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Chapter 47 – Bai Sisi’s Courage

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Lu Liangting was silent for a long time, wanting to say something but not knowing where to start. He had no choice but to put away the “love breakfast,” along with the love letter he received yesterday.

He didn’t know why so many strange girls suddenly appeared to give him things these past few days, as if they had appeared out of thin air overnight.

To be honest, this love was really too heavy, so heavy that he couldn’t bear it at all.

But these things, just throw them away for now, and return them to the girls after finding them. At the same time, have a good talk with them. At this age, they should focus on their studies, as a beautiful future life was waiting for them, so why bother with romance now?

Unfortunately, he really didn’t have time now.

His next mission was about to begin, located at an abandoned middle school in the suburbs of Dongcheng. He had to go investigate and scout out the location in advance. This time, he absolutely couldn’t be like last time at Sunshine Apartments.

At Sunshine Apartments, every time he encountered a life-threatening situation, at least she would lend a hand to help. But at Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School, there wouldn’t be such a kind ghost to help him. After all, such ghosts were too few. He had done no less than ten missions, some simple and some difficult, but this was the first time he had encountered one.

It was a pity that he had no fate with her. To this day, he didn’t even know her name and hadn’t said a single word to her.

Seeing that Lu Liangting was sitting in his seat without moving, Zhao Mingyue rested her elbow on the desk, propped her cheek with one hand, and turned her head boredly to look at the rabbit doll lying quietly on the desk.

“I can understand this feeling to some extent. In the past, there were also some male classmates who would say strange things to me and I would receive love letters and such. But I’ve never encountered this kind of situation. It’s quite scary.”

Zhao Mingyue’s popularity at school was not low. She was the goddess in the hearts of a considerable number of male students.

She had a pure and beautiful appearance, a tall and perfect figure, excellent academic performance, and didn’t go out with other men to party and drink. Her personality was a bit aloof, but her occasional natural ditziness became a very big bonus point.

Think about it, she was only a high school student, yet she was already able to earn money to support herself through part-time jobs. This indirectly proved that she was good at living and wouldn’t spend money extravagantly. She was easy to satisfy and wouldn’t make unreasonable demands. She did things with discretion.

Her appearance was as beautiful as a fairy, almost perfect. And she was so poor. If it were someone else, they might take a shortcut and be kept by some rich old man. One night could be equivalent to more than half a year’s or even a year’s salary.

No need to suffer, the money would come pouring in, her quality of life would skyrocket. She could come into contact with circles that ordinary people couldn’t. She wouldn’t have to live in a dirty and dilapidated rental house. She wouldn’t have to ride a bicycle to and from school. She would have a luxury car to pick her up and drop her off. The only things she would have to bear were other people’s gossip and her own conscience.

And to be honest, compared to the benefits gained, these two points were actually completely negligible.

Even if she questioned herself at first, after a period of time, she would become numb, because the money came too quickly.

But she didn’t do that, even though her phone was old with a cracked screen and outdated performance, and she had to ride a bicycle for more than half an hour to and from school.

Most importantly, her parents had passed away.

In other words, at least when pursuing her, one didn’t have to consider the thoughts of the father-in-law and mother-in-law. When getting married, one wouldn’t even have to give a single cent of betrothal gifts.

After marriage, she wouldn’t even have a natal family and could only depend on her husband forever.

“Bai Yu, Little Sister Yu, can you tell me about your past life? You’re so cute, did any boys confess to you? Did you agree, um… no, that’s not right, did you beat them to death?”

Zhao Mingyue put herself in the shoes of someone confessing to Bai Yu. If she were that boy, she would probably be beaten up badly.

“No, in the past, I was either hunting or being hunted.”

“Ah… are you a gangster or a mercenary?”

Zhao Mingyue didn’t quite understand. Even in this day and age, could it still be so barbaric?



“In that place, only by killing could one survive.”

“Okay, sorry.”

“My past is not important, you don’t need to worry about me.” Bai Yu knew what Zhao Mingyue was thinking.

“Then this rabbit doll…”

“The rabbit… just keep it safe. When you’re afraid, you can take it out and hug it. It will give you courage.”

Zhao Mingyue knew Bai Yu’s personality very well. She wasn’t the kind of ghost who liked to joke around. And just now, that sentence about hugging the doll to gain courage wasn’t a joke. It was something that only a naive child could say.

It was just a doll. How much courage could it bring? It was probably not even as good as the flashlight in one’s hand.

But it was Bai Yu, of all people, who said something that sounded so childish.

Zhao Mingyue nodded vigorously and replied very seriously in her heart.

“I will.”



It wasn’t until several days later that Zhao Mingyue suddenly understood Bai Yu’s words.

It was a message in the black cell phone that reminded her when she was browsing through it.

【Congratulations, you have obtained a ghostly prop】

【Bloodstained Doll】

【Her sister told her not to be afraid at night, Miss Rabbit is your friend, she will protect you in the dark. So on that rainy night, when the killer chopped off her head and dismembered her body, she still didn’t let go of her hand】

【With this prop, you can summon the female ghost: Bai Yu】

【Be warned, this ghost is extremely dangerous, please handle with extreme caution.】

This doll was a gift from Bai Yu to her sister Bai Sisi. One night, something terrible happened to Bai Sisi, and she held onto this doll the whole time.

That’s why Bai Yu said that seemingly childish statement.

Because hidden in this doll was Bai Sisi’s courage. When hugging the rabbit doll, one would be influenced by it, becoming braver and even overcoming fear…

“This time, I will bring Miss Rabbit with me on the mission!”

Sitting in front of the computer, searching for all information related to Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School, Zhao Mingyue secretly vowed in her heart.

“Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School cafeteria poisoning case, 24 out of 36 students in the class died…”

“Eh? This school used to be an orphanage? Why did it become a school?”

With the experience from Sunshine Apartments last time, Zhao Mingyue easily filtered out the useful information this time. It was just that this information didn’t seem to be of much use.

“As expected, I still need to go and take a look in person.”


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