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Chapter 46 – Little Sister Yu Is So Soft and Fragrant

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What’s wrong with the convenience store, what happened between that boy and Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School, whether the thing chasing him is a ghost from the school, and where he went after escaping the convenience store.

These questions were destined to remain unanswered for the time being, only serving to deepen Zhao Mingyue’s curiosity.

The next mission location is Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School, and she knows very little about it, having not yet investigated. However, that boy did reveal some information to her.

Firstly, the ghost chasing him is in the school, and it may have a grudge against the principal. It not only wants to kill the principal but also all the students in his classes. But for some reason, it also died, otherwise, it wouldn’t have become a ghost haunting the place.

Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School, although it was called a middle school, also had an elementary school inside.

But whether it was elementary school or middle school, they were all children. This ghost had actually laid hands on these children when it was alive, which was truly a crime deserving of ten thousand deaths.

After returning home, Zhao Mingyue said this to Bai Yu in the bathroom.

“Little Sister Yu, when you find this ghost, you must beat it to death. It’s too despicable!”

While speaking, the force in her hands scrubbing with the bath towel increased. Only Bai Yu, being a ghost, could withstand it. If it were a normal person, they would probably have half their skin scrubbed off.

The small bathroom was filled with steam, and besides Zhao Mingyue’s voice, there was only the sound of water spraying from the showerhead. Bai Yu sat on a small plastic stool, holding a towel in front of her body, her head lowered as she let the water flow over her hair and slide down her skin.

And Zhao Mingyue was behind her, naked, half-squatting, scrubbing her back.

She was starting to regret it. Maybe she shouldn’t have lied to Zhao Mingyue that taking a hot bath could make her feel warm. If she hadn’t said that, Zhao Mingyue definitely wouldn’t drag her into the bathroom every other day.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. We’ll talk about it when we get there.”

“Speaking of which, Little Sister Yu, your skin is really enviable.” Zhao Mingyue sighed with heartfelt admiration as her fingertips lightly slid across Bai Yu’s smooth back. The feel of it was really amazing.

Unlike ordinary ghosts that couldn’t be seen or touched, Bai Yu could be touched by her, and the feel of her skin could be clearly perceived.

Soft and smooth, with a little pressure, one could feel the softness and elasticity of her body. Although it lacked the warmth of a living person, the cool sensation was also quite nice, especially in the summer.

Her coldness didn’t have the instant shock of ice water, but was very gentle, slowly permeating one’s body. If touched for a long time, it did indeed feel like one’s soul would freeze, but before that, the feeling could be described with the word “enjoyment”.

To use an inappropriate analogy, it was like a soft, peerless icy jade. Besides being smooth and delicate, that kind of icy softness was truly irresistible.

This was just the feel of her skin.

After scrubbing Bai Yu’s back, Zhao Mingyue stood up and suddenly hugged Bai Yu from behind, resting her head on Bai Yu’s shoulder.

“So this is the feeling the ancients described as a soft, boneless, beautiful, and delicate body.”

Bai Yu didn’t say anything, only sighing inwardly. The astonishing softness behind her made her a little flustered, and she could only silently vow never to bathe with Zhao Mingyue again, no matter what.

This girl’s hands were more or less a bit unruly.

After hugging Bai Yu from behind, Zhao Mingyue only verbally said one sentence, and her hands indeed didn’t misbehave.

She just leaned on Bai Yu’s shoulder like this, her eyes half-closed.

As she absorbed the icy coldness from Bai Yu’s body, her own body heat was also constantly dissipating. Fortunately, she was a living person, so it wasn’t as if all her body heat would be absorbed and she would die.

Bai Yu had previously told her that soaking in warm water could alleviate the cold, and she had really believed it at the time. Only later did she think that it couldn’t be that simple.

If effectiveness of warm baths for ghosts was questionable, then surely the feeling she got when being hugged from behind couldn’t also be that simple.

If baths didn’t work, it wasn’t as if there was no solution at all.

For example, what she was doing now, using her own body heat to bring Bai Yu a little warmth.

The breath of the living was very beneficial to ghosts, at least allowing them to find a trace of warmth in the cold.

And she definitely wouldn’t tell Bai Yu about this.

She could imagine what would happen if she told Bai Yu. She would definitely put on a serious face, stare at her, and say in a stern voice, ‘No, don’t do this anymore.’

“Little Sister Yu, let’s sleep together tonight.”


“I knew it.”



The next morning, Zhao Mingyue got up early as usual for class.

Her appearance was still the same, not even close to being exquisite, only clean and tidy. Even her short hair that fell to her shoulders was casually tied into a ponytail, but she still had a high rate of turning heads. She was full of youthful vitality, making people’s eyes light up and involuntarily reminisce about the past.

And very few people would notice that her shadow was a little different from her.

With a single ponytail and pleated skirt, her shadow was actually that of a frail looking girl with a side ponytail and long skirt.

Red ribbon side ponytail, white hair clip, long earrings, white dress, short boots.

This was Bai Yu’s outfit today. Who did it was self-evident.

Returning to the classroom, as soon as Zhao Mingyue pushed open the door, she discovered that the atmosphere was a bit strange. Everyone seemed to be looking back at something.

It wasn’t until she entered the classroom that she understood why the atmosphere was so strange.

The victim was still Lu Liangting.

His desk was covered in red painted hearts. Worse, a long-handled, sharp-tipped fruit knife was nailed to his desk, with a plastic bag hanging from the blade. The plastic bag was suspended in mid-air, containing a box of something unknown.

Passing by him, Zhao Mingyue saw a label on the plastic bag that read.

“This is your breakfast.”

At first glance, it seemed as if someone had drawn hearts all over Lu Liangting’s desk and then, finding no place to put their breakfast, decided to nail it down with a knife.

Zhao Mingyue coughed softly and quietly returned to her seat.

“That girl’s way of expressing love is quite terrifying…”

“Very normal. If you knew these people, you’d find that this way of expressing love is actually quite gentle,” Bai Yu commented.

“Yikes, that’s scary.”

It took Lu Liangting a long time to wipe his desk clean, thankfully it was just paint.

As for that breakfast, for some reason, he didn’t even have the courage to open it.

“After I solve the matter at the middle school, I’ll have a good chat with this girl. But this handwriting…”

Lu Liangting thought of something, took out yesterday’s love letter, and after comparing it with the note on the breakfast, he began to realize something was not quite right.

Damn it, the girl from yesterday and the one now didn’t seem to be the same person…


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