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Chapter 45 – What’s Chasing Him?

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It was an unusually thin boy with a pale complexion that didn’t seem human. He was young, probably only eleven or twelve years old, wearing a white school uniform from some school. It wasn’t particularly dirty, but his white clothes had already started to turn yellow, as if they had been worn for a very long time.

Not only that, Zhao Mingyue also saw scattered bloodstains on him.

These bloodstains had already turned black, evidently from a long, long time ago.

At this point, Zhao Mingyue already knew the identity of this child. Every detail about him exuded an eerie feeling. Moreover, how could skin that was so pale be that of a living person?

The child’s neck was twisted in an abnormal manner. The first thing he did upon entering the convenience store was to look around. Then, as if something had frightened him, he hurriedly hid behind a certain shelf.

The way he behaved was as if he was afraid of something outside, and that thing was chasing after him to kill him.

The boy squatted there, and Zhao Mingyue could see his excessively thin back.

She didn’t speak, looking at the boy and then at the wind chime on the wall. She had been thinking that this thing could detect the appearance of ghosts. Now it was fully confirmed that it not only reacted to Bai Yu but also gave a warning when any ghost entered.

“Bai Yu, should we go take a look? He’s a ghost, right?”

“Yes, we can try interacting with him.”

Receiving Bai Yu’s answer, Zhao Mingyue, holding the rabbit doll in one hand, got up and walked out from behind the counter.

The child was afraid. This fear was not an act. Zhao Mingyue saw his body trembling uncontrollably, trying his best to hide behind the counter.

He really wanted to peek outside, but due to excessive fear, he didn’t even dare to make this small movement.

“Um, do you need any help?”

Zhao Mingyue stood behind the boy, trying to speak.

The boy was already trembling, and when Zhao Mingyue’s voice sounded from behind him, he almost jumped up.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s very safe here. No scary things will come in. If you have any problems, you can tell me. I’m the clerk here.”

The boy was squatting on the ground. Only after hearing Zhao Mingyue say this did he dare to look back.

It was also at this moment that Zhao Mingyue noticed a very clear black handprint on the boy’s neck. Coupled with his abnormally twisted neck, she figured out the cause of this boy’s death.

“As you can see, I’m the clerk here.” Zhao Mingyue pointed to the tag hanging on her chest. “Are you afraid of something?”

Upon mentioning this, the boy’s emotions, which had just stabilized, began to collapse again. He hugged himself with both hands and curled up in the corner.

After becoming a ghost, ninety percent of ghosts lose their consciousness from life, mostly losing their ability to think, driven only by the lingering resentment.

Therefore, it is generally impossible to communicate normally with such ghosts. Seeing the boy’s state, Zhao Mingyue was also helpless.

After some thought, she decided to change her approach.

“I know you’re afraid of something. You’re very afraid that thing will catch up to you and capture you, but it’s useless for you to hide like this.”

“You don’t want to be caught by that thing one day, right? If you don’t want that day to come, you can tell me. Maybe I can help you get rid of that thing.”

As the first ghost she encountered in the convenience store, she wanted to learn more about it. Anyway, there was nothing else to do at the moment, and she wasn’t afraid that something would really come chasing after them.

Because the thing living in her shadow was capable in fighting.

As expected, upon hearing these words, the boy turned his head again. “He… he’s very scary. He has killed many people…”

“It’s okay. I’m not afraid of him!”

“No, sister. You’ll be killed by him.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. You should think about it. If you don’t use your brain to deal with him, he will always exist. You have to seize every hope.”

After a while, under Zhao Mingyue’s persuasion, the little boy still stood in front of the counter, looking hesitant and frightened, and told the story of what happened to him.

“First, tell me why you’re here.” Behind the counter, Zhao Mingyue propped up the rabbit doll so Bai Yu could also see the boy.

“I… I escaped from school. When I came out, the sky outside was so dark, so dark. There was no one around but I saw that there was light here, so I came in.” The little boy said softly.

“You escaped from school? Which school?”

The school emblem on the boy’s uniform was stained with blood, making it impossible for Zhao Mingyue to see what was written on it. She could only see the last two characters, “Middle School.”

“Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School.”

“Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School!?” Zhao Mingyue’s eyes widened slightly. Her next task location was there, an abandoned middle school that had been deserted for many years.


“So you mean, there’s something in the school chasing you?”

“Mm-hmm. A murderer entered the school. That person wanted to kill the principal and all the students in the principal’s class. I was too scared, so I ran out.”

“A murderer? So you’re also a student in the principal’s class? Did you tell the other students and the principal about this? By the way, what’s your name?” Frowning, Zhao Mingyue asked casually.

Who knew that this question seemed to trigger something? The boy’s emotions became tense and panicked again. His eyes were extremely flustered, and his entire body was trembling. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know anything. Don’t go there. Don’t go. Don’t… don’t go!!”

His voice was very soft and his speech was extremely fast, showing extreme fear. He suddenly turned around and ran, passing through the door of the convenience store and disappearing on the street, not even giving Zhao Mingyue a chance to call out to him.

Zhao Mingyue stood stunned behind the counter, her cherry lips half-open, as if she wanted to say something but stopped.

“Did… did I say something weird just now…?”

The convenience store fell into silence again. She sat back down and carefully recalled the few words the ghost boy had said, but no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t figure it out.

“Bai Yu, do you think he really escaped from Dongcheng No. 13 Middle School? I feel like he doesn’t seem to have realized that he’s already dead. And he said that after escaping from the school, the whole world was dark, and only this place had light. Why is that?”

The rabbit doll fell over, and instead, a figure appeared next to Zhao Mingyue.

“I’m not sure, but this convenience store does have a problem. As for that ghost, he must have escaped by accident, and after leaving the school’s range, his mind would become dull, and he wouldn’t remember anything other than the school.”


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