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Chapter 42 – You Must Learn to Take the Initiative

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Bai Yu didn’t expect the ghost on the fifth floor to have such a keen sense of smell. She only made a move against the dark shadow, not even using much strength, yet she was still sensed and pursued.

However, it wasn’t a big problem. Tonight’s protagonist was still that guy Lu Liangting.

She could say with certainty now that Lu Liangting’s whereabouts had long been grasped by that group of lunatics. They would never sit back and watch Lu Liangting die. No one had made a move so far tonight, which likely meant someone had their eyes on him first and was preparing to strike.

Whoever wanted to make the first move against Lu Liangting at this time would face considerable pressure.

If her guess was correct, this person was the one behind Li Nan.

In fact, some issues could already be seen from Li Nan. The shadow that clung to him wasn’t his own doing.

If even a useless person like Li Nan had a shadowy ghost parasite, it could only mean that the person behind him had something even more powerful, likely brought back from one of the task locations.

Then another question arose. If everyone was like her and had only been reborn a few days ago, then in such a short time, how did this person manage to enter the mission location and successfully bring out the ghost from inside while still adapting to their identity? And even train Li Nan as their dog?

Even those lunatics couldn’t possibly be this efficient.

The answer to the question became clear then. Among all the game participants, there must be some who entered in advance.

Entered in advance, but were also restrained. During this “preparation period”, they couldn’t make a move against the protagonist or anyone around them, and couldn’t change any developments in the world, until the game officially began.

Boldly guessing, the game officially started the day she was reborn.

That meant it had only been a few days. To make a move against Lu Liangting in such a short time, the other party was very confident.

Without a doubt, tonight was crucial.

Bai Yu was really curious to see how clever the methods of this group, who were men in their previous lives but became women in this life, would be in pursuing Lu Liangting.

In any case, it definitely wouldn’t be too clever. This simply wasn’t their area of expertise.

After repelling the female ghost, Bai Yu disappeared. Lu Liangting wanted to say something but hesitated. Once again, he couldn’t get a single word out.

“Mingyue, let’s go, retreat to the room.”

Zhao Mingyue was also in a daze at this time. She knew Bai Yu was very strong, but every time she saw Bai Yu make a move, she felt a strange sensation in her heart. With those slender arms and legs, how could she have so much power?

The female ghost on the fifth floor wasn’t weak either, yet she was beaten to the point of not even having a chance to fight back.

Sigh, how many missions would she have to complete to overpower her?

The road ahead was long and arduous.

But the good news was that although Bai Yu was a ghost, she was different from ordinary ghosts. She wasn’t the intangible kind.

Just like in the earlier fight, since when did ghosts engage in such physical combat?

Zhao Mingyue was a bit distracted. Bai Yu thought she was scared and even comforted her.

“There’s nothing to worry about tonight. I’m here.”

“Mm… Okay.” Zhao Mingyue subconsciously wanted to call her Sister Yu, but thought better of it.

It wouldn’t be too late to call her that during tomorrow night’s bath.

“Bai Yu, what exactly happened tonight? Why do you seem a bit strange?”

“It’s nothing. It has nothing to do with us.”

Bai Yu was even suspecting that Li Nan killing Zhao Mingyue was secondary. The main point was how Li Nan would deal with Lu Liangting, and when the other person would jump out while he was dealing with Lu Liangting.

In the corridor.

Bai Yu had disappeared, and the female ghost on the fifth floor did not come down again.

With two powerful enemies suddenly gone, the dark shadow only had one thought at this time, run.

He was right behind Lu Liangting. As soon as he made a move, Lu Liangting immediately reacted. Seeing this guy charging at him again, he didn’t hesitate to throw a punch.

The two continued to fight. The dark shadow only wanted to quickly end the battle.

With the shadow’s help, Lu Liangting naturally wasn’t a match for Li Nan. He had completed many tasks, and his physical fitness and various aspects had improved considerably. Li Nan, possessed by the dark shadow, also had enhanced strength.

Continuously suppressed to the corridor, Lu Liangting had no intention of running.

Li Nan had come to trouble Zhao Mingyue, a delicate girl living alone. If he didn’t deal with Li Nan today, Zhao Mingyue’s situation would become even more dangerous.

Unfortunately, his strength was still too weak. After several bouts, he was tightly entangled by the shadow.

Just as the shadow opened its bloody mouth to take a bite, a young girl’s voice suddenly rang in Lu Liangting’s ears.

“Begone, evil spirit!”

A wooden figurine was thrown, accurately hitting the shadow’s head. The shadow screamed and vanished in an instant. Without the parasitic shadow, Li Nan’s eyes rolled back, and he collapsed on the ground.

Lu Liangting lay on the ground. Raising his eyes, he saw the delicate face of a young girl.

The girl was half-squatting beside Lu Liangting. She wore loose sportswear, her black hair tied into two buns with red ribbons. Her lightly made-up face showed no expression, appearing somewhat aloof. Combined with her overall temperament, it gave an overall feeling of being clean and sharp, with a hint of Taoist charm.

“Are you alright?”

Seeing that Lu Liangting still had strength, the girl stood up and extended a hand to him.

Lu Liangting took her hand and sat up. Looking at Li Nan who had collapsed on the ground, he let out a long sigh. “Thank you.”

“No need. I sensed the aura of the ghost, so I came to investigate.” The girl’s cherry lips parted slightly.

Lu Liangting glanced at her again, as if remembering something. “You are… Teacher Chen’s sister?”

The girl attended the same school as him and they had seen each other many times, but never spoke.

“Yes, you are my sister’s student. Your name is Lu Liangting, I know you.”

“I really have to thank you this time. Um, may I ask your name?”

“Chen Yun.”



“Everyone, I think if you don’t change your mindset now, it will be too late for everything.” The person speaking stood on the roof of a house behind a small alley, wearing a rabbit mask.

As soon as her voice rang out, several figures in the alley, some standing and some sitting, simultaneously turned their heads to look.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m here for you, no, to be precise, to save some of you.”

“You still have doubts about this mission, right? Why turn you into women and have a man fall in love with you, and how should you accomplish it?”

“Don’t be hasty.” Seeing someone in the alley stand up, the rabbit mask’s tone remained unchanged. “Instead of standing here passively waiting for death, why not listen to my opinion?”

“You need to change your mindset, especially your habit of killing people at the drop of a hat. This world is very special. If you kill, you will die even more miserably.”

“Moreover, killing won’t bring you closer to Lu Liangting. Haven’t you heard a saying? Feelings are cultivated. Once they arise, if managed properly, they will become unstoppable like a boulder down a mountain.”

“Oh right, have you not noticed? Apart from Lu Liangting, have you found a second mission target at all?”

Beneath the rabbit mask, those eyes narrowed, unknown whether a smile or some kind of signal.


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