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Chapter 43 – What Are You Looking At?

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“Do you really understand what feelings are?”

“This is not something you can get by killing.”

“You have to learn to actively approach and seize the initiative, just as I said earlier. With a foundation, everything will become simple. As long as you take this most critical step, you should succeed eighty percent of the time.”

“The human heart can be said to be very big, but also very small. At most, it can only hold one person.”

The rabbit-masked person squatted on the roof. Her gaze swept over every figure in the alley, her eyes deep. What she said was very simple and not difficult to understand.

The small alley was eerily quiet. No one spoke, all staring intently at the rabbit-masked person.

Perhaps they were all thinking about how to kill this rabbit mask, but they had indeed taken the words to heart.

Just as the rabbit mask said, did they really understand this thing called feelings? They were at a loss on how to capture Lu Liangting’s heart. It was the same old saying. If they were told to kill someone, they would be professionals. But to make a man have feelings for them, that would really be troubling for them.

If not for this, they wouldn’t have gathered here either.

The few of them didn’t know each other’s identities at first. It was all because of Lu Liangting that they didn’t even fight much.

Everyone gathered together and quickly spoke out what was on their minds.

Since they didn’t know how to pursue Lu Liangting, they might as well join forces to take out the others first. When there were no longer so many competitors, they could think of a way. Anyway, there would be plenty of time then, and Lu Liangting couldn’t run away.

“Since no one is speaking, I won’t say more. You’re all smart people.”

“I’ll leave it at that. There is only one Lu Liangting, and you only have one target. In other words, only one of you can survive. If you don’t work harder, hope will not only be slim, but will cease to exist.”

“Oh right, while you focus your attention on Lu Liangting, please don’t forget, he is not the only protagonist.”

With that said, the rabbit mask disappeared from the rooftop, but her voice lingered in the hearts of the beautiful girls for a long time.

Indeed, they didn’t understand feelings, and it makes sense to strike first.

Occupying a place in Lu Liangting’s heart, it would be easy to approach him in the future, and the development would naturally be fast.

It’s just that one sentence didn’t seem quite right.

Can a man’s heart really only hold one woman?

They had many, many, many before. Every mission world would have a whole bunch.

In the alley, due to the rabbit mask’s words, the atmosphere began to develop in a very strange direction.



Lu Liangting didn’t know at this time that because of someone’s words, he would face a terrifying situation in the future.

At this moment, he was searching for Zhao Mingyue’s figure in the corridor. After learning from the chat software that Zhao Mingyue had returned home, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at Li Nan on the ground, he decisively dialed the police and emergency medical services.

Tonight was bound to be another sleepless night.

In less than a week, Lu Liangting called the police at the same place twice. The first time, someone died, and this time was no less serious. Someone had gone mad and lost consciousness.

Even the leading officer shook his head when he saw that the caller was Lu Liangting again.

Why is it you again, kid?

The corridor quickly quieted down. After all, Li Nan hadn’t died, only in a vegetative state. This was a completely different level from a murder case.

In room 404, after hearing the movement outside and making sure everyone had left, Zhao Mingyue finally spoke, “Bai Yu, we should deal with Xiao Lian as soon as possible. It feels very dangerous. If not for you tonight, we would have died there.”

A red-clothed fierce ghost, and an out-of-control one at that. If not dealt with, there would be endless future troubles.

Before, there was an old landlord who could confine her to the fourth and fifth floors. Now that the landlord was gone, given enough time, she could go anywhere in the building.

“Yes, she indeed needs to be dealt with.”

“Mm… Right, what was the deal with Lu Liangting and Li Nan tonight?”

“Li Nan is someone’s pawn. He wanted to kill you and also had designs on Lu Liangting, but wouldn’t kill him.”


“Don’t ask too much. You’ll come into contact with her soon enough. Now, go rest.”

The entire night was very quiet, with nothing else happening. It was just that Zhao Mingyue had some insomnia again.

That world was interfering with her life, even without her actively accepting tasks.

It’s just that it had only been a few days since she came into contact with that world.

The next day, after arriving at school, Zhao Mingyue kept observing Li Nan’s seat, wondering if Li Nan would enter the classroom like before, sit in his spot, and then start sleeping or playing with his phone.

The result was that he didn’t. It was already the second class, and he still hadn’t appeared. The teacher seemed to already know something, looking at Li Nan’s empty seat without saying a word, and continued teaching.

Taking out a piece of chocolate from the desk and secretly putting it in her mouth, who knew the teacher would suddenly ask the students to recite the lesson, and it just so happened to be her turn.

“Bai Yu, do you think Li Nan will really not come back?”

Standing outside the classroom as punishment, Zhao Mingyue whispered to Bai Yu in her heart.

“Of course. The black shadow on him was in a symbiotic relationship with him. With the death of his black shadow, Li Nan naturally couldn’t live. Even if he did, he wouldn’t have consciousness anymore.”

“Who killed his black shadow…”

Zhao Mingyue had just finished asking when a graceful figure walked down the corridor. Her steps were erratic, but this did not give off a sloppy impression. Instead, it felt like every step she took had an indescribable charm.

The girl wore a black school uniform, with two buns on the left and right of her head. Her face delicate, her phoenix eyes narrow and cold, without a hint of expression.

In her hand, she held a medical book and a black crystal cup. She stepped into the classroom opposite Zhao Mingyue, handing the items to the long-haired teacher sitting with her legs crossed inside.

The moment the girl withdrew and closed the door, Zhao Mingyue suddenly discovered that the young teacher with crossed legs was staring at her, even giving her a smile.

‘What a beautiful teacher. But is it really okay to dress like that in school?’

Closing the classroom door, the bun-haired girl gave Zhao Mingyue a deep look, snorted coldly, turned and left, leaving Zhao Mingyue puzzled, feeling inexplicable.

“What’s with that look? What’s she snorting at? Do I know her?”

“You might not know her, but Lu Liangting does.”


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