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Chapter 48 – The “Doctor”’s Method of Treatment

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Night quietly descended, it was exactly 11:30 PM. Thick dark clouds covered the sky, leaving no stars or moonlight to pierce the frightening darkness.

Today was Friday, tomorrow Zhao Mingyue would be off for the weekend, so even if she slept a little later tonight it wouldn’t affect anything. She had just gotten off work and returned home not long ago before heading out directly, only eating a simple dinner and bringing along her tools.

A large backpack, inside was her magic wand and some food and mineral water. If possible, she wanted to take down the wind chime from the convenience store, that thing would be a divine artifact once she reached the mission location. As long as any ghost approached near her, the wind chime would jingle.

Unfortunately, that belonged to the convenience store, and she was just a small employee after all.

“Sigh, this place is really hard to find.”

Though it was said to be in the eastern suburbs, this place was more like the outskirts of the outskirts. Not only were there no paved roads, but the roadsides were overgrown with weeds. Just beyond lay fields and villages, and this place seemed like somewhere no one was willing to come to, very abrupt compared to the surrounding environment.

Zhao Mingyue stood on the dirt road, one hand holding her bicycle, gazing into the distance. In this thick night, the outline of a school appeared in her vision.

In terms of atmosphere, Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School was much more terrifying than Sunshine Apartments.

In the area around Sunshine Apartments, there were people living around it, coming and going with some signs of life, and she lived there too. But near Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School, the nearest village was at least five kilometers away.

Because it wasn’t by the roadside, not even a taxi could be seen here.

“Big Sister Yu, we’ve arrived. Should we go in?”

After riding her bicycle for more than 40 minutes, Zhao Mingyue’s chest heaved slightly, her forehead covered in beads of sweat.

“Let’s check the task first.”


Placing her bicycle in the weeds, Zhao Mingyue took out the black cell phone from her pocket.

【You have accepted the task: Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School】

【Task Requirement: Arrive at Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School before midnight and survive until dawn】

【Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School】

【Did you know? This place was once a privately run orphanage that housed up to 103 children aged 3 to 12.】

【Some were disabled, some orphaned, and some mentally ill. If the reasons these children came to the orphanage were tallied, there were roughly 12 situations in total. But the situation that accounted for the most was losing both parents.】

【People had nothing but praise for the old director who insisted on taking in orphans even past his sixties. So why did he insist on converting the orphanage into a school?】

【Dead, they all died, that special class of orphans.】

【Shh, don’t speak, don’t make any sound, you must hide well. Don’t let her find you, otherwise you’ll join us too.】

【Hoho, found our little cutie. Why are you looking at me like that, are you scared? Come, yes, get a little closer. I have something to say to you.】

【Back then, I hid better than you.】

The brief for Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School was very long. Compared to the short single sentence introduction for Sunshine Apartments, this brief was frighteningly long.

Zhao Mingyue read it back and forth a few times but still couldn’t extract any useful information. All she knew was that Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School used to be an orphanage, later converted into a school for some reason. The old director was a good person, and then a class of orphans in this school was wiped out.

And the person responsible seemed to have a grudge against these orphans and was somewhat mentally unstable. Now with the power, they came back for revenge.

“Do you understand it, Big Sister Yu?” Zhao Mingyue even held Miss Rabbit up in front of the cell phone, letting Bai Yu see more clearly.

“There’s a problem with that ghost,” Bai Yu replied with just that.

“A problem? Can you elaborate?”

“You’ll know once we go in.”

If she really had to say what specific problem, Bai Yu couldn’t say for sure at the moment either. The only thing she could be certain of was, this old director definitely wouldn’t be a good person.

“Okay, let me check the subtasks first.”

Zhao Mingyue swiped the screen, revealing the task details.

【Task Contents: The Headless Statue, Midnight Cafeteria Meaty Aroma, Under the Bed, Front Door Back Door, Bathroom Stall Eyes, Red Dance Shoes】

【Note: You only need to complete either “Under the Bed” or “Bathroom Stall Eyes”】

After reading all the information in the task contents, Zhao Mingyue would be lying if she said she wasn’t creeped out.

Her main task was simply to stay in the school until dawn, but that wouldn’t bring any benefits. The real key to the task lay in the “subtasks” corresponding to the task contents.

Only by completing the subtasks would she be able to obtain extra rewards after the task ended.

But these subtasks really weren’t that easy to complete. For example, that 【Midnight Cafeteria Meaty Aroma】.

The specific content of this subtask was like this:

【Task Requirement: After midnight, enter the cafeteria of Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School】

【Fragrant, so fragrant. Student, you must be hungry, right? Such fragrant meat soup, are you sure you don’t want a bowl? It’s the taste of love.】

There was still the aroma of meat in the cafeteria after midnight, just what meat was this, and what ghost was cooking the meat? Zhao Mingyue didn’t even dare to think more.

Deep breaths, more deep breaths. Zhao Mingyue was initially a bit scared, but after hugging the rabbit doll, the fear in her heart nearly disappeared. The difference was very noticeable.

It’s just that the courage Miss Rabbit brought wasn’t her own, but Bai Yu’s.

Yes, Bai Yu.

After hugging Miss Rabbit, that inexplicable immense courage came from Bai Yu. After the horrifying thoughts originally in her mind appeared, she would involuntarily think: ‘Bai Yu was right behind her, there was nothing for her to be afraid of, Big sister would handle everything.’

This courage made Zhao Mingyue sigh with emotion.

Rather than courage, it was more like trust.

That little girl Bai Sisi trusted her sister like this too, right?

Bai Yu didn’t know Zhao Mingyue’s thoughts at this time. Just now, in her perspective, some changes appeared on the black cell phone.

She was very certain Zhao Mingyue couldn’t see this line of text.

【Task: Weak Little Girl】

【Your nickname is “Doctor”, and your method of treating patients often involves decapitating them or piercing their throats and hearts.】

【Doctor, everyone has their own past and memories, the “lunatics” you speak of have feelings too. It’s just that the fragile and soft side in their hearts won’t be easily revealed.】

【Tonight, your task is to help No. 652 recover her memories.】

【Task Reward: ???】


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