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Chapter 41 – The Good Show Begins

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Bai Yu’s kick was truly solid. To be able to send an adult man flying several meters away, one could imagine how great her strength was. It was just that Lu Liangting was more resistant. If it were someone else, they would definitely have been kicked into the grave.

Behind Lu Liangting was Li Nan. They were already close to begin with, so when he was kicked flying, he directly crashed into Li Nan, knocking Li Nan to the ground.

Without Zhang Lin’s restraint, it would have been easy for the shadow to kill Lu Liangting at this moment, Bai Yu had this thought. But unexpectedly, the black shadow did not make a move at all. Under the double pressure of Bai Yu and the fifth-floor red-clothed female ghost, the black shadow just wanted to leave this place quickly and not waste any more time.

Rubbing his head, Lu Liangting quickly got up and distanced himself from Li Nan. Glancing at him, he saw Li Nan’s fearful and confused appearance, he turned his head and looked at Bai Yu.

That kick had landed directly on his chest, and his ribs still hurts. He didn’t quite understand why Bai Yu had kicked him.

‘Maybe she to save me from the female ghost. I was less than five meters from the female ghost, and she had just charged at me. I was in a very dangerous position,’ Lu Liangting thought to himself.

However, what he didn’t know was that Bai Yu had kicked him in Li Nan’s direction purely to have him hold back Li Nan or be killed by Li Nan, nothing more.

‘She’s been watching in the corridor, hiding somewhere I don’t know. If that’s the case, then she must know I’m looking for her. But then why didn’t she come out?”

One hand clutching his chest, Lu Liangting’s eyes were extremely complex. When he came over at noon, he had thought this way, even talking to himself like a madman, all for her to hear..

Since she could appear at this critical moment, how could she not hear his voice?

But she was always like this, always appearing at a critical juncture to save his life and then disappearing.

However, the previous times she saved him were just from ordinary ghosts. But the fifth-floor female ghost was different. She was the strongest existence in this building, with deep resentment, incomparable to those ordinary ghosts.

‘I must find a way to save her!’

The battle between ghosts would only end with one being devoured by the other.

In his field of vision, the berserk female ghost pounced at Bai Yu again, a large area of black mist spreading from her body, invading Bai Yu’s body. Her ten fingernails were as sharp as blades, each one filled with a huge amount of resentment.

This resentment was the female ghost’s power, coming from all the people who had died miserably in this building and could not be freed.

In the battle between ghosts, what mattered was the power of resentment, the very essence of a ghost. So in a battle between two ghosts, the process is very simple, a continuous devouring of each other.

Of course, this did not mean that techniques were useless. Bai Yu’s resentment was not as great as the female ghost Xiao Lian’s, but her combat experience far surpassed her opponent.

Stepping back to dodge the female ghost’s claws, blood threads condensed into a blood-colored hook blade at Bai Yu’s right elbow. While dodging, the hook blade slashed down at a strange angle. The female ghost’s four fingertips were immediately cut off, turning into an even thicker black mist.

The female ghost raised her head in anger. The black mist was sucked into her belly. Just as she was about to roar and blow it out, Bai Yu suddenly took a step forward, aggressively closing in on the female ghost.

The hook blade disappeared, and the blood threads condensed into a chain, wrapping around her slender arm and fist. Sure enough, the other party’s other claw came from the side. Bai Yu raised her chain-wrapped arm to block it, and her free hand pressed on her face that was about to scream.

Her long, messy hair could not hide her widened eyes.


Blood threads condensed into a sharp spike from her palm. Bai Yu erupted with all her strength and pushed the woman away with her palm. It was at this moment that the blood thread spike exploded in her body.

The exploding blood threads were like thousands of red threads, blasting the small section of the corridor.

Black mist poured out of the female ghost’s fallen body like it was free, continuing until her body was completely transparent and disappeared…

From the moment Bai Yu appeared to the female ghost being killed in a few moves, it took no more than ten seconds.

Everything happened too quickly.

Behind her, Lu Liangting was still thinking at this time whether he could go up and calm the female ghost or persuade her to flee. But before he could even think of a countermeasure, before he could even think of the first step, the battle was over…


His mouth couldn’t help but hang open. Even Lu Liangting, who was used to all kinds of ghosts, was a bit dazed at this moment. For a moment, he even doubted if he had seen wrong.

But the fact was that the female ghost was indeed dead, and that seemingly fragile ghost stood in her place.

In Lu Liangting’s eyes, Bai Yu stood there quietly, the blood threads that had exploded in the surroundings beginning to gather into her body.

Her back looked so delicate, able to stimulate the protective desire in the depths of one’s heart.

But it was this delicate body that had just killed the strongest ghost in this building with exceptionally fierce moves.

“She seems to have changed somehow…”

In his impression, Bai Yu was disheveled, a typical ghostly appearance, a white dress stained with blood, and skin as pale as the dead.

But now, her hair was no longer messy, but very neatly arranged. She even tied two very cute girl-next-door style low ponytails behind her with a red butterfly ribbon. Her dress was also no longer stained with blood, only pure white remaining.

If one didn’t say she was a ghost, they might think she was someone’s little girl who had run out in the middle of the night.

Bai Yu paid no attention to the gazes of the few people behind her. She was currently staring at the corridor.

The female ghost had disappeared, but the black mist hadn’t dissipated. The stench in the corridor had only temporarily vanished, and a stench identical to before was rapidly approaching, seeping from the fifth floor down to the fourth.

Sure enough, not long after, Xiao Lian walked down from the fifth-floor stairs, appearing unscathed at the corner of the fourth-floor stairwell.

Ghosts, especially powerful and special red fierce ghosts like Xiao Lian, had their own unique abilities and could not be compared to ordinary ghosts.

The few blows just now, if it were an ordinary ghost, they would have been dead. But the red-clothed fierce ghost Xiao Lian crawled out of room 506 in less than fifteen seconds and reappeared on the fourth floor.

Seeing Bai Yu still standing there, the ghost, just like before, pounced over without any fear, carrying resentment that had condensed to the point of substantiality.

The outcome was naturally the same as before, with Bai Yu killing the female ghost in a few moves.

Killing her was not difficult. The problem was that this way, she couldn’t be permanently killed. What was troublesome was that this black mist was constantly invading her body.

“It seems I still need to go to that middle school and bring her child back. Otherwise, it’s too troublesome to try to kill her…”

“There’s no need to fight her tonight. The key lies with Lu Liangting.”

“This kid almost died here tonight. I don’t believe no one will come to save him.”

With that thought, Bai Yu looked back at Lu Liangting, then at Li Nan, and vaguely thought of something. Before the female ghost reappeared, she disappeared into the corridor, returning to Zhao Mingyue’s shadow.


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