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Chapter 44 – Be My One and Only!

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Bai Yu is very familiar with the aura of this girl. She could say with 100% certainty that this girl was the one who appeared last night to save Lu Liangting. However, she couldn’t be sure if this girl was one of the game participants.

Those lunatics were capable of anything, just like Lu Liangting’s cousin who still took the initiative to attack Lu Liangting despite knowing that everyone was hiding in the dark.

At present, she could only say that there was a high probability that this young girl was a game participant.

“You’re saying that she was the one who killed the ghost on Li Nan’s back?” Zhao Mingyue’s eyes widened after hearing Bai Yu’s brief description.

People really do envy others. The mysterious girl from earlier was about the same age as her, but she was already able to deal with a fierce ghost on her own.

In contrast, let alone dealing with a fierce ghost, Zhao Mingyue would be thanking the heavens if she could avoid being killed by one.

Actually, it wasn’t necessary to be able to kill a fierce ghost. It would be fine as long as she could become a little stronger.

Yes, just a little bit stronger would do.

“Don’t envy her. Your situation is different from hers.”

“Right, my situation is different from hers. It must be because the ghost on Li Nan’s back was too weak.” Zhao Mingyue held her chin, deep in thought.

After the little interlude, Zhao Mingyue didn’t take Chen Yun’s provocation to heart, nor did she envy Chen Yun’s strength.

Instead, she was more curious about the girl standing at the classroom door, holding a red envelope, staring intently at Lu Liangting with eyes that seemed to want to devour him.

Giving a love letter to a man, with the general content being for him to come and “enjoy” her body, was somewhat unacceptable even for these lunatics who had no psychological burden in doing anything.

To be honest, she preferred to be the active party rather than the passive one.

The worst part was that the person screwing her was someone she sought out herself. How ridiculous was that?

After the conversation with the rabbit mask, the few people in the alley felt it was necessary to take the initiative. They would die anyway if they couldn’t complete the task, they might as well take the initiative. For them, who were ranked at the bottom, the only way to win against the top-ranked monsters was to seize the initiative.

However, they had slightly misunderstood the rabbit mask’s words.

The bell signaling the end of class rang on time. The black-haired girl stood at the classroom door and shouted inside before the teacher had even left.

“Lu Liangting, you motherf… cough, I have a love letter for you. Hurry up and get it, or I’ll… Anyway, just come out quickly!”

The teacher, who was trying to extend the class, was dumbfounded, the chalk in his hand frozen on the blackboard. The students in the class were also stunned, their gazes almost simultaneously gathering on the girl at the door.

The girl’s appearance was quite good, belonging to the cute type. Apart from her slightly messy hair, there was nothing strange about her, of course, provided that her words just now were ignored.

Bai Yu couldn’t be sure if Chen Yun was a game participant, but she could be certain that the idiot at the door definitely was.

Sometimes, certain game participants were very easy to identify.

What seemed perfectly normal to them sounded like the words of a ret*rd to others.

And there wasn’t just one of these types of people.

As soon as the black-haired girl finished shouting, another girl appeared. This girl had her hands in her pockets, holding something. Upon noticing the black-haired girl, she frowned slightly. The two girls exchanged a glance without saying a word, then walked towards the stairwell with gloomy faces in tacit understanding.

In no time, sounds of fighting could be faintly heard.

At the podium, the teacher put down the chalk. “We’ll continue this problem next class. Lu Liangting, go outside and take a look. But as your teacher, I suggest that at your age, you should prioritize your studies.”

Being stared at by the whole class with very strange looks, Lu Liangting had no choice but to stand up and walk outside.

He swore to the heavens that he truly didn’t know that girl.

Following Zhao Mingyue’s directions, Lu Liangting headed towards the rooftop.

By the time he arrived, the two girls had already disappeared, vanishing to who knows where in such a short time.

He hadn’t even taken a step when he suddenly paused, feeling someone gently hugging him from behind. The body was very soft, and judging from the lingering fragrance, it should be a girl.

A strand of black hair fell beside his face, and cherry lips approached Lu Liangting’s ear, warm breath tickling his earlobe.

“I’ve liked you for a long time. Can you let me become your one and only?”

As it turned out, there were also those with high levels.

However, the price of interacting with her would be something Lu Liangting couldn’t bear.

Being the one and only in his life wasn’t just a romantic phrase. She would actually do it.

She would kill any woman who tried to approach Lu Liangting, making his world contain only her.



“Why does today feel so strange?”

At night, Zhao Mingyue was already sitting in the convenience store, still thinking about what happened during the day.

After returning from the rooftop, Lu Liangting’s face didn’t look too good. Some people saw a lip print on his neck, while others casually glanced and saw that the love letter Lu Liangting brought back was filled with a single sentence.

“Be my lover.”

This sentence alone didn’t seem to have any issues, but when an entire half of an A4-sized paper was densely filled with this sentence written in red, line after line, it became somewhat terrifying.

“Don’t worry about it too much.” Bai Yu still had the same response.

“Alright, I won’t think too much about it.” Responding, Zhao Mingyue took out her workbook.

The convenience store was in a very remote location. Sometimes, not a single customer would come in for an entire night. She wondered why the owner chose to open the convenience store here.

But today seemed a little different.

By the time Zhao Mingyue finished her task, it was already 10 PM. In another half an hour, she could leave work early.

Stretching, she glanced at the ticking clock behind her, feeling a bit bored.

With one hand supporting her cheek, she looked at the wind chime hanging motionlessly in front of the door.

This thing seemed to be able to detect ghosts. In her memory, it had barely moved a few times, making it feel eerie hanging there instead. It was like hanging a bagua mirror at home.

“Is it getting foggy?”

Her gaze fell on the glass window outside. On the empty road, a not-so-dense fog was drifting.

Just as Zhao Mingyue was puzzled, the door of the convenience store was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

The bell on the doorframe rang with a crisp sound, indicating the arrival of a customer.

However, as the door closed and the customer officially entered the store, the wind chime that had been as stable as Mount Tai, not even swaying in the wind, suddenly began to sway slightly, emitting two clear ringing sounds.

“Is… is anyone there?”


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