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Chapter 50 – Guess Who I Am

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Ever since entering this place, Zhao Mingyue felt something was off, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was.

Unlike Sunshine Apartments, there was no strong smell of disinfectant or burnt odor to unsettle the mind. Here, there was no smell at all, not even the chilling breeze that seemed omnipresent elsewhere.

What was more terrifying was the complete absence of excess sound.

The silence around her was eerie; no rustling of leaves, no chirping of insects, nothing at all.

She had the feeling of being in a world where time had stopped.

Standing in front of the dormitory building and observing for a long time, there were only four rooms on the first floor, from 101 to 104. Each dormitory was the kind with bunk beds, accommodating over sixteen people, or even as many as twenty to thirty.

Each dormitory was installed with sturdy burglar proof windows welded with steel bars, probably to prevent students from sneaking out.

The doors, however, were old and worn, plain black wooden doors with nothing but the dormitory number painted on in red.

With the staircase as the dividing line, there were two dormitories on the left and two on the right.

As soon as she entered the dormitory building, Zhao Mingyue was thinking whether she should complete the task under the bed first.

【Under the Bed】

【Task Requirement: After starting the task, enter Room 404 of Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School dormitory building, lie on the lower bunk by the window in the corner to the right of the door, close your eyes for 10 seconds, then open your eyes.】

【I don’t dare go to class, but after they all left, I was the only one left in the dorm. I buried my head in the blanket, afraid to hear her voice, afraid to see her eyes.】

Room 404 sounded ominous, although she also lived in room 404 at Sunshine Apartments.

“Let’s take a look first, completing one task is better than none. Anyway, Big Sister Yu will help me.”

Cheering herself on in her heart, she didn’t take the rabbit doll out of her pocket this time. Zhao Mingyue, holding a flashlight, approached the dormitory room.

The doors of the dormitories were all locked, but it was possible to look inside through the windows.

The window glass was covered in a lot of dust. The light from the flashlight could penetrate, but the naked eye couldn’t see clearly. Fortunately, a piece of the glass at the bottom was broken for some reason. From here, the situation inside the dormitory could be seen.

At the lowest point of the broken corner of the window, the window was a bit low. Zhao Mingyue could only bend down and peer inside through the gap.

Her heart was beating very fast the moment she bent down. She was afraid that the instant she lowered her head, a rotten face or some other horrifying thing would suddenly appear in front of her.

Fortunately, there wasn’t, still eerily quiet.

The light from the flashlight shone in through the gap. As she thought, inside were many iron bunk beds, conservatively estimated to be thirteen sets. If all were occupied, this dormitory could sleep twenty-six students.

This dormitory hadn’t been tidied up, it was quite messy inside. On the floor and beds were many miscellaneous items, mostly things students brought but didn’t want to take back, like an old cotton pants, or a few pairs of unwashed smelly socks.

Apart from some broken toys, some beds also had moldy thin cotton blankets that hadn’t been taken away.

Zhao Mingyue frowned, the light from the flashlight shining on the wall. The wall was slightly yellowed, with many posters and multiplication tables that hadn’t been completely torn off.

Looking at it this way, it was just an ordinary abandoned dormitory.

Of course, that was on the premise of ignoring the more than ten chairs neatly arranged on the floor.

These chairs were placed very systematically, uniformly leaning against the head of the bed, facing inward with the backs facing the window. Only the chair in the middle, closest to the window was facing Zhao Mingyue, opposite to all the other chairs.

A messy dormitory that no one cleaned, yet so many chairs were neatly arranged on the floor…

“What an eerie dormitory.” Zhao Mingyue stood up. She was just thinking if these chairs weren’t for people to sit on, and if at night, every chair had a figure sitting on it, that would be truly terrifying.

After looking at one dormitory, Zhao Mingyue went to look at the other dormitories on the first floor as well.

It was exactly the same situation, the same mess, the same neatly placed chairs.

The only difference was that some chairs faced inward and some faced outward, but no matter the arrangement, there would always be one chair different from the others.

“Is this unique chair hinting at something? If one chair represents a ghost, does this opposite chair mean the ghost has defected, or perhaps, escaped…”

Zhao Mingyue thought of the little boy who hid in the convenience store that day. He had escaped from Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School. She didn’t know if he had returned.

“If not, could this chair represent the teacher, that old director who was burned to death?”

Stepping back a few steps, Zhao Mingyue was about to leave when the corner of her eye suddenly caught something.

It was a face, a livid color, a child not very old.

Just now, that face had been peering at her from behind the window of one of the dormitories, disappearing the moment she turned her head.

Zhao Mingyue wasn’t scared but quickly walked over. Only then did she realize this dormitory was the first one she saw, and the only one with the opposite chair leaning against the window facing outward.

That boy was looking at her from the gap in the window. At that time, she was still thinking if a face would suddenly appear when she looked inside from here.

Carefully bending down, the light from the flashlight shone in.

Unfortunately, she could only see inside through the window, with some blind spots completely out of view.

For example, the wall by the window.

Could that ghost from just now be hiding there, with her face less than a meter away from him?

“Little friend, I mean no harm. I’m here to help you. If you can hear me, sit in this chair in front of me, and I will help you,” Zhao Mingyue spoke softly, her voice not very loud.

After she finished speaking, there was still no movement in the dormitory.

Just as Zhao Mingyue was about to leave, in her line of sight, a lollipop slowly rose from beneath the gap.

“Big Sister, if you really want to help me, grab this lollipop. That way, I can get out.”

The voice also came from below. Zhao Mingyue’s pupils constricted.

The ghost wasn’t beside her, but in front of her!

Breathing a bit heavily, Zhao Mingyue didn’t immediately reach out to take it. “Stand up first, let me see you.”

“No can do.”

“Why not?”

“If I say no, it means no. If Big Sister is really scared, you don’t have to grab the lollipop. As long as Big Sister gets a bit closer and helps me look at the number on it and read it out, that’s fine.”

Zhao Mingyue looked carefully and found that there really were three numbers on it. But they were very, very small. She had to open her eyes wide and get very close to see them.

She didn’t even speak when Bai Yu’s voice came, telling her not to lower her head and to just walk over.

Zhao Mingyue took a step forward. At this time, from her left pocket containing the rabbit doll, a slender arm suddenly stretched out. Those delicate fingers reached in and suddenly grabbed that lollipop.

The instant Bai Yu grabbed the lollipop, two small hands reached from below, accompanied by a child’s mischievous laughter, about to grab her arm.

Zhao Mingyue only saw a blur before her eyes. She found that Bai Yu’s hand had instead grabbed the little ghost’s wrist. Then, she didn’t know what happened. She only heard an extremely painful wail coming from the dormitory. The wrist in Bai Yu’s palm turned into a puff of smoke and was absorbed by her.

“Be careful of the little ghosts here, none of them are anything good. Don’t let your guard down.”


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