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Chapter 49 – The School Dormitory

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Bai Yu was quite puzzled by this sudden task from the Scum Game.

Yes, puzzled. She had never seen the Scum Game show such a side. To give an example, if she and the remaining game participants were gladiators in an arena, entertaining the audience above with blood and life, then the Scum Game was the boss behind the arena.

He would only think of ways to make you die more spectacularly, and how to achieve this point? Naturally, through various tasks.

So today’s task really baffled her.

Why was it like this?

And what was the implication behind this mission?

She instinctively thought, was she supposed to go kill No. 652? That would be both simple and quick. But the information revealed in the task suggested she complete the task in another way, at least not by killing the other party.

And it wasn’t just the task that puzzled her the most, it was a particular line in the information.

Those lunatics also had feelings, their hearts also had a fragile and soft side.

This sentence looked very simple. In other words, don’t look at them committing arson and murder, in fact they were also good people worthy of being saved?

For a comic hero, this kind of mentality might appear. But the Scum Game wouldn’t play that kind of game. You either kill others or get killed by them. What happened in the past doesn’t matter. From the moment you enter the Scum Game, you are a completely new person.

And speaking of which, Bai Yu herself was thinking, was she, this kind of person, also worthy of being redeemed?

And who would come redeem her?

A lunatic with hands stained with blood, if she really encountered this kind of person trying to guide and redeem her one day, she would probably slash them with her knife first.

‘To redeem these lunatics, the prerequisite is to make them obedient, which is much more difficult than killing them. Wait…’

Bai Yu frowned, she seemed to have thought of something.

Never mind what whims the Scum Game was having, was it possible that it chose her for this task because it recognized her strength?

As is well known, muscle preaching is often much more effective than the persuasion of love.

While Bai Yu pondered the purpose behind the Scum Game’s task, Zhao Mingyue had already followed a path overgrown with weeds, clearly long unused, to the outer wall of Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School.

Standing outside, one could only see the outline of this school hidden in the darkness. After getting closer, she saw the general situation. At first glance, there was nothing special. Parts of the school walls were cracked, with large chunks of white paint peeled off.

The schoolyard was overgrown with all kinds of weeds, and the same was true for the open space in front of the school building, with weeds poking through the cracked ground.

Following along the perimeter wall, she arrived at the school gate. The gate was rusty and mottled, a black rusted iron lock locking the gate. The good news was the gate was relatively easy to climb.

The total area of the entire school wasn’t very large. There were only four buildings in total, respectively a four-story school building, a three-story youth center, a cafeteria, and a student dormitory.

After all, this place was converted from an orphanage. The funds for building the school initially also weren’t much. And considering the geographical location here, there wouldn’t be many students coming here to study. Most of them were children from the surrounding villages.

“That old director was really a good person. Building a school here would only lose money right? He had to put in money every year. It’s said that later on it was kindhearted people donations that supported the school.”

“Later because the school couldn’t afford to pay the teachers’ salaries, there wasn’t enough teaching staff. Coupled with the old director’s passing, this ultimately led to the school being abandoned.”

Zhao Mingyue muttered to herself in front of the school gate, the light from her flashlight shining on the outer wall of a certain building.

Unfortunately, the light from the flashlight was a bit weak, not as good as a high-powered flashlight. But it still let her discover some problems.

The outer wall of this building had yellowed and slightly cracked with the paint peeled off due to long-term exposure to wind and rain without maintenance. This was a very normal situation. But in a certain spot, she actually saw the blackening of the wall that would only occur if there had been a fire.

Sunshine Apartments had experienced a fire before so she was very familiar with this. She dared to be certain that spot on that building had experienced a fire before.

“A fire…”

The information she found didn’t mention a fire at all, only a poisoning case, and then a class of children all died.

Now, thinking about it, there indeed seemed to be a problem.

In this small school, everyone ate in the cafeteria. If it was poisoning, then how could it be that only one class died while the other students were fine?

If it was a fire, that would make sense. If the students of that class were gathered together and the windows and doors were sealed, and the classroom was doused with gasoline or something similar, then it could be done.

But that was just a possibility. There were too few combustibles in a classroom, unlike a dormitory…


Zhao Mingyue suddenly turned her head, the light from the flashlight shining towards the other buildings.

This class that was wiped out was a special class. Assuming these orphans all rested in one dormitory, could it be that the culprit set the fire in the dormitory?

The flashlight swept around, but she couldn’t see anything clearly, so could only helplessly return.

“This shouldn’t be the school building, but the dormitory.”

“Can’t see anything here either, still have to go in.”

Zhao Mingyue was the type to act immediately upon deciding. Muttering non-stop, she opened her mouth to bite the flashlight. Rubbing her hands without fear of getting dirty, she tightly gripped the rusty school gate with both hands. Using both hands and feet without any semblance of a lady and not caring about her image at all, she climbed into the school in a few swift moves, her actions clean and efficient.

Landing, she dusted off her hands, shaking off the rust flakes. Holding the flashlight, she carefully walked towards the interior of the school along the cement path.

“Bai Yu, Big Sister Yu, are you still there!” Zhao Mingyue called out to Bai Yu in her heart, crouching and carefully looking left and right. Her steps were slow, each step as if treading on thin ice.

“I’m here.”

“Mm-hmm, it’s good that you’re here. I’m inside now, what should I do? Which task should I complete first?”

After walking a few steps, she arrived in front of that building she saw earlier. It was indeed as she thought, this building wasn’t the school building at all, but the dormitory. It was her fault for not looking carefully just now. Obviously the words ‘Dormitory’ were painted so big in red paint on the front of this building.

Everything in this school was dilapidated. Uniquely, these big red characters were bright red and shiny, as if they had been painted not long ago.

It’s just that, unlike the neat writing elsewhere, these two characters were written a bit distorted. They weren’t exactly ugly, but they gave the feeling of not being quite “right”.


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