

After seeing the school gate and the general situation inside, the most fragile and unwanted memories in the girl’s heart resurfaced.

She was too familiar with this place, something she could never forget in her lifetime.

Every blade of grass, every tree, from the school gate and walls to that dormitory building with slightly blackened outer walls, everything was so familiar, exactly as she remembered.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to forget this place, rather, even if she wanted to forget, she couldn’t. If possible, she would rather never remember anything about this school and orphanage again.

She just didn’t understand why she had returned here.

Wasn’t this world just a mission world, a beautiful and fantastical campus romance manhua world?

What about her own world then? That was a world full of bastards, where old bastards led a group of little bastards to bully another *******, all for the sake of that *******’s child.

She kept telling herself in her heart that the school in front of her was fake, just a coincidence, the same layout but a different story.

But this idea obviously couldn’t deceive herself.

“I’m back. I actually came back…”

At this moment, the girl even forgot about Lu Liangting beside her. She walked stiffly to the front of the gate and grabbed the black iron lock hanging on the iron gate. At this instant, even her last fantasy was ruthlessly shattered.

Could it really be just a coincidence that even the bloodstains on the lock were the same?


The black iron lock in her hand suddenly unlocked by itself and fell to the ground. The rusty iron gate in front of her slowly opened, even though there wasn’t any strong wind blowing.

The girl stared at the dark and silent campus, her eyes somewhat dazed.

Completely ignoring Lu Liangting’s shouts behind her, the girl stepped inside alone.

Behind her, Lu Liangting had said he would separate from the girl. Now, seeing the girl walking in as if bewitched, he hurriedly stepped forward to catch up. However, as soon as he reached the gate, the two open doors suddenly closed with great force.

The iron lock was still on the ground, but no matter how hard Lu Liangting tried, he couldn’t push these two doors open.

Lu Liangting’s expression wasn’t good.

That girl just now, her name is Shen Shuyun. To be honest, he didn’t really find her annoying. He just felt that Shen Shuyun did things in a very strange way, completely disregarding other people’s feelings, and was very violent. Apart from these points, she’s alright as a person.

It would be even better if she could refrain from drawing hearts on his desk with red paint and stabbing knives into it.

There was one more thing. After he found Shen Shuyun, explained the situation, and directly refused, not only did she not leave, but she also stuck to him. That was very unpleasant.

Including this time, Shen Shuyun somehow knew his purpose for coming to Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School, as if she had participated in the task before. Then, no matter what he said, she insisted on following him, saying some strange things like someone wanted to kill him and that he would only be safe with her around.

Helpless and unable to persuade her otherwise, and after she said she also had to do the task, he could only let her come along. Who knew they would run into trouble the moment they arrived at the task location?

With the previous experience of the Xia Han incident, Lu Liangting really didn’t dare let himself and his companion separate again.

Nimbly climbing over the gate and entering the school, Lu Liangting quickly gave chase. But after just a few steps, he realized a problem.

Shen Shuyun had disappeared…

In his line of sight, there was no trace of Shen Shuyun at all. Normally, she couldn’t have gone that far in less than ten seconds.

Lu Liangting shone his flashlight around in a circle. In the direction of the cafeteria, he seemed to have spotted a figure and hurried over without thinking too much.

He clearly remembered the task. He couldn’t make too much noise here, so running was out of the question.

“Sigh, I should still go take a look.”

When passing by the dormitory, Lu Liangting also shone his flashlight inside and looked around, not discovering that Zhao Mingyue had already arrived here earlier than him.

“It’s already midnight. I hope nothing happens.”

The headache was real. For any future tasks, no matter what, he couldn’t bring anyone else along.

It was already very dangerous for him to come to this kind of task location alone. Bringing along a teammate would likely result in both of them not making it out alive.

Such places were very dangerous. The ghosts inside wouldn’t reason with you. If they wanted to kill you, they would kill you.

Not all task locations were like Sunshine Apartments, with kind-hearted ghosts helping out.

Lu Liangting didn’t dare to advance too quickly. He was constantly vigilant of his surroundings.

Unlike Zhao Mingyue, Lu Liangting quickly realized what exactly felt off after entering the school. It was too quiet, without even the chirping of insects or birds.

He knew that making too much noise in this school would attract the BOSS here, the fierce ghost responsible for the school’s tragedy.

At this moment, he noticed a detail. Besides the faint burnt smell and musty odor in the air, there was an additional stench.

However, Lu Liangting didn’t pay much attention to it. He pushed through the overgrown grass, following a small path leading to the school cafeteria.

He walked for five minutes, but it felt like a full half hour.

The uneasiness in his heart never disappeared. He discovered that the stench in the air was getting stronger and stronger, even overpowering the smell from the school building. He also had a suspicion that this foul stench seemed to be following him from behind.

His pace unconsciously quickened. Suddenly, that foul stench clinging to him disappeared, replaced by a rich meaty aroma.

Yes, it was the aroma of meat. Lu Liangting could be very certain that his nose wasn’t having problems.

The aroma of meat was very common. The problem was, it was currently midnight…

Just who would be stewing meat at this hour?

In a daze, Lu Liangting raised his head. He saw a two-story building surrounded by weeds, with nine blood-red characters on the black door.


That meaty aroma was wafting from the cafeteria.

In an abandoned school, the cafeteria actually emitted the aroma of meat at midnight. In this situation, even Lu Liangting couldn’t help but feel his hair stand on end.

“I’ll go in and take a look. I hope Shen Shuyun is inside.”



“Someone’s here!”

At the same time Lu Liangting headed towards the cafeteria, Zhao Mingyue, still in Room 404, instantly became tense.

She didn’t see Lu Liangting’s figure, but she saw the beam from Lu Liangting’s flashlight. Something that couldn’t be imitated by ghosts.

“Big Sister Yu, someone has entered. Can you confirm this person’s identity?”

“Too far, can’t sense it. Anyway, no matter who, be careful.”

“Mmhm, wait… Big Sister Yu, could it be Lu Liangting?”


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