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Chapter 52 – She’s Back

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In this situation, it would be a certain death scenario for an ordinary person. Even if the protagonist Lu Liangting entered, he would die. There were simply too many ghosts, all ruthless and cunning little devils.

Since this was a task location of the same difficulty as Sunshine Apartments, a scenario of certain death shouldn’t appear.

Even if she wasn’t by Zhao Mingyue’s side, it would be normal for Zhao Mingyue to have a chance of survival.

With this in mind, Bai Yu didn’t manifest to capture all the little ghosts here in one fell swoop. She told Zhao Mingyue to just go and complete the task directly, without needing to think about anything else during the process.

Unable to see ghosts, Zhao Mingyue went straight to the bed in the right corner.

Fortunately, this bed still had wooden boards to sleep on. Of course, it was impossible for this bed to be very clean. Besides black charcoal ash, there was also a thick layer of dust on it.

While Zhao Mingyue was still hesitating, she suddenly discovered countless blood threads gathering on the bed, weaving together like a spider web, isolating the dust on the bed.

“Thank you, Big Sister Yu!” Zhao Mingyue knew what was going on. This was Bai Yu helping her.

With Bai Yu’s help, she didn’t dally any longer and directly lay down on that bed, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes.

It was this action that made the little ghosts in the dormitory seem to see something extremely terrifying, fleeing towards the door in a mad scramble, not daring to linger for even a second.

Bai Yu knew that these little ghosts weren’t afraid of her, but rather feared another “thing”.

At this moment, lying on the bed in the corner of Room 404, Zhao Mingyue began counting in her heart.

It was just ten seconds, which would pass quickly.

The task name was “Under the Bed”. If there were no surprises, the ghost should be under the bed. When the time came, she wouldn’t look under the bed. No matter what movement there was under the bed during the process, she just had to keep her eyes closed.

Zhao Mingyue began counting down. She didn’t know if it was her illusion, but time seemed to slow down at this moment. When she reached the fifth number, her consciousness began to inexplicably grow hazy, and the fear she had just suppressed resurfaced.

She had a strange feeling, as if another person’s memories had emerged in her mind.

As time counted down to the tenth second, she wanted to open her eyes, but no matter what, she couldn’t open them. Her entire body was out of control, unable to even perform such a small and simple action as moving a finger.

She wanted to call out Bai Yu’s name and have Bai Yu save her, but she couldn’t make a single sound.

This feeling was comparable to her consciousness waking up while her body entered a state of paralysis.

“I discovered her secret. She wanted to poison the principal. She found out about me. Wait, I know her. Didn’t she die?”

“I didn’t see wrong, it’s her, it must be her…”

“She’s back, she’s back for revenge!”

“I need to tell the principal. No, I can’t. If I go, I’ll definitely die. She’s in the classroom!”

“I have to escape. With so many people, she won’t notice if I’m gone.”

In her dazed consciousness, Zhao Mingyue couldn’t tell if another person’s memories had entered her mind or if she was simply hearing that person’s voice. But why did it feel like she had become this student? Even the fear in her heart was connected.

Zhao Mingyue clearly had her eyes closed, yet she seemed to vaguely borrow another person’s perspective to enter Room 404, or more accurately, Room 404 before the fire.

At that time, the walls were still snow-white, and the sound of children playing could still be heard from the schoolyard outside the dormitory. Everything felt so real.

There was no one in the dormitory, only “him.”

Taking this opportunity, “he” took out a notebook from the cabinet and began writing and drawing, it was a diary.

Zhao Mingyue wanted to see the contents, but no matter how closely she looked, she couldn’t make out the words. This world was so real, yet so illusory.

After writing, “he” took off his shoes and socks and sat on his own bed.

It was the very bed Zhao Mingyue was lying on at this moment.

“He” huddled under the blanket, hesitating whether to tell everyone about this matter. But “he” was also afraid that one of the dormmates was the impersonator.

Time passed, unknown how long. His roommates woke up and went to class, no one noticing that “he” hadn’t gotten up.

“Did that person leave?”

“She should have left. If she wants revenge, her enemies are all in the classroom, so she should go there.”

“It’s so quiet. Is there really no one in the dormitory?”

“There shouldn’t be.”

As “he” muttered to himself, Zhao Mingyue clearly heard another person’s breathing, not from below, but from above.

Intermittent, faint.

‘Don’t lift it up, don’t lift it up, don’t!’

She wanted to warn him, but she couldn’t make a sound, only able to watch as her perspective lifted the blanket…

On the bed, Zhao Mingyue suddenly opened her eyes and jumped down from the bed without a word.

Her eyes were somewhat dazed, chest heaving heavily, face slightly pale, palms sweaty.

She understood why this task was called “Under the Bed”.

The ghost wasn’t under the bed at all!

Instead, she herself was under the bed!

One should know this was a bunk bed, so for the upper bunk, the “under the bed” was the lower bunk.

“What did you see?” Bai Yu asked.

“I saw a disfigured face, and eyes, right there.” Zhao Mingyue pointed to the upper bunk.

Just now, that ghost had been watching her through the gap between the bed boards of the upper bunk.

That gaze was ten times more terrifying than the female ghost Xiao Lian on the fifth floor!

“By the way, Big Sister Yu, how long was I asleep?”

“Ten seconds.”

“T-ten seconds!?” Zhao Mingyue frowned. At least an hour had passed in that memory.

As she spoke, Zhao Mingyue rubbed her eyes. She didn’t know if it was her illusion, but she felt like she had somewhat adapted to the darkness.

The black cell phone in her pocket vibrated. She took it out and glanced at it, only to find out that it was a reward.

【Night Vision +1】

【Willpower +1】

Putting away the phone, Zhao Mingyue couldn’t be bothered to think about the rewards anymore. She hurriedly gave Bai Yu a brief account of what had just happened.

After hearing it, Bai Yu also fell into silence.

“A ghost seeking revenge…”



At the same time, Lu Liangting also arrived at the location on time.

This time, he didn’t come alone. A long-haired girl followed beside him.

It’s worth mentioning that this girl wasn’t his cousin or any other relative.

But rather… a classmate.

As for how he met this girl, that was a long story. It started one morning when he went to the classroom and saw his desk covered in hearts drawn with red paint, and a knife stabbed into it.

Yes, that’s right. The culprit behind this was none other than the girl beside him.

“Listen, I’m here for something very important. I don’t care what you’re here for, but once we’re inside, don’t follow me.” Lu Liangting had just finished speaking when he looked at the girl beside him, only to find her frozen in place.

Her eyes were fixed on the school gate, her body trembling involuntarily.

“How could it be…”


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