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Chapter 51 – Room 404

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From the treacherous laughter to that unfinished plea for mercy, and finally the painful wail, the entire sequence didn’t last more than two seconds before Zhao Mingyue stepped back, only then coming to her senses.

The little ghost had wanted her to come closer to kill her.

Whether it was reaching out to grab the lollipop or leaning over to look at the numbers on it, in the end she would die.

“Thank you, Big Sister Yu. Was that little ghost one of the students burned to death in that class?” Zhao Mingyue asked softly.

People only turn into ghosts after they die. It seemed that only the old director and the pitiful orphan students in that class died in this school.

It was for this reason that Zhao Mingyue had initially let her guard down, instinctively thinking that even if the old director and the children in that class became ghosts, they should still be kind-hearted, with the only one to be wary of being the fierce ghost that killed them.

Facts proved that she was still too inexperienced. She didn’t know if these children became so hateful after turning into ghosts, or if this was their true nature, becoming even more vicious after death.


“Mm, I’ll be careful.”

Zhao Mingyue didn’t want to stay here any longer. She planned to check the upper floors.

Since there were ghosts here, there was no need to mention the upper floors.

Room 404 where the fire occurred was definitely a dangerous area. But there was no choice, the task was there. If she wanted to obtain benefits by completing it, she had to go.

Besides, she finally realized what was strange about this school.

She felt uncomfortable all over as soon as she entered but couldn’t say what the specific problem was. Now thinking carefully, she understood. It was the sound, or rather, the lack of it. This place was too quiet, without a single sound.

It was a summer night in the countryside, so how could there be no sound of insects at all?

Inside and outside the school, the weeds were very lush. When she was outside, insect chirping was everywhere and there were a lot of mosquitoes.

But now, despite being just a wall’s distance away, there was not a single sound.

It couldn’t even be described as tranquil, but dead silent.

In this situation, the dead silent environment and darkness would make one uneasy. Every tiny bit of noise made by oneself would be infinitely amplified, to the point that she herself didn’t even notice that she subconsciously moved very slowly, trying to lower her own voice as much as possible.

Including that little ghost just now, also tried its best to lower its own voice, as if afraid of being heard by something.

She remembered the task brief mentioning to not make a sound, otherwise “she” would be attracted over.

It was okay not to realize this, but once Zhao Mingyue became aware of it, she became even more anxious. She adjusted her breathing, tiptoed to the stairwell, and shone the flashlight upwards.

After reaching the stairs, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was watching her.

The steps were covered in dust, and Zhao Mingyue was already wearing a mask to prevent dust. She carefully stepped on the stairs, each step taken with great caution.

This building, no, this entire school, was hiding dozens of mischievous little ghosts with wicked personalities. They hid in different corners, lurking in the darkness, making no sound. But when you approached them, they would use various means to lead you to your demise.

Now, she had to go to the fourth floor, unable to make any noise while also being wary of the little ghosts hiding in the shadows.

One moment of carelessness and she could be pushed down the stairs.

Traces of student activities could still be seen in the building, like the graffiti on the walls and the darkened handrails.

“Bai Yu, if we kept making sounds, would we attract the big BOSS here? Can you deal with her?”

“Right, we still have to find Xiao Lian’s child. That’s the only way to resolve her resentment.”

“This task feels much more difficult than Sunshine Apartments. I thought Sunshine Apartments was already difficult enough. I didn’t expect it to really be the lowest difficulty.”

Zhao Mingyue chattered non-stop to Bai Yu in her heart. It couldn’t be helped, in this kind of environment, she felt like she would suffocate if she didn’t talk to someone.

The immense mental pressure, coupled with the fear of the unknown, and now she had to restrict her movements and avoid making sounds.

She had no idea what was on the second and third floors of the dormitory building. Any ghost could be hiding in the darkness.

Zhao Mingyue naturally also knew that the one residing in her shadow was very capable in fighting. But fear wasn’t something that could be eliminated just like that, unless she could do the same as Bai Sisi.

Although she couldn’t reach that realm, there was still a shortcut she could take.

Reaching the second floor, Zhao Mingyue took out the rabbit doll from her pocket.

The courage she needed was right here.

Sure enough, holding the rabbit doll in her arms, she wasn’t that scared anymore. Zhao Mingyue practically made it to the fourth floor in one go.

The fourth floor was different from the first floor. On the first floor, Zhao Mingyue still couldn’t feel gusts of cold wind. It was different on the fourth floor. Cold air blew from time to time. A very distinct burnt smell mixed with the smell of decay filled her nostrils. The doors of the four dormitories on the fourth floor were all open, and these mixed smells came from inside these doors.

Room 404 was very easy to find, next to the outer wall.

Another point, the walls of 404 were black, completely different from the other dormitories.

Zhao Mingyue had the rabbit doll at this time and wasn’t very terrified. She directly ignored the situation in 403 and came to the door of 404.

404 had its pure black wooden door wide open. The side next to the corridor had no windows. Zhao Mingyue originally thought the windows would be on the other wall. But when she reached the doorway, she discovered that this dormitory had no windows at all. Or rather, the two windows here had been deliberately sealed off.

Room 404 was clean, with a total of fifteen beds, able to accommodate thirty people in the bunk beds. However, the walls were charred black, and the beds were in a similar state, even the bed boards burned through.

From the traces at the scene, the fire that year was very fierce. No wonder it could burn so many students to death inside all at once.

As soon as Zhao Mingyue entered the room, she subconsciously covered her nose. When in the corridor, the smell wasn’t that strong. Inside, it was completely different. It was still the burnt smell mixed with the stench of decay. And the smell here was even more outrageous than the fifth floor of Sunshine Apartments.

It was as if a fire had just occurred, but the corpses were left here for more than a month without anyone coming to clean up.

The three-blade ceiling fan swayed lightly, unknown if it was the wind or something in the room using this method to welcome Zhao Mingyue’s arrival.

In Zhao Mingyue’s perspective, the room was empty with only the burned beds. But in Bai Yu’s perspective, the entire room was tinted with blood. More than a dozen children around twelve or thirteen years old, burned beyond recognition, stood or sat in the room, sizing up Zhao Mingyue’s body with vicious, venomous gazes.

These children looked far more terrifying than the ghosts in Sunshine Apartments, with at least twenty ghosts in this single room.

These ghosts weren’t originally here, but were hidden in various corners of the school. Only after seeing Zhao Mingyue did they quickly rush back.


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